Blog Posts are Back & Video Update Consistency is Coming!

Blog Posts are Back & Video Update Consistency is Coming!

After seeing the results of a poll on my Twitter, I’m pleasantly surprised that you’ve missed reading from me while I’ve been focusing on content production. It’s been almost two years since I last posted anything on my blog! I’ve been using Twitter as a quick update fix, announcing site updates, personal happenings, project sneak peaks / behind the scenes, and the list goes on. My Tweet tidbits will continue as they were with the addition of blog posts for your enjoyment!

To get a hand on this, I’m going to write my next blog post at any time I have available and then fix it up, finalize it, and post it live on the 1st of the next month! I’m already brainstorming for my next blog post and happy to be doing so! :D With website updates for you in mind I’ll also be bringing you consistency in my video updates effective immediately!

The new video update schedule for you will be one every five days of the month as follows on the: 5th, 10th, 15th, 20th, 25th, & the 30th. February’s last update will be released on the 28th since there is no 30th day of the month. I’ll be hard at work behind the scenes to get months ahead on updates in the queue, also with unedited footage to stash for future updates for time I’ll need off cam. For example: Busy holidays, across country family visits, vacation, pregnancy, moving, personal time off work for whatever reason.

My hired-model video productions, updates from video producers who sell through my site, and any new comics from artists will be released in between every three updates starring yours truly. While this will be just one update in between mine, a triple producer release may happen if needed in the chance of lots of new content ready at the same time. I’ve found that this video update schedule provides a good balance of models and content available at the store for you to select from. 

On the topic of models, I haven’t hired out in a while because I’ve been enjoying living out my own fantasies so much and indulging in yours! However, not only is it fun to film other Giantesses doing super hot stuff, but it’s also good business practice for the long run. I may go more in depth on this topic in another blog post (it could be super helpful info for fellow self employed adult stars), but for now I can say that I’m planning on incorporating model shoots into my schedule again for you come 2020!

Last but not least, the past has proven that the majority of you are quiet on here (that’s ok, I still love ya), but if you’re feeling brave enough to grab a Giantess’ attention then leave a comment for me to enjoy. Make it short and sweet or write a response to this new blog post! Did you look forward to new blog posts? Do you not care and prefer to just check for my picture of the day and store for new videos and sexy items? How do you feel about update consistency coming after all these years of erratic updates?

Until next time my little loves! Xox, Giantess Katelyn


The Shrunken Perspective

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  1. Chuck Murnoe

    Like I said on Twitter, I was missing these posts, but people have their priorities, of course.

    Good to see you’re organizing the site’s updates with such consistency, and it’s also good giving third parties more visibility around here. But I’m also glad to know you’re not only working hard, but thinking ahead for the time you need off camera. Some people forget that there’s life beyond filming, so making it clear on this post should help them understand. Besides, we all need time for ourselves, right? It’s that obvious some forget it.

    So yeah, looking forward to what you’ll show next month on this blog. And I hope I’m not going to far asking how the whole June request is going, because you said you got 70+ scenarios and that can be very exhausting —it’s clear you cannot make all of them, but hope you’re having fun with those you can!

  2. sam

    Yeah, I missed those blogs, just glad you gonna do em for often :) I already check your website everyday for the pic of the day ^^ and now that there is gonna be one new vid every 5 days, all the better :D

    You’re the best giantess in the world !!

  3. AlfosHermit

    Hey blog posts are back! That’s definitely wonderful news in my book, I always did enjoy getting to read about your thoughts and future project plans & what not, it’s definitely great to see them back again.

    Even if it was just a short fantasy musing about how you’d go about growing into a goddess or what you’d do if you could have your fans shrunken and delivered to your home etc. I loved reading them as your musings usually worked great to encourage my fantasy daydreams too!

    So, thanks for bringing them back! :)

  4. Adam M

    So happy to see you writing blogs again Katelyn!
    There is really no surprise there, we all love keeping up to date with your latest rampage (I know it’s only a matter of time ;)).
    Seriously though, thank you so much for the effort to include us in your busy life, I can’t imagine all the work involved in maintaining such a demanding business running by yourself and yet you always find the time to interact with us and make us feel like your tinies (because we’re ;)).
    You’re amazing! Seems like you have quite an ambitious goal in mind, that’s fantastic! Just remember to take your time and give yourself the time you need to rest and be pampered (you’re a goddess after all!).
    We love you!

  5. Snacksizeollie

    Hi Giantess Katelyn,

    First time poster, long time fan so figured I’d have a ‘fanboy’ moment. Here goes…

    I’m always amazed by how much work you put in on and off camera. Your work ethic is inspiring. More is always more for me so I look forward to devouring more of your content and seeing which fantasies you live out.

    Really happy to see the revival of the blog posts.

    Lots of little love,


  6. Cody

    I know you work very hard and it’s understandable when you get busy. I’ve always loved your twitter feed but to see a blog post once in a while is very exciting! I can’t wait to see your new projects come to life and love reading about what you have planned for the future.

    Lots of love,

  7. BrianDVD

    Giantess Katelyn, it is so great to you posting new blog posts again. As always, each of your posts is HUGE deal to us. Thank you for sharing. You are the best. Hope to see you at SizeCon

  8. catman

    love your work keep it main question when will you do a major giantess fx movie like midnight goddess its been a few years sense I seen a 20 minutes max video I know it takes a long time but I love it . side question do you find a man to marry you gave me this when you put up a poll for a that ring you told us to vote on. lots of love for you and keep up the super work

  9. Littlemuse


    Its nice to see blog post again makes it feel less like a store and makes it more of an experience. Also people may have seen a blog post from 2017 and though the website was dead. I hope to see more of the VR HISTK boyfriend series it was my favorite.


  10. Wario

    It’s great to hear you again updating your post, i miss it a lot in this two years.

    I have a request, the other day seeing your story page, i found it funny that you haven’t write your very OWN and PERSONAL giantess story in full detail of what is your perfect giantess scenario, and i think i will be hot that you share your ideas because, i think video y fx can become short in your giantess imagination don’t you think?

    Last night i dream of you’re epicness in mega giantess display, across the city, while i was watching you from the top of a building, seeing you laid down on top of buildings and people and seeing you off what’s a breaktaking dream.

    Hope you hear from you more. Cheers.

  11. Giantess Ka...

    The stories section of my site is an area where fans can sit back and enjoy stories fellow fans have written about me. It’s not a place I post my own stories. If you go back in blog posts you’ll find some of my written stories. If I write more stories in text-only format, it’ll most likely contain action or details that I don’t include in video productions. Think mega giantess, destruction, bug crush, etc. I often type out my fantasies behind the scenes and the way I share them is through my video productions. I script out my fantasies for live action production, live them out on cam, edit the footage, and then it’s added to my catalog of videos at the GK store. I wouldn’t have a single video in the store without also being a writer, it comes hand in hand for my video productions.

  12. Wario

    Thank You for the clarification, wonderful and gorgeous goddess, i didn’t remember, and i can certanly feel the giantess love in them, your videos have became more elegant since you begin your site, love them a lot.

    Take care, and i will see you in my dream world.

  13. Njord

    It’s great to see you once again blogging to all of us (and really you, with no middleman)! I used to look forward to your written updates more than anything else, except certain exceptionally sexy photos of the day. Welcome back, please don’t flatten anyone!

  14. Josh

    To be honest, I’d come to the conclusion that you wouldn’t be doing any more blogs. I am thrilled that I was so wrong. It’s amazing to see these back! You’re such an amazingly beautiful person and it is such an honor each and every time you come across my screen. Thank you for all of the wonderful content you post and work so hard to put out there.

  15. Khazichi69

    Hi lovely and wonderful Katelyn,

    Well, I’m a fan of you since a long time but I’ve never dared to write, afraid of bothering you or wasting your time. Since I now dare and that you’d like something short and sweet, may I make a confession ? I hope I’m not going to creep you out.

    I took some times to think about my fantasy and I’ve came to the conclusion that when it come to some women -just a few and you’re among them-, if it was possible, it wouldn’t stay a fantasy. I mean, I think that if shrinking was possible, I’d ask you to swallow me and I would have no second thoughts about it. You’re not just magnificient, but you’re also an adorable and lovely person and so yes, I really think that if it was possible, I’d do so. I mean it, and that’s why I hope I’m not ceeping you out.

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