Hot as Hell 9: Sucked In

MONSTER GANG is back with a brand new installment in the Hot as Hell series! The Succubus Rae and her enthralled minion return to your screens to ensnare another like-minded soul. Lyn's date shows her a world where here online roleplaying fantasies need not be confined the world of fiction, introducing her to Rae, who wastes no time in setting up an FF/m femdom three-way featuring shrinking, insertion, futa-transformation and blowjob-vore. Witness Rae's domineering instruction as she uses her helpless boy-toy to bring a new girl into the club's fold of debaucherous femme fatales.

Party Crusher

EmmaGear and DoD team up to tell a story of a very big girl who's used to getting things her way showing up at a small get-together she wasn't invited to. Before any attempts could be made at getting her to leave she decides everyone is going to stay awhile. Even if they have to do so at a very, very small size.

Hot as Hell 8: Door Duty

MONSTER GANG (formerly Sheela and Cyanide) is back with a brand new installment in the Hot as Hell series! Four clueless brats stick their noses into a spooky mystery, and get more than they bargained for. Modern horror with a with a giantess, vore, and monster-girl twist! Action packed, with a smorgasbord of mind-and-body-bending fetishes, a doomed quartet of humans meet a mix of twisted fates at the hands of two large, inhuman, magic wielding ladies.


In a mixed-size world, where Miniature people and those of 'normal' size coexist, two women bond over their shared sadistic desires. Lyndsey and Madeline couldn't appear to be more different. Lyndsey and Madeline couldn't appear to be more different. Lyndsey is a pink-haired punk with a troubled past, and Madeline is prim and sunny from a privileged upbringing. But they have at least one thing in common: the sensual urge to hurt, torture, and crush Miniature people.

Hot as Hell 7: Judgment Day

MONSTER GANG - Formerly known as Sheela and Cyanide, bring you another steamy tale from the Hot as Hell club, and this time, it's full of giant-sized destruction! A pious doomsday preacher gets just what he asked for; Doomsday. In the form of one voluptuous, sultry Angel ready to smite the sinners of the world! But who will be able to measure up to her strict (and somewhat strange) standards? Find out in Hot as Hell 7: Judgment Day!

Sorority Sister's Secret Crush

JamesMason0 and EmmaGear bring you the story of Charlette, a shy, timid girl who prefers to keep to herself most times. In fact, the only reason she's joining a sorority is because she knows it'll look good on a future résumé. Join Charlette over 70 pages as she learns to open up to her housemates, and discover the joys of crushing miniature people. But when her new friendships are tested, will she be able to endure? Or will she crumble, and return to the boring simplicity of her old life?

Hot as Hell 6: Rae's Recruit

Sheela and Cyanide bring you another steamy tale from the Hot as Hell club, and this time, we're finally catching up with the pair that launched the whole series! Enjoy the show as out protragonist makes his way back to the Hot as Hell club for another intense night that he's sure never to forget-- Rae will make sure of that!

Shrinking Department

Kelly is having a bad day, but it gets worse when she finds out she's in danger of being downsized at work. In this world tiny people not only exist, they're completely normal! So normal in fact that every day countless miniature people find their way under bare feet or dropped into hungry mouths! 65 pages of casual tiny destruction! When small people are snacks at best or pests at worst even an average work day can become exciting! Foot crush abound with a healthy sprinkling of vore wrapped around the story of an ordinary day in this world!

Hot as Hell 4: Dirty Damnation

Sheela and Cyanide take you into the underworld to see just what happens to the damned, and just how demons operate. This comic is 25 pages of hellish dungeon debauchery. There's mixed wrestling, size difference, shrinking, smothering, vore and more in this kinky trip to inferno!

Katie: Episode 5

Eric's starting to believe he can adjust to anything. He's taped to the sole of Katie's boot, being pounded against the street, and even that eventually became normal. The violence, the death... Katie crushes his kind like insects. She rips them to bits in her hands. It's horrid and grotesque, but it's reality. It's what Katie does, and she needs a new group of Littles so that she doesn't do it to him. All he can do is watch as she captures them, as she hurts them, as she teaches them their place and shows them where they belong. Under her boot.