Christmas rp, cookie raffle, and gifts!

Christmas rp, cookie raffle, and gifts!

‘tis the season for giving, getting, and being thankful. Every year I like to give you something for Christmas because I enjoy sharing my love for the holiday season with you! Over the month of December you can check back here to get your gifts. Yes. Plural. There will be many a-comin’

To keep it organized for easy findings, they will be listed in ascending order below. 

01. ♥ Let’s role-play ♥ 

Wanna play? Simply use the comment section down below to submit an unfinished fantasy to me. (or ask in question form) I will rp back to a few of them and everyone can enjoy the sexy textin’ right here, adding a little extra sparkle to our holiday season here at GK. So let’s get started, little loves! Your Giantess is eager to play with you~

Update: Despite the long hours this month, I haven’t been able to find as much time for the free rp, sorry I’m not able to get to more of your fun texts this month after all. Hope you enjoy what I was able to get back to below.

Greg Viera: I just fed you a tasty dinner. I take the cup of wine you gave me. 

I feel woozy. I pass out and wake up in a dark area. Oh no!!!! I’m shrunken and trapped in between your divine soles. 

Are you gonna help me out ????

Giantess Katelyn: Do you know why I laced your wine with a shrinking potion? So you’d wake up in between my heavenly soles. If by “help you out” you mean… get you off… then sure! Don’t be scared ok? I’ll be extra gentle with you, especially considering that I’m thousands of times larger than you and you’re in between the very soles that’ve crushed thousands of bugs. Hahaha. Just a little dab of lube onto your nude body… oh just look at that boner!! ♥ Even though you’re so incredibly small I can see your cute little pito so well! I love how you’re thrusting your sex against my big bare foot already! Oh ho ho… it just got even warmer and wetter in between my soles and I was just getting started with you. That was fast. I’m going to keep you at that shrunken size for a while before giving you the antidote!

Tiny Nigel: I find myself wondering around on the floor of a room, maybe a living room. I’m naked with no idea how I got there. I do my best to try and remember the night before but all I can remember if being at a bar and a beautiful woman buying me a drink then nothing. I hear the door to the room open, panic and run to hide under the sofa.

Giantess Katelyn: Niguel, where are you? Don’t be scared. Come out. I want to play with you! Do you recognize my voice? We met at the bar last night. You looked lonely, so in the spirit of the season I bought you a drink. We were really hitting it off, but then when you went in for a kiss under the mistletoe, I just couldn’t resist… and it happened again, to you. You shrunk. I don’t know why, but that’s what’s happened anytime anyone has ever kissed me. I guess I should be more careful when I’m tipsy. Now you’re stuck at that size, so let me help you? Do you want some water? Are you hungry? Do you want another kiss? I do!! Now it doesen’t matter anymore. So come out from wherever you’re hiding and you can have another kiss and more! … Oh, there you are! Under the couch huh? CLASSIC! HAHA!! Well, here’s another ~~kisssss~~? I’m glad you trust me even though we don’t know each other very well. I look forward to getting to know you and I’m sorry this happened to you. I’ve been working on trying to figure out why it happens, so hopefully I’ll be able to turn you back soon! Until then I promise to take very good care of you! And also, after breakfast and what not, I’ll introduce you to “the others”.

***** Please don’t post any new RP messages in the comments area of this blog post. SAVE IT! I may do this again sometime in a future blog post.


So I make these BANGIN’ “7 Layer Cookies”. Everyone tells me they are good and I’m not kiddin’. You want some for yohohooself? Well, you may be in luck! Make any purchase from my GK store dated after 12/1/2019 and then email me at [email protected] with the subject “7 LAYER COOKIE RAFFLE!!” and message “Enter me at my own risk” along with a nickname to be written on your raffle to be drawn publicly THIS COMING WEEKEND via Twitter on 12/8/2019. TWO lucky winners will be randomly selected to receive a half dozen of my famous 7 layer cookies which will be shipped on DECEMBER 10th 2019! (shipped to name and address of qualifying transaction)

Allergen info: contains chocolate, butter, butterscotch, milk, gram cracker, nuts, coconut.

WINNERS: MinishKuro & NumNums! (Congrats!!)

Surprisingly enough they were the only two raffle contestants, so there was no need for a drawing, but lucky them for winning regardless! ?

Click here to watch me make their cookies!

03. Giantess Playgrounds

The third gift is for collage artists. What I have for you is a collection of backgrounds for your collages! No worries about giving me credit. (Although if you want to, cool!) Just don’t sell the images or use them for content to be sold.

This collection has been slowly growing over the span of several years. Some were shot with my Galaxy Note 8 – can you tell which ones vs the DSLR shots? While I was editing I found it funny how high quality the cell phone pics are in comparison. Lol!

If you appreciate the pictures please let me know and I’ll keep shooting background material. I like supporting the Giantess fetish community and this can be something I do during some of my travels for sure. Not to mention there’s a few places I like to go hiking with views that would make for excellent Giantess collages. I’ll keep them better organized too – this set is missing shots I lost from the Seattle Space Needle Observation Deck and touring San Francisco. ?

Click here to view and download “Giantess Playgrounds”!

PS: Back on Dec 1st I released a collage material set of yours truly in various red attire. Check it out here if you haven’t seen it already! <3

04. 360 VR “Vore Adventure on Christmas Day” is now FREE!

This festive video starring Giantess Brooke is now free to download in celebration of Christmas 2019! 

Right click here and select “Save link as…” to download
Note: Don’t upload this video anywhere. If you’d like to spread the news then feel free to share a link to this page.

Important: Use a VR video player to fully enjoy looking around this video’s 360 degree view! New to 360 VR video? Click here to download Theta Spherical Viewer for PC or Click here to download GoPro VR Player. When you open the video with it, you can zoom in, zoom out, and look around the video by clicking and dragging in the full 360 degrees!

05. Christmas Eve + Christmas Day Sale on My Videos ♥

It’s now active until the day after Christmas! Perfect time to grab any content you’ve been eyeing up. Sales are a rare treat!

♥❤ If you’re in the gifting mood this holiday season or would simply like to show your appreciation for my gifts this year then here are some ways you can treat me!~ ❤♥

– Send me a gift from my Amazon Wish List
– Support my work by making a purchase at my store (iOS users use C4S)
– I love detailed stories, creative artwork, and high quality collages! Send to [email protected]

Talk to you again when I have your next gift ready and/or some role-play answers! ♥ This month is going to be so FESTIVE & FUN! ??

Love ya,
Giantess Katelyn


The Shrunken Perspective

27 Responses and Counting...

  1. Greg Viera

    I just fed you a tasty dinner. I take the cup of wine you gave me.
    I feel woozy. I pass out and wake up in a dark area. Oh no!!!! I’m shrunken and trapped in between your divine soles.
    Are you gonna help me out ????

  2. Tiny Nigel

    I find myself wondering around on the floor of a room, maybe a living room. I’m naked with no idea how I got there. I do my best to try and remember the night before but all I can remember if being at a bar and a beautiful woman buying me a drink then nothing. I hear the door to the room open, panic and run to hide under the sofa.

  3. Geeetinbig

    I am a lab technician and I have just entered the manager’s (you) office to let you know a rather significant amount of our experimental growth formula has gone missing. I began telling you about what you should be looking for if someone is using it in themselves. Increased size, clothing appearing several sizes too small or may notice clothes ripping or seams popping if they are experiencing a growth spurt around you. Lack of concern for what happens to those around you as well as an overwhelming increase in libido. While ticking these off to you on my hands I totally fail to notice how tight your clothes look or the grin on your face as you lock the office door and with your back to me down something from a vial in your pocket ….

  4. Oliver

    My dream are to be tiny and getting boobs crush in your cleavage and then, swallowed whole by you to live inside your stomach! Would you be willing to make my fantasies come true?

  5. MacroLover

    Blinking my eyes in confusion as the remains of my officeplace breaks away around my growing body, I take my first steps as a giant. Dust, debris and tiny people cascading off my chiseled frame as I walk out of the remains of the skyscraper.

    With a grin, I realize that my favorite e-celebrity is looming over the cityscape ahead of me. Giantess Katelyn is living up to her name as the brunette bombshell brushes dust from her shapely breasts as she stands in the remains of a mall.

    Giant and giantess’ eyes meet and they share a secret smile, one that only those who have felt the sheer raw power that being a thousand feet tall can experience.

    The city trembles as it realizes it’s an unwilling third in a titanic ménage à trois

  6. Damian

    I am lucky enough to win your first ever “Meet and Greet with Giantess Katelyn” contest. I fly out to your location and meet you in person at a private location. I told no one about this awesome contest win but once we meet I tell you about how you’ve made so many of my shrunken and crush fantasies come true with your amazing videos.

    After chatting for a bit, I tell you that I would give anything to be shrunken down for real, being able to worship your feet and then to get crushed slowly by your beautiful soft soles when you were ready. You smile and gently laugh as you pull a small device out of your pocket. You point it directly at me and say “How about we make that fantasy of yours a reality? Depending on how well you worship my feet will determine if and when I crush you under my beautiful soles.”

    The whole world spins around as a beam of light hits me, when I finally come through the room is massive along with you, I’m only 2 inches tall now. You sensually walk over to me in your open-toed high heels and tower over me. You point your beautifully french manicured finger at your equally as beautiful french manicured toes smiling at me saying “You better get to it, tiny bug! I can’t wait to feel you pop under my bare foot!”

    I drop to my knees shaking while looking up at you, a Goddess while in complete shock of what just happened. I’m not sure I wanted to be crushed for real, but fortunately for you that’s now your decision…

  7. Sean

    My fantasy is to be captured by an organisation who you pay to find tinies for your videos.

    You walk into the room and your belly rumbles with the fearsome groan of a hungry goddess.

    You notice how hard I am (as opposed to terrified) and decide that instead of eating me as scheduled, you’re willing to let me live out my fantasy first… to be your living dildo!

    Of course it’s all on camera, nobody would recognise me at this height!

  8. kkaak

    I was thinking along the lines of something similar to “Big Sister’s Big Feet”, but completely about feet. Instead of being caught with your panties, I could be caught with something like a sock or a toe ring, and whatever method you use to shrink me has a side effect if I release without your permission: I shrink further, along with finding it easier to become aroused. I beg for you to give me permission to release so I can do so without shrinking further.

  9. Attomuse

    If your boyfriend shrunk to 1 inch tall would you 1) stay with him and be loyal, 2) stay with him and cheat, 3) dump him, 4) demote him to pet/toy. or 5) other

  10. Karen

    Are you ever going to do anymore couple stuff? I absolutely loooooved the giant couple blowjobs close ups ???

  11. Cody

    I buy you a new pair of sneakers for Christmas. I also find a way to shrink myself so I can be sent to while in your shoe box. When I arrive would you put me inside your new sneakers while you try them on for the first time? What else would you do with me trapped inside? BTW I am a message therapist and would love to rub your feet while you break in your new sneakers :-)

  12. Jakar

    I had mulled over the decision for years. As soon as I’d reached the required age to consent to shrinking, I was going to do it. I was going to shrink and have my little sister Katelyn eat me alive. I could think of no other girl other than you to be the one to give myself to. Unfortunately my love for you became one-sided as you entered your rebellious phase. When I had approached you excitedly, consent forms and shrinking pills in hand, telling you that my X-Mas gift to you was to be the first tiny you could devour, I was shocked and dismayed to hear you reject my offer.

    It was common knowledge that every girl’s dream was to have a little man struggling inside of her, knowing he was hers to digest and become a part of her. I’d even over-heard you joke and fantasize with your friends at how much of a turn-on it would be to know you’d be disposing of his remains the next day on the toilet. So why wouldn’t you let me be the one to take that trip Sis?

    After much begging and pleading, you finally admitted to the reason why; you had been jealous of the attention and praise our parents and our peers had bestowed upon me and you held a grudge. A big grudge. If you were going to let me become a part of your body it was going to be on your terms. And you were going to make it humiliating to ruin my reputation. You’d do it but only if I would be swallowed down and digested in another man’s cum. You would invite someone from Tinder over and blow him whilst your poor brother was still inside your mouth. And you’d film the whole thing, promising to show it to all my friends.

    It was now that day. I was nervous and regretting my decision to accept but it was nearing X-Mas and this was the only way I could spend it with my family…in one form or another… I heard the door knock. “Is that him Sis? Is it time?” You nodded and I took the shrinking pill. It’s effects quickly took hold and before I knew it I was naked on your bed, anxiously awaiting your return as I overhear you and your date talking, giggling and flirting. “Oh God, I can’t do this! I can’t watch and be a part of this! Sis! Sis please, change me back!” I call out as soon as you and your date come bursting through your bedroom door, making out passionately. You hear my calls and I’m relieved my voice can reach you… But then I see a devilish grin spead across your face. I knew then that my reluctance was what you were after. “Katelyn… Sis… Please…not like this Sis, not like this… I love you… Please…”

  13. Jamie

    Oh Goddess Katelyn, my RP question to you is
    ‘It’s Christmas Eve and you check your phone and see that you have received a series of texts from a tiny fan who was on one of the Christmas cookies you had eaten. How would you respond to their pleas for help? Would you answer their frantic phone call or just leave it at text? Would you let your boyfriend answer the phone and be annoyed at someone pestering you on this holiday? What activity would you undertake in lieu of lending aid to such a silly tiny? Would you hope he stopped texting you soon or to last? What food or drink would you most likely eat upon learning there was a stowaway in your divine belly? If you knew there was someone in your tummy, would you post pics of it to social media? Would you remember the name of your tiny unwitting meal?

    Thanks for being the ultimate giantess provider.

    Happy Christmas Goddess Katelyn!

  14. Gold-Phish

    I wake up and find myself on a hard granite counter-top inside a massive kitchen. Standing to my feet, I see a huge, half-eaten sandwich towering over me. All around me, there is an intense commotion of large, black, alien-like creatures. As my eyes regain their focus, I realize what they really are. Ants. At about my size, they raced back and forth, carrying large crumbs of bread away from the source. I try to walk, but quickly realize something is unusual with my body. Looking down, I see my arms have been replaced with shiny, black claws. I look down, but I do not see my feet. Instead, what I see is horrifying. The face of a large ant looks back up at me in the reflection of the glossy counter top. How could this happen?? How did I become a fucking ANT?! Before I have time to process the horrifying reality, a heart-stopping boom fills the room as the front door is slammed shut. The sound of massive footsteps boom louder as a titanic figure approaches. Though it was huge, I knew who the figure was. My good friend Katelyn had returned from her run. In my newly-acquired form, I had a feeling she would not recognize me, but getting her attention may be the only chance I had to survive…

  15. GtsLvr45

    You’ve been editing some of your videos on a calm afternoon. You’re relaxed, calmly typing away at your computer, though you’re bottomless. I’m 4 inches small, wedged between your butt, serving as your slave as I pleasure you; licking your anus.

    I have no recollection of my capture, nor do I know why. You’ve been editing for the past 2 hours and I’ve been pleasuring you since then, working hard without a break. You finish your editing for the day and have a nice stretch. Your ass pushes back on me, flattening me to the chair and slightly crushing me. My tiny body pressing against you jogs your memory of my existence.

    You pause for a moment, deciding my fate. Do you lift your ass high above me and drop it down, crushing me without second thought? Do you pick up my weightless body and shove me deep in your asshole to be used later, or do you reward me for my services?

    (apologies if this is a double post)

  16. TinyZack

    Would love to hear about how you’d have your way with a city at 500ft tall

  17. dude93931

    It’s cold outside, especially for a naked tiny lost in the middle of some sort of jogging park. With no memory of how I got there and why I’m so small, I’m trembling and approaching hypothermia. No doubt I need find some place to warm up or it’s gonna be the end of me.

    There is a bench not far away, with a giant woman sitting on it taking a break from her morning run it seems, she was wearing a tight jogging sport suit. She is the only person in sight and my only chance to survive. I run towards her and after a several minutes, I’m at her shoes. I pull on her shoelaces to get her attention.

    She looks at me in shock at first, but her face quickly turn into a lovely naughty smirk as she picks me up and hold me very close to her face. I plead her to help me, I’m lost, scared and freezing. She tells me her name is Katelyn and not to worry, she will bring me to her home and help me.

    I ask her politely if she can put me in one of her pocket in the meantime, as I’m trembling from the cold. This giant woman, Katelyn, tells me she unfortunately has no pocket… However, she thought of someplace else to keep me warm and didn’t even ask me first, as she was dragging my little body towards her……………………….

  18. Reinaldo

    I regain consciousness within a humid and hot place, my muscles throbbing and my legs devoid of any feeling. Pain and confusion wash over me until I remember that I’m in your sock, crumpled and discarded beneath your couch. As the springs roar overhead, I hear two pairs of feet making thunderous steps – as you and a particularly beefy date begin to redress after a hot fuck-session. If only you could find that other sock he had peeled off..

  19. Jay

    My fetish tends to revolve around one thing, seeing a woman cum hard which she feels her prey struggle inside her, I have a thing for female predators. Giantess is just where I tend to find that theme the most, thus I find myself at your doorstep from time to time. I can promise any clips you make that has those elements in it, I’ll buy. I have no major issues buying you gifts, but I really don’t foresee any kind of quid pro quo relationship happening here.

  20. Jamie

    I text you from within your stomach asking for help. How do you respond?

  21. Littleant

    All I want is to be shrink down by you. right before your feet. And to be crushed by your lovely soles

  22. Littleant

    All I want for Christmas is to get stepped on by you. My last breath seeing those giant soles descding onto me just perfect.

  23. Jordan

    You bring me into your office and tell me that I kept staring at your pantyhose feet while you teach and dangle your shoes! We discuss it for a little while when you kiss me and shrink me down to 3 inches tall! You make me your tiny foot slave! What things will you do with me? I’d love to worship your perfect feet and then transform into your pantyhose or shoes!

  24. Reus

    Oh what a Christmas present~ here goes.

    We’d been dating for a few weeks now and Christmas was only a week away, stumped on just what to do for the occasion, you decided to sneak a look through my phone.

    It was easy to open the browser and find countless images of soft, glistening soles and towering women of different dispositions, some kind, some cruel and from there the only natural conclusion came to you.

    You deftly added something ~special~ to an inconspicuous Christmas cookie and wasted no time encouraging me to partake.

    Soon, I found myself bathed in your shadow, tiny and helpless on the floor looking up at the excited face of the goddess towering above me.

    With an inpatient smile you bring my phone from your pocket and reveal your Christmas present.

    Completely helpless before you, cowering before soft plump toes and a fraction of my original size, I have no choice but to accept your gift and hope you don’t just happen to find the collection of more sadistic humiliating smut hiding in my phone, or worse.


  25. JP

    You stumble through your door, more than a little tipsy after a night of clubbing. Walking towards your kitchen table, you can’t help but giggle, setting your purse down on its side.

    “Come on out you two!” you slur as you kick off your high heels in a drunken hurry.

    A shrunk couple, husband and wife, sheepishly make their way onto the table. The man holds the woman closely, kissing her on the head a consoling her. You lower your titanic face in front of them, resting your chin on the hard wood.

    “Welcome home sweeties.”

    Your breath smells like a brewery, and your devilish smile sends a chill down the man’s spine. He holds his wife closer. His feeble voice cries out.

    “What do you want?!”

    The answer he’s after sends a chill down YOUR spine, and your left hand slowly approaches the delicate captives.

  26. Bob

    I wake up one morning shrunk to about half an inch tall. I think to myself…how could this happen?? I wonder downstairs to the kitchen where my beautiful girlfriend Katelyn is making breakfast. I desperately try and get her attention when I here her mumble EWW!! That’s a gross looking bug!! My Only question now is, what happens next?

  27. smorf

    What would you do if you found a tiny whose body was malleable like rubber and you could squish/mold him in any way you wanted. ex: roll into a ball, flatten into a pancake or flip flop, chew him like gum etc?

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