Demonic Exam 4: The Examination Resumes

"Become the sexual prey of powerful, demonic schoolgirls!"

• The newest instalment to the Demonic Exam series!

• 26 beautifully illustrated pages with three rapacious demons!

• Watch luscious Alice nearly suck Maya off Zhi's throbbing cock!

• See the tables turn when Maya grows unexpectedly to giantess height!


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Product Details:
♥ 26 Pages
♥ PDF format
♥ 2560x3588
♥ Dripping Hot Action, Insertion, Mouthplay, Sexual Domination

Wow, I almost swallowed too!
Wow, I almost swallowed too!

After Zhi tries to escape, to spare Maya from the sadistic Lela's punishment finale, he finds that it really hasn't helped the situation. Instead, he had only managed to piss off unforgiving Mistress Death! In her rage she reverts him, though only to prove that even at normal height he's still just as helpless as when he was shrunken. Though, who wouldn't want to be helpless at the hands of two otherworldly sex demons.
A very confused Zhi finds himself unsure of whether his previous decision had been the correct one, while the two hungering devils decide on what to do with his body next. Meanwhile, Maya still in miniature form, is dropped into a predicament of her own and winds up clinging for life on Zhi's cock with her whole body. This results in an unexpected mouthful of both Zhi and Maya for Miss Alice!

Zhi! You're Mine!
Zhi! You're Mine!

Zhi can't take the heat, and neither can Maya. When Zhi can't hold back any longer the impossible happens. Maya's magic powers mysteriously unlock, and she grows into a giantess! Lela and Miss Alice find themselves at an ironic climax, with Zhi in real and greater danger than he was before!
Faced with a monstrous lusting Maya, it becomes clear that she may not know how to control herself. She could be dangerously unpredictable, and what she may want to do with Zhi likely will kill him. They have to think fast to keep him from getting accidentally crushed.

I want you inside me!
I want you inside me!

Maya's desire is apparant, she wants Zhi, so badly that she wants him inside her... though unrestrained she may be just a bit too forceful on his shrunken body. The apparent hazard would be breaking the poor guy with her massive new size, there is also a chance that she could suffocate him in her hot, sopping wet pussy. Her getting to finally have the pleasure she desperately craves could be his undoing.
However our two more experienced-- and don't forget sumptuous-- vixens have reared into action to save him. Zhi just might survive the once suppressed, lascivious, rage of colossal Maya.

So tight, so wet... Don't breathe...
So tight, so wet... Don't breathe...

Rushing to the aid of the "exam target" both Lela and Alice use their powers to try and protect Zhi from a tight situation. Literally as Maya is, in fact, still a virgin. Her "pureness" adding a layer of peril to the threes' pending lives. Though protected by soft, and supple bodies, Zhi still has a chance to emerge alive.
The question remains-- will he? And if so, what about the sexy Goddess-like Miss Alice, or the cruel and sadistic Lela? Maya may not have to worry about having to share her tiny Zhi with anyone now! Though the climax has yet to be reached!

All of the Hot, Sexy Details

Sometimes underestimating the littlest demon, can be a huge mistake!

Can Zhi survive the three busty demon's taking advantage of his body?

Get helplessly inserted up the lustful Giantess Maya's sopping wet, virgin pussy!

Where will Zhi's fate ultimately rest? Lela's stomach, or deep inside Maya's virgin pussy?

The Shrunken Perspective

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  1. bachuni

    well. cg17 didn’t keep us waiting this time. Gotta buy this bad boy. XD

  2. bachuni

    OMG this comic is amazing. But now I can’t wait for the continuation of other comics from CG17. Great work with this delivery! I hope it is not the last time we see Maya and Zhi

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