Demonic Exam 6: Trial of your Shrunken Fate

"Meet your Giantess Judges!"

• 29 glorious CG17 illustrations! SM, crush, vore, digestion!

• A group of shrunken convicts is judged for their sins!

• A busty officer abuses her afterlife purpose: executioner!

• Lela's accidentally departed officer slowly corrupts...

• Five of the six meet their fate under foot and in mouth!


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Product Details:
♥ 29 Pages
♥ PDF format
♥ 2480x3508
♥ Crush, Vore, Digestion

Lela has found a new group of mortals to harass! Though they're all villains for sure. Rapers, murderers and drug dealers, all begging to be punished by the highest power! Death herself.
Yet, even death makes a mistake from time to time. In the wrong place at the wrong time, a busty police officer has been accidentally dragged into the sexual affairs of the supernatural. The attractive woman comes to terms with her shocking situation and discovers a few perks have come along with being abducted by the sadistic Lela Tulane Arlanties...

The power to decide who gets to be offed in what way for their immense list of convicted crimes! Judge, jury and executioner is a lot to throw on anyone's shoulders. But when the decision is bestowed upon you by death, then it sort of feels more like a limitless super power!
Her first victim is laid to waste by the bottom of her shoe. Tossed like the little play thing he's become, and smeared across the pavement like the disgusting pest that he already was. After such a violent display of her newly appointed charge, the others become desperate to not be her next purpose.

The shrunken convicts get unruly and do their best to rebel against the titanic woman. There's no way they're just going to let her put them to death in such a macabre fashion, as the first accomplice. The second tiny starts the rebellion, and finds himself snuggly wedged between two mountainous breast!
Lela finds this intriguing, and offers a too tempting proposition to the others. A chance to save not only their friend, but themselves from the clutches of this horrendous nightmare. The bravest of the group takes on the challenge, but quickly discovers that it's too big a task for them to handle.

The empowered giantess has more fun with them when they struggle. She deals with them in a surprisingly tasty manner. Without thinking, she bites through one of them... and swallows. Yum! She enjoys the flavor that washes over her sexy pink tongue.
The others go down this way, until only one remains. Death offers her the choice to dispatch the last criminal. However, proclaims some conditions to how the giantess must execute him based on the technical laws revolving around what can make you a sinner in the eyes of the death bringer. If she eats the last convict, then she forfeits her own life, and is to be tried and put to the same punishment as suffered by the others.
What will she do?

All of the Hot, Sexy Details

A group of overachieving sinners fail to escape their brutal fate!

No one, not even a woman of the law can resist the temptation of being a Giantess.

Though they plead for their lives, the convicts are brought to a ruthless justice!

Includes steaming hot internal illustrations. The sinners suffer and melt in her stomach!

Later, Lela divulges a smoldering twist... what'll happen next?

The Shrunken Perspective

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  1. dan roth

    Can’t wait to see Lela swallows her, I hop she will do most of the Vore scenes next time rether than someone else.

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