Bonnie's Body Chapter Two: Going Galactic Bundle

To recap Chapter one, Bonnie is a small time girl who moved to the US and unexpectedly grew into a voracious mega Giantess from drinking a Gypsy's magical potion! Bonnie's growth story continues right where she left off- completely nude and snug on the top of a mountain, carelessly curious to indulge her thirst for power upon civilization in each every way she desires! What will she do to all of the helpless specks of people unfortunate to find themselves at her massive feet and mouth, and just how much larger will she grow?

Squash Match: Main Event

Sam is just a small, weak guy down on his luck. Broke and homeless he finds himself reduced to panhandling when he is approached by a woman who offers him a job! She tells the little man how, for one night only, a local club is holding an amateur wrestling night! It's not glamorous, but wrestling is fake! He should be walking out of that club with a couple of bumps, bruises, and a pay check! Of course, he wasn't expecting his opponent to be such a gorgeous woman. He also wasn't expecting her to be twice his height! And he really didn't expect her to be so cruel towards his vastly inferior form. Now he just wants to survive, but can he do so when trapped in the ring with a woman who loves flaunting her extreme size and strength advantage over him?

Bizarre Troy

The Greeks were not at all pleased when it was discovered that their princess had run off to live amongst their enemies, the Trojans. So of course, they did the obvious: Set out to recapture her and lay siege to the great city of Troy! Little did they know, Goddess Athena had something different in mind for them, sending out Goddess Vivian to protect Troy from these soldiers at all costs. And having some sexy fun while you're blocking Troy from harms way isn't against the rules, right? Goddess Vivian indulges in all sorts of sexy fantasies with the ant-sized Greek army, using them for her own pleasure! But will the poor soldiers be able to do a good enough job?

Genteel's Tanning Salon

Katelyn Genteel runs a 5-star tanning salon and day spa dedicated to pampering her female clients to their every desire... Including those giantess type ones, that involve shrinking men to bite-sized morsels. When wealthy celebrity and friend to Genteel, Evelyn Hellstrae decides to drop in for some relaxation and aforementioned "desires", this attracts the attention of an entire city, including 2 college age reporters named Myrna Alvarez and Munro Stevens. In order to save their jobs, these two are looking to do anything to cover a big story about Hellstrae. Myrna goes undercover as a masseuse to worship her feet, while Munro ends up morsel-sized in pursuit of the "inside story" of the sexy socialite. Sexy giantess tongues will wrap around tiny men, dames' delicious toes will be sucked, and dildos will knock people the fuck out in this perversely funny 22-page romp by TheBigMansini!


Most people spend the morning after a night of heavy drinking nursing a hangover. Jocelyn Renoir, world-famous supermodel, is not most people. After an evening of drunken debauchery, the gorgeous woman wakes up at a vastly different size with little recollection of the previous nights events. The tiny city around her proves to be a good distraction from a monstrous hangover, though! Can her destructive spree be stopped? Or will all of humanity fall before her gorgeous body?

Fantasize: Roxy's Punishment

Roxy is addicted to crushing and eating tinies, just like her Mistress. But when Misery catches her in the act, it's time for Roxy to be punished. She's lead away and Roxy is forced to eat her own shrunken sister from between Misery's toes. Then Misery gets Roxy's tiny boyfriend involved in the punishment, making him jerk off to Roxy's horribly smelly feet. When he can't handle the playful torture any more, Misery gives Roxy one last chance. Will Roxy be able to do what she's told in time or will Steve meet his fate of getting crushed inside of Misery's pussy?

The Snack Shack: Summer Fun Edition

Summer time can be tough! And the sweltering heat can make some foxy ladies absolutely insatiable. What's a girl to do? Well, they can always indulge in some squirmy, wriggly, deliciously bite-sized fun! The question is, which way will they choose to do it? Slurping, teasing, licking and gulping: these four ladies simply can't get enough! Enjoy the steamy summer days with Lyn, Katelyn, Jenna and Allison in The Snack Shack: Summer Fun Edition!

Emi ☆ Eri 2

How did it come to this? One by one you've watched your friends explode under the curvy bodies of the two towering girls. Will your life now end between the mountainous beauty of Eri's ass cheeks? Or are you doomed to die under the divine hands of Emi? Or are you to be savored and swallowed alive, a mere play thing for Eri's stomach? Hmm... perhaps you are to be violently fucked whole, crawling to your doom deep within a wet and throbbing pussy... No matter your fate, it will be both the most horrible and heavenly thing to end your pathetically fragile human life!

Micro Magazine: Issue 1

I-Raf-You comics are finally here! Translated and adapted to English from Japanese, this black and white issue contains three sexy stories by various artists. "Maid Changing Clothes" features a shrunken master walking in on his Maid while she changes- and having to orgasm over and over as punishment! "Falling in Love" details a shrunken student who finds himself the sexual plaything of a horny female classmate. "Lap Around the School" stars a group of gigantic female classmates abusing a tiny fellow classmate with their feet pussies out on the school's running track. All three comics feature dripping wet interaction with hot young pussies!

Mazes and Micros

What better way to spend the day than adventuring on the dazzling landscapes of your giant girlfriend? When Jess discovers a pen and paper role-playing game in the attic, she knows of the perfect way to convince her girlfriend Nikki to play! Nikki quickly finds herself shrinking and immersed in the world of Jess, a dangerous yet orgasmic world where one wrong move might get you squished or swallowed. With the goal of reaching Jess's supple mountain peaks and pleasuring Jess, Nikki is shrunken smaller and smaller making her journey all the more difficult! Enjoying her new found power over Nikki far too much, it doesn't take long before Jess gets carried away...