Demonic Exam 3: The Game of God's Love

"Fall victim to Miss Alice and Lela's sexually sadistic shrink games!"

• 26 pages of sexy schoolgirls, demons, and shrinky hijinks!

• Get slurped off Miss Alice's erect nipple into Lela's juicy mouth!

• Deep sticky mouthplay, lots of interaction, big boobs, bare feet!

• Watch as Zhi and Maya are nearly crushed under Lela's bare sole!

• Will Maya and Zhi survive Miss Alice and Lela's playful punishment?!


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Product Details:
♥ 26 Pages
♥ PDF format
♥ 2560x3621
♥ Mouthplay, Boobplay, Underfoot

Right where I want you!
Right where I want you!

After getting home from an exhausting day of shrinking, fires, demons, and being nearly eaten by death, Zhi and Maya return home to discover it isn't over yet. Despite that Maya and Lela's opposing exams' being reviewed by the ministry of education, doesn't mean their little rivalry's magically disappeared. An impulsive mistake by Maya makes Miss Alice Decide she's in need of some punishment!
Both Zhi and Maya find themselves shrunken, and underfoot... literally. Lela, more than happy to carry out Maya's sentence, first traps the shrunken Demon beneath her sweaty sole, then coaxes Zhi to save her. Too late does he discover that it's a trap! Now slowly being crushed by the lovely Lady Death and her supple, giant foot, Zhi and Maya helplessly wait for the punishment to end.

Miss Alice wants to play too...
Miss Alice wants to play too...

But much to their surprise, things were only heating up! Soon the two discover that when Miss Alice said punishment, what she'd really meant was Sadistic Sex Game. Of course Lela is more than happy to carry through, however, unexpectedly, Alice has also included herself in the fun, and waits patiently for the games to begin.
So atop the Goddess Alice's mountainous breasts (Maya not yet noticing she's been stripped of her clothes) it's explained that Lela is given full control over Maya's ongoing "punishment". Calling it "The Game of God's Love" seems only fitting seeing as how in the current predicament Zhi and Maya can do nothing to keep her from doing what ever she likes. From where she sits, the power of decisions seem limitless!

It's a trap!
It's a trap!

Tempers flair, and as a result Zhi's been shrunken down even more! All because he got distracted with Maya's glistening chest. An angry demon makes yet another impulsive mistake shrinking him. Miss Alice scolds her student, and makes Maya regret her naughty actions. So into the sumptuous mouth of death, yet again, Zhi is flung back to warm and wet perils!
Another rescue situation occurs with Lela at the reigns, guiding things to go her way. A subtle threat here, a roll of her tongue there, and into her mouth to save a distressed Zhi Maya desperately goes! When will they learn that it's always a trap...

It hurts so good...
It hurts so good...

Caught in the juicy jaws of Death, Maya is made to thoroughly understand the error of her ways. From Zhi's position, he can only watch and allow Lela to what she pleases with the both of them. All the while Miss Alice sits back and soaks in all of the luscious generosity from Lela's sloppy mouth and tongue.
Then, an ungrateful Maya provokes further abuse when she attempts to derail all the excitement! All the focus shifts to her, and receives the unbridled sentiment of "God's Love"! How far will Lela go? and how much longer can Maya last being bombarded by both torturous pleasure and pain?

All of the Hot, Sexy Details

Another beautifully illustrated Demonic Exam installment. Support CG17 today!

Play along in the sexually sadistic shrink games of otherworldly demons and schoolgirls!

Will Lela be able to resist crushing or eating Maya with Alice's permission to punish her?!

Tons of steamy interaction! Get shrunken between a hot schoolgirl and teacher's sexual enjoyment!

The Shrunken Perspective

5 Reviews and Counting...

  1. haloichigo

    Yet another amazing piece by CG17. I already purchased the Japanese version of this last week, but it was so good and I really wanted to understand what was happening so I purchased this again just to have it in English and it was worth it.

    CG17 definitely knows what should be included in a giantess comic/manga.
    CG17 is very creative with the interaction in this work and is one of my favorite giantess comic artist due to this creativity and the great art work, that mixes anime/manga style with hints of realism.

    I can’t wait for the next part and I hope it comes out soon or that it’s already in the works. I also hope to see some mega growth in the future, but that’s just me, I know whatever CG17 decides to do next with this story will be great and I cant wait to see it.

  2. bachuni

    I also bought the Jap ver. just saving money for this eng ver. but man it was amazing comic. Can’t seriously wait to see more of CG17 even if its not this series. but soon plz!

  3. 75ChaosFlare

    This comic was amazing, every page was enjoyable. The only I wished for the shrunken ones to be at the teacher’s navel, I always like that part of most giantess comics. Thank you for the awesome comic, I hope there’s another part to this series.

  4. Maliardo

    Mind blown. This series is the best series ever. CG17 is just perfect at these comics. I am holding my breath til the next in the series starting… now.

  5. bchuni

    OMG this comic, now that I’ve read it in english, it is really amazing. coming from CG17 background it shouldn’t surprise me but it does! that ending was funny. And now that the guy lives with those 3 hot gals there is so much potential for unaware gts interaction. I wish to see that guy’s perverted side more, its funny. c’mon cg17 don’t keep us waiting for more!

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