Christmas Gifts – Worship, Watch, Enjoy!

Christmas Gifts – Worship, Watch, Enjoy!

Christmas is the perfect time to reveal and release a sexy secret I’ve kept for years! Ready? … With plans to package everything up as a gift, what I’ve put together is a large variety of professionally shot photos for your worshiping &/or collaging pleasure! Additionally, THREE store videos have been made FREE for Christmas. FX, 360 VR, and a Christmas themed video. Time to enjoy the holiday at GK!

♥ Worship! Collage! Enjoy! ♥


Click here to view all 225 pictures!

 Does the last image give you any nostalgia? (Think for a sec!) … I’m wearing the same exact chemise from my oh-so-popular fx movie Midnight Goddess! I’ll add any high quality fan-made Midnight Goddess inspired / night time themed crush collages with me in the chemise right here for your enjoyment! 

Three Store Videos Made Free for Christmas!

Did I ever tell you how much I love giving out FREE content?! Honestly, if I was rich and had the luxury of never having to work again, I’d still produce content and it would all be free! That’d be a dream come true for me! :D While I currently do need to sell my content to make a living, one thing I can do is release the occasional free video if my budget allows, and perhaps give out additional free content for special occasions! Below you will find a variety of three store videos that I’ve made free for Christmas!

♥ Party Crushes – Crush FX! ♥

Katelyn feels herself up by the door of her own private bathroom after having discovered two naughty party goers secretly using it. She rubs her pussy and it gets wet really fast – she wants some too! Out comes the shrinking device which she keeps hidden in her bra, and in she goes into the bathroom to shrink them!

The shrunken girl immediately throws a huge fuss, telling Katelyn to watch her step and return her to her normal size! Katelyn doesn’t take kindly to this and ends up crushing her. The act of the crush only gets Katelyn even more worked up. She slips her nyloned foot out of her high heel and when the shrunken guy sees this, he goes to run and falls over… scared for his life… Click here to read the full description


♥ Giantess Rachel’s Christmas Vengeance – Shrinking + Crush ♥

On the night of Xmas eve Santa finally stopped by Rachel’s house, after years of passing it by because of how naughty she is… but really, it quickly becomes obvious that the fat fuck has a boner from looking at her sexy body. Sure, she’s dressed in a sexy Santa’s helper style costume, but now it’s obvious that Santa’s just as naughty as her and that makes it too tempting for Rachel not to verbally rip him apart, with how much she loves humiliating others. So, it begins. 

“Usually this is your night, but tonight things are going to go my way.”… Click here to read the full description


♥ Schoolgirl’s Bug Sized Boyfriend – Full Body Tease – 360 VR ♥

Seriously! It’s become “I don’t like him like that” to “-O.M.G.- he’s as annoying as a gnat!” 

And… I could CRUSH you now. Underneath my big dirty feet which are towering over you! You’re shrunk and everyone has left! 

You’re happy to have me all to yourself now, aren’t you? Do you like the feeling of being stalked? Now you’re literally as small as you ever were to me- a pest! Awhh… you look scared and so now I want to make you feel better… Click here to read the full description

Note: Download this video and view with a VR player. If you’re new to VR – Click here to download Theta Spherical Viewer for PC or Click here to download GoPro VR Player. Install it. Open it. Follow the instructions to drag and drop (or open) the 360 VR video. Click and drag on the video, zoom in or out, when it plays to enjoy the 360 degrees!

Annnnnnd that’s a wrap! ;D Hope this adds some extra enjoyment to your holiday! See you around, shrunken lovers!

♥ Xox, Giantess Katelyn




The Shrunken Perspective

11 Responses and Counting...

  1. MarkM

    Wow lots of red hot pictures – Gonna look at them right now. Thank You Katelyn!

  2. Igort

    The return of the Midnight Goddess outfit! Still my fav GTS movie, what a lovely surprise! Thank you goddess!

  3. Chuck

    A bit late, but Merry Christmas!

    And that’s quite a giveaway. Yep, you still have to earn your money, after all, but some little free treats can work fine. They’re like a demo of what to expect, so as a little promotion of your work is good, people then will shut up and give you the money for more. ;P

    And with all those pictures, you’ve given a lot of collage material for people to play with. We’ll have to sit and wait for what they bring to the table.

    Also, funny thing is that with the VR video I’ve been able to FINALLY test the Theta VR program on PC and works wonders. Have to check more of the VR stuff then.

  4. JayT

    Thanks so much for the lovely Xmas gifts. I hope you have a wonderful/blissful 2018!!

  5. kidd

    im having trouble with the vr video you uploaded. when i try to watch it in go pro vr it keeps on giving me a missing codec error. i know its not on my end because i bought and downloaded a vr video from your site and it works fine. also i can watch it on iTunes and Microsoft video player. if could re upload it in a different format that would be appreciated.

  6. kuba

    One thing that was bothering me for years whad did You say at the begining of Party Crushes? I never could understand it :D

  7. Jason

    Will you be doing anymore goldfish/bug videos at any one point?

  8. Giantess Ka...

    Yes! I’ve been wanting to do another bug vore video for quite some time. More will definitely be coming!

  9. Jason

    Awesome! Thank you. That’s my favourite part of vore. Watching a woman dominate her prey, something goes down that doesn’t want to, and seeing her savor the fight currently taking place inside her. Now that’s hot, I understand a bit dark, but that kinda adds to it.

  10. chris

    Nice vid! Id love to ask you about a custom audio scenario?

  11. blackhawk


    I’m sorry to ask you this question, that can look a bit strange, but I’m very curious about something about your videos.

    You swallowed a lot of tiny plastic guys and I always wonder how do they come back out ? Are they completely dissolved during the digestive process or are they coming back as they were before you ate them ?

    By the way, I really love videos involving tiny people like these being swallowed, those are for me your best videos so far. Maybe you could try an open-throat swallow clip with a figurine, with some water or food to help. Keep continue making these movies !

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