Bonnie’s Body: Bustin’ Out! Growth + Vore Released!

Bonnie’s Body: Bustin’ Out! Growth + Vore Released!

Today I am absolutely THRILLED to announce that Sheela’s first Giantess Growth and Vore comic is now available! Sheela is one of my all-time favorite giantess artists and I am ecstatic to welcome her onto my site! It is a dream of both hers and mine to see her creating giantess comics full time!  You can help this dream come true by buying her deliciously sexy, voluptuously busty, droolingly curvy, growth and vore comic right now!

Sheela has been working on this comic for months and is incredibly excited to have it finished. She absolutely loves drawing all things vore, curves, and power!! :evil: Bonnie’s Body is the first chapter in a planned series and she tells me she wants to start on Chapter 2 ASAP! She is BURSTING with ideas for giantess comics and I have drooled over every single one of them. I hope she brings all of her fantasies to life for us to enjoy! :D

I absolutely love her work so freaking much! And her first comic is easily one of the very best vore comics out there, not to mention one of the only ones that include growth and mega sizes and such fantastic, sexy curves!

So what are you waiting for? Buy Bonnie’s Body: Bustin’ Out and help Sheela live out her wildest dreams!


The Shrunken Perspective

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  1. Jaedon

    Probably not for most but those who like expansion as that part of vore.. or anyway it’s given I can tell from the previews that’s it’s good. I can’t wait for CG17’s comic. Is it The Magic Sisters’ 3 and involve scat at the end? :O

  2. Greg Viera

    here is a quick question will u ever make ur own comic story??? :) <3

  3. m

    Absolutely stunning. Wow!

  4. hordeham

    It was great i loved it, cant wait to see some more. Great stuff Sheela keep it up!!!! by the way anyone know when Commensalism chapter 4 is coming out? or if?

  5. Crawling Beast

    I like your art, too bad I’m not really in macrophilia and vore XD
    I can only hope for futur stuffing content.

  6. js

    this comic made undrestand how much my penis could take…
    (sadly i am in alot of pain right now…)

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