"Gather at my feet, and greet me with respect."

• Adrienne dominates and degrades her Tinies without mercy.

• Her gorgeous sandals smear stupid servants with ease.

• Even her sister winds up helpless beneath her heel.

• Experience total immersion with included 30 minute audiobook!


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♥ 38 Pages
♥ PDF format
♥ 3840x2160
♥ Crush, Feet, Sandals, Cruel

Have you seriously forgotten how to act?
Have you seriously forgotten how to act?

The Tinies at school were untouchable. I could push them around a little, sure, but they were all registered and docmented. They didn't fear me. They didn't know their place. The little shits in my home, though, knew exactly what to expect.
At least they should have. I had their respect, but they just didn't seem respectful enough. I liked their fear, but they just couldn't be fearful enough. They weren't satisfying me, and their failure was irritating. They were useless, helpless things, and I would show them how terrified and reverent they should be.

Clean this shit off my shoe.
Clean this shit off my shoe.

They scream when I step on him. They beg, they plead. I don't give a fuck. One of them annoyed me, and I wanted his dumb ass beneath my shoe.
The only thing that matters is what I want. I like the way he feels, struggling and squirming beneath my sole. I like their panic and desparation, the few stupid Tinies that rush to impotently strain against my sandal's crushing weight. I like the looks on their faces when he starts to break. Crushing him is satisfying. I didn't do it often, but today, smashing this Tiny to an ugly smear is exactly what I need.

Don't you know not to fuck with my things?
Don't you know not to fuck with my things?

My sister always finds a way to piss me off like no other, and today is no exception. Is Elly seriously laying around laughing and playing with one of my little servant girls? What else has she been doing while I've been away? It's her fault my Tinies have gone soft.
They're both scared the moment I step through the doorway, and that's a nice start. They damn well should be. Once I have the little bitch squirming and squealing in my grasp, they're both appropriately terrified. Turns out they're the best of friends, and I can't help but laugh. I imagine Elly might do all sorts of things to keep me from crushing her little bestie like a bug. Oh, and the Tiny girl has a family? Well, I know exactly what to do with them.

All of the Hot, Sexy Details

Adrienne's pretty sandals inspire obedience and terror in the most perfect ways.

Bow down at her feet, or be smashed beneath them. Either way, she gets what she wants.

38 pages of intense story and glorious illustrations!

Drink in every detail as she puts absolutely everyone in their place. Beneath her.