Bug Eating and Wall Painting…

Bug Eating and Wall Painting…

… Happen to be two of my most recent crazy activities. I’ve spent this entire week painting the house from top to bottom and eating live crickets. Why eat poor little crickets? Because they are small, helpless and delicious! :twisted: Why paint the house? So my videos (including bug eating!) look even sexier of course!

Let’s start with the swallowing of little lives. For this week’s update I decided to make two high quality vore videos unlike anything in my store to date. I’ve personally been craving bugs lately (whether crushed under my feet or struggling in my mouth while I swallow them alive) and so an all out cricket feast sounded too good to resist!

In my first video called “Cricket Fan Feast” I turn a group of my loyal fans into delicious little crickets for me to snack on. I got a little too into the video however and it turned out to be a half an hour long! This is what happens when my juices get going and I don’t want the fun to end. But because I only intended the video to be 15 minutes long, the video is priced only for the first 15 minutes only. So basically this video is forever 50% off. :mrgreen: Think of it as my way of saying thanks for all your support of my strange… bug eating fetish.

Eating Bugs - Cricket Fan Feast

Cricket Fan Feast

Duration: 27 Minutes and 39 Seconds
188 MB

I originally intended this movie to only be ten to fifteen minutes long but my fantasy got the better of me and it ended up 28 minutes long! However, I’ve decided to be a nice Goddess and price this video for only the fifteen minutes I originally wanted the video to be. That means you get nearly double the video for half the price! Don’t expect me to be this nice all of the time… ;)

A group of my most loyal fans have decided to make the ultimate sacrifice- to be consumed and digested by their beautiful Goddess. I’ve easily shrunken them down, turned them into tiny crickets, and now I hold them before my enormous face licking my huge, wet lips. I can tell some are having second thoughts. I inform them of their soon-to-be-fate and thank them for giving their tiny lives to nourish my massive, all powerful body. I look them over carefully deciding which of my little pets I will devour first…. (The intro is 3 minutes long)

Steve. He has been such a loyal, wonderful pet to me. It’s only fair that he be eaten first. My eyes grow wide and I pull him out of his plastic prison, playing and talking to him while he nervously fights against my fingers. Steve has always had a thing for my beautiful sharp teeth, my immaculate molars and my razor-edge canines. With his pathetic little body face to face with them now, I give him one last tour. I let him feel my incredible white teeth and rub his face in my canines. I then place him under them… and close down on his body. His little body is no match and he explodes, sticking to my teeth. I lick him off and consume him. (Steve’s torture, tour and swallow lasts for 11 minutes)

Steve was absolutely delicious and has only made me hungrier for more of my little crickets! I reach for the bag and grab my next little victim- Roy. He’s my “toothbrush slave”. Now he can finally clean my teeth in person just before he’s eaten alive. I shove his face in my teeth and demand he clean Steve’s guts off of them. I reward him by placing him on my molars and mashing him into a fray of cricket guts. I swirl him around my mouth, tasting, feeling and feasting off of him. I continue to mash him into nothingness and then swallow his pathetic body alive. So much for Roy… (Roy is tortured and eaten alive for 7 minutes)

After devouring two of my pets I lay down and make myself a little more comfortable. I pull out my next fan and hold him over my huge, wet mouth while intent on devouring him far quicker than my last two pets. I’m so horny and hungry that I don’t even care what his name is! I open as wide as I can and tell him to take a good long look down my throat because at any moment I’m just going to drop him in and swallow him whole. I can see my little meal has become panicked as he fights like crazy against my powerful fingers. I’m sure he can sense my belly’s growing anticipation. I show off my sexy neck, detailing his every move down it. I then drop him onto my tongue and he becomes frozen with fear! Just as I’m pulling my tongue in he makes a break for it and lands on my bottom lip. But there’s no escape from this Goddess as I push him back into my mouth and quickly grind him up with my sexy teeth. He’s body quickly breaks down and scatters across my tongue, cheeks and lips. My hunger and horniness grows and I let out moan after moan as I chew and swallow his tiny little body… (This pet of mine lasts for 5 minutes)

By now I’m starving and insanely horny and thus my next fan is just outright eaten. Moaning, I pull him out of his cage with my beautiful fingers and drop him carelessly onto my tongue. He too attempts to escape but is quickly caught between my massive teeth and chewed into a gooey mess. I swallow him without thinking and reach for my last little pet! (This little fan lasts for 30 seconds)

I grab my last fan and open wide, exposing the far reaches of my massive, dripping wet throat. I drop him in and he lands on the back of my tongue. He immediately starts running around on my tongue looking to escape. He rushes to the right and to the left, surrounded by saliva covered pink and white walls. My tongue lifts him up and pushes him back coating his body in my juices. I get ready to swallow him but instead he gets stuck on the roof of my mouth! I gently lick him off and bring him to my throat where I swallow his helpless, pathetic little body alive. I let out a few final moans as I feel his body struggling down my hungry throat and into my waiting belly. (This fan lasts for 2 minutes)

With all of my pets devoured and consumed, I lay back and take a little nap, letting my stomach juices take care of the rest…
(And yes, I really found that my panties were absolutely soaked by the end of this!)

My second video doesn’t involve bugs but rather a shrunken¬† slave of mine named Mark. This video looks equally as hot and is extremely intense. I chew up not only Mark but handful after handful of Goldfish crackers. This results in an extremely sexy mess within my hungry mouth. Mark sadly didn’t survive to see the end of the video I’m afraid… Little man and all were swallowed during this hot video.

Marks Shrunken Swallow

Mark’s Shrunken Swallow

Duration: 16 Minutes and 28 Seconds
118 MB

Mark is cute little pet of mine who I’ve decided to show what it’d be like to be eaten by a giant female. I’ve grabbed a bag of yummy goldfish crackers to help demonstrate and I start feasting away on them one by one.

I bring him closer to me and scoop up a handful of goldfish. I pour them into my mouth and tell him imagine himself struggling within my food. I crush them up between my teeth showing off and teasing him with my incredibly hot mashed up mess!

I pour more and more goldfish in my mouth and my mouth gets messier and messier. I savor every bit of my meal as I toss it around in my wet salivating mouth. I can see that my little pet want’s to be closer… he want’s even more…

So I decide to sacrifice one of my little people. I tell Mark to imagine himself small, naked and between my fingers. I show him his little self, terrified and miniscule in comparison to his Goddess. I playfully toss him into my mouth and begin to feast on his tiny body…

I toss even more goldfish in my mouth and begin to eat Mark alive. My teeth slowly grind his body into the mess and I bring myself closer and closer to the camera. I can feel his little body pushing and struggling within all of the mess!

For well over 13 minutes Mark is toss around in my huge mouth and pushed from cheek to cheek with my tongue. You’ll see incredible shots of my mouth and mind blowing shots of my food and Mark being eaten alive.

I pour a final handful of goldfish ontop of Mark and inform him that he’s about to be swallowed. I give him one final show before my powerful throat takes him and my food down into my hungry belly. Bye Mark!

Then for three full minutes I detail every move he makes as he is swallowed and digested by my incredible body. I lick my lips and clean the remains of the goldfish from my teeth. What a delicious little meal!

Now for a little behind the scenes look at my painting craze. Here’s a collection of pictures I took while painting my new master bedroom and bathroom. I’m also painting the room I filmed “Cricket Fan Feast” in but I’ve only just started taping up the trim (It’s going to be red, gold and black, but also sexy business lady office beige).¬† And yes, I primed my nipples in the pictures :rolleyes:

Giantess Katelyn Wall Painting 1

Giantess Katelyn Wall Painting 2

Giantess Katelyn Wall Painting 3

Giantess Katelyn Wall Painting 4

Giantess Katelyn Wall Painting 5

Giantess Katelyn Wall Painting 6

Giantess Katelyn Wall Painting 7

Giantess Katelyn Wall Painting 8

Giantess Katelyn Wall Painting 9

Giantess Katelyn Wall Painting 10

I’m thinking I’ll have this project of mine completed by the middle of this week and I’ll then finally be able to get back to making special effects movies. Speaking of which, here’s that little update I promised…

My next special effects film is currently in the works, however until I’m done painting not much is going to get done on it. Like I said, by the middle of this week I’ll be working full steam on it again. The movie is called “The Girl Next Door” and features massive amounts of exploration/climbing, unaware and even… a little surprise mix of my favorite fetishes. This is what you happens when you decide to shrink yourself in order to peep at your sexy next door neighbors bare feet without her knowing…

Love ya tiny ones, ~_^


The Shrunken Perspective

12 Responses and Counting...

  1. crazydave

    great stuff katelyn, without looking at the video did you swallow some crickets whole?

    i think sometimes its good for a victim to go down ‘whole’ rather than being chewed up :P

  2. Giantess Ka...

    Yep, the last cricket was swallowed alive and whole :mrgreen:

  3. BattlePuppet

    Do You enjoy the literal aspects of bug eating, or is the thrill mainly in the roleplay ideas conveyed by the act?

    I guess what I am wondering is, if a plentiful supply of little men were available for Your consumption and abuse, would You still use insects?

  4. Toy/Roy Too...

    Goddess Katelyn, Glad to be given a part in your Cricket Fan Feast Movie but who will look after your fabulous teeth now ? Or do you plan to resurrect me? I hope so.

  5. Urahara

    The population of crickets are going to decrease if you keep eating them. lol. Still can’t wait for the special effects clip!

  6. Bobbob

    Absolutely stunning, Katelyn! Can’t wait till my next paycheck! Why on earth wasn’t I born a cricket? They have all the fun! :-P

    Great POVS too! Cant say I ever thought about getting painted over by a beautiful giantess, but now I cant get it out of my mind!

    Got a new collage for you on the Giantess City too ;-)

  7. Giantess Ka...

    @BattlePuppet: As you mentioned, it’s the role play ideas conveyed by the acts of eating the bugs. It’s the same power trip I get from crushing bugs or crushing tiny people or swallowing tiny people alive. They are small and helpless and I’m their powerful Goddess who can take their lives for my own pleasure. I personally prefer shurnken people to eat, but the occasional cricket or ant is rather good too.

    @Toothbrush Slave: lol :mrgreen: Perhaps I’ll resurrect you after you’ve nourished my body and gone through my system… I do need someone to look after my teeth!

    @Urahara: Hehe, me too- I can’t wait to get working on special effects again.

    @Bobbob: Being painted over by a giantess- too cute! ^^ Glad you like the crickets- I should have probably turned you into one! Love the new collage by the way, By the time you read this your collage should be up on my fan art gallery…

  8. Bobbob

    Maybe you did turn me into a cricket… You didnt care about all of their names :-P

    Glad you liked the collage! As always, thanks for the material! Its so hard to resist!

  9. James

    i can’t wait to go through your system:)

  10. mike

    This is a random message, be warned! I just thought you’d be amused I had a dream with you in it! Funny thing, it was nothing sexual. I was walking around some international summer camp, and you were one of the counselors, painting your groups’ cabin. I recognized you and tried to stir up a dialogue by asking about your crazy boss (who I just saw seconds ago, scaring kids with Vietnam stories), but woke up before we barely started conversing :sad: I have very clever anecdotes! Dream you would have been impressed!

  11. Billy

    No Friday video update?

  12. Steve


    Have you evr thought about torturing a Praying mantis and then biting his head off?

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