Her Wicked Pleasure Chapter 3

Continuing from the previous chapter, the furious giantess gets even more wild and crazy! She’s such a sadist who inflicts incredibly bloody pain! The tiny clone boy’s body is very weak at this point, but the giantess is keen on seeing how collapsed the boy’s mind is as well. The bone-crushing, blood-splattering punishment he endures forces him to beg for his life – to no avail. Penetration, pelting, fracturing, decapitation – it all seems normal now. Is this enough fun for the giantess this time?

Hot as Hell 6: Rae's Recruit

Sheela and Cyanide bring you another steamy tale from the Hot as Hell club, and this time, we're finally catching up with the pair that launched the whole series! Enjoy the show as out protragonist makes his way back to the Hot as Hell club for another intense night that he's sure never to forget-- Rae will make sure of that!

My Bossy Girlfriend: Chapter One

Jim's been afraid to tell his dominant girlfriend about his secret ability... the power to shrink himself down to a tiny size! In a playful, sexual, bossy manner, Mary forces and strokes her smelly feet upon Jim's face and erection, demanding to be told the truth or else! To her great surprise, he shrinks himself and there's a shrunken clone of his girlfriend which she uses to double dominate him. Before he knows what hits him, he struggles for air while being slid in and out of her throat in a careless grasp between her fingers, he gets shafed against her hard nipples for her pleasure, scrunched by her toes for her amusement, and then thrown onto her cunt. Will Jim survive until the next chapter? Find out today!

Shrinking Department

Kelly is having a bad day, but it gets worse when she finds out she's in danger of being downsized at work. In this world tiny people not only exist, they're completely normal! So normal in fact that every day countless miniature people find their way under bare feet or dropped into hungry mouths! 65 pages of casual tiny destruction! When small people are snacks at best or pests at worst even an average work day can become exciting! Foot crush abound with a healthy sprinkling of vore wrapped around the story of an ordinary day in this world!

Hot as Hell 4: Dirty Damnation

Sheela and Cyanide take you into the underworld to see just what happens to the damned, and just how demons operate. This comic is 25 pages of hellish dungeon debauchery. There's mixed wrestling, size difference, shrinking, smothering, vore and more in this kinky trip to inferno!

Invasion of The Undersea Leviathans 2

Even though the Leviathans laugh at mankind’s most destructive weapon, they know that mankind won’t give up so easily. They launch an evil plot where they tie tiny survivors around many areas of their bodies, from sexiest to smelliest! They’re daring any human reinforcements to kill their own comrades whilst attacking the Leviathans. What will the captives experience during this latest escalation? What's the big, powerful, new weapon that mankind finished developing, just barely in time before battle? Find out all the answers in the second issue of “Invasion of the Undersea Leviathans”!

Katie: Episode 5

Eric's starting to believe he can adjust to anything. He's taped to the sole of Katie's boot, being pounded against the street, and even that eventually became normal. The violence, the death... Katie crushes his kind like insects. She rips them to bits in her hands. It's horrid and grotesque, but it's reality. It's what Katie does, and she needs a new group of Littles so that she doesn't do it to him. All he can do is watch as she captures them, as she hurts them, as she teaches them their place and shows them where they belong. Under her boot.

Hot as Hell 3: Motherly Manhandling

Sheela and Cyanide are back to show you another night at the Hot as Hell club! ...Oh, don't worry. The girls will be gentle this time, we promise! Full of maternal domination from beginning to end with a hugely hung dickgirl finale that'll leave you feeling dwarfed in the shadow of a thick, chubby, BBW cow-mom! Includes a 9-page illustrated short story from the Sheela and Cyanide patreon!


Ever since moving away to Uni, I haven't quite felt like myself, but the moment I step back through my door and find my Tinies spread out across the floor, things start to feel right again. When the little servants stare up at me in fear, when they tremble with my footsteps, when they bow down before me, it's even better. When they struggle and squirm and squish beneath my foot--oh, it's just delicious. They're mine. I own them and their little lives exist only to serve my needs. It's time to remind them exactly where they belong.

Invasion of the Undersea Leviathans

The beginning of a new series of intense giantess action! In a time of great instability, U.S. soldiers at a top-secret detention facility are questioning a prisoner about an extraordinary occurrence.  At the 9th Naval Base of the U.S. Armed Forces, an enormous sea creature arose from the water and went on a rampage... Watch as the giantesses wreck military equipment - ships, aircraft, robots, buildings, you name it!