Crush 2

"Lights, camera... action!"

• Written by the sadistic TinyOne234!

• 51 pages with 77 gruesomely-detailed renders by SorenZer0!

• Watch as tinies are destroyed, dismembered and disemboweled!

• Lauren makes her first on-camera appearance!

• Hand-oriented! Above-the-waist torment fans rejoice!

• Not for the faint of heart!


Digital Download Only38 MBs

Product Details:
♥ 51 Pages
♥ PDF format
♥ 2560x1600
♥ Crush, Hands, Torture, Sadism

And we're live!
And we're live!

Inside Lauren's studio apartment, a deadly show is broadcast to a live internet audience. People from around the globe tune in to watch Kat and Mouse, two sisters with a penchant for pain! Their sadism is matched only by their showmanship, and their viewers never walk away disappointed!
Tonight's show features a wide range of victims for their grisly predilections; Vore, hand crush, smothering, dismemberment - these girls do it all, and they do it for your enjoyment!

Lauren joins in on the fun!
Lauren joins in on the fun!

For the first time, Lauren steps out from behind the camera and into the spotlight! Will she develop a taste for being a crushgirl? Read and find out!

Fun for everyone involved!
Fun for everyone involved!

These ladies aren't just cold-blooded killers, they're entertainers! And they're determined to make sure everyone is having a good time, whether they like it or not!
Not all the performers are entirely willing, of course, but Jenni makes sure they provide a show that's action-packed from beginning to end!
Read Crush 1 for free here! LINK TO PART 1

All of the Hot, Sexy Details

WATCH! as the two vixens dispatch tiny people with extreme prejudice!

READ! what new and interesting torments the sisters have cooked up!

LAUGH! with the girls, who bring a bit of silliness to a grim affair!

ENJOY! the suffering of others!

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