The Snack Shack: Summer Fun Edition

Summer time can be tough! And the sweltering heat can make some foxy ladies absolutely insatiable. What's a girl to do? Well, they can always indulge in some squirmy, wriggly, deliciously bite-sized fun! The question is, which way will they choose to do it? Slurping, teasing, licking and gulping: these four ladies simply can't get enough! Enjoy the steamy summer days with Lyn, Katelyn, Jenna and Allison in The Snack Shack: Summer Fun Edition!

Emi ☆ Eri 2

How did it come to this? One by one you've watched your friends explode under the curvy bodies of the two towering girls. Will your life now end between the mountainous beauty of Eri's ass cheeks? Or are you doomed to die under the divine hands of Emi? Or are you to be savored and swallowed alive, a mere play thing for Eri's stomach? Hmm... perhaps you are to be violently fucked whole, crawling to your doom deep within a wet and throbbing pussy... No matter your fate, it will be both the most horrible and heavenly thing to end your pathetically fragile human life!

Micro Magazine: Issue 1

I-Raf-You comics are finally here! Translated and adapted to English from Japanese, this black and white issue contains three sexy stories by various artists. "Maid Changing Clothes" features a shrunken master walking in on his Maid while she changes- and having to orgasm over and over as punishment! "Falling in Love" details a shrunken student who finds himself the sexual plaything of a horny female classmate. "Lap Around the School" stars a group of gigantic female classmates abusing a tiny fellow classmate with their feet pussies out on the school's running track. All three comics feature dripping wet interaction with hot young pussies!

Mazes and Micros

What better way to spend the day than adventuring on the dazzling landscapes of your giant girlfriend? When Jess discovers a pen and paper role-playing game in the attic, she knows of the perfect way to convince her girlfriend Nikki to play! Nikki quickly finds herself shrinking and immersed in the world of Jess, a dangerous yet orgasmic world where one wrong move might get you squished or swallowed. With the goal of reaching Jess's supple mountain peaks and pleasuring Jess, Nikki is shrunken smaller and smaller making her journey all the more difficult! Enjoying her new found power over Nikki far too much, it doesn't take long before Jess gets carried away...

Emi ☆ Eri

You try breaking yourself away from the horror as your friend disappears hopelessly under the curves of the giggling Giantess's barefoot! You try to run, your legs racing, but the tears streaming down your face make it difficult to see. Soft, plump, curves fill the sky high above you and the shocking sound of a horrifying full body crunch sends you to nothing short of hysteria. Today is the worst day of your life. Today is the day you met Emi and Erika.

Bonnie's Body: Bustin' Out!

Bonnie is an average girl from a small town. Now that she lives in a large city in the US, she is constantly surrounded by curvy, beautiful women who aren't afraid to flaunt their massive breasts. More than anything, Bonnie wishes for a voluptuous body she can feel confident about! But as they say... be careful what you wish for. Upon receiving a questionable potion from a gypsy, the skeptical Bonnie soon finds herself growing and growing... and GROWING! With every bite of food, she only grows larger! When her curvy figure looms over the city, she resorts to eating those she once was jealous of, happily swallowing thousands alive to serve her massive and expanding body!

Seduction of the Tiny

Cassandra and Evan are two lovers out on the town partaking in a romantic stroll when suddenly they find themselves held up at gun point! Backed against a wall, the couple pleads with the well dressed woman behind the gun. To the horror of the couple's surprise it's not money the woman wants... it's them! In an instant the gun triggers and a vortex of blue light washes over the young couple. The world around them grows larger and larger until the gun toting woman towers over them.