Big Sister’s Big Feet – Released!

Big Sister’s Big Feet – Released!

You just couldn’t resist, you had to steal your big sister’s worn panties again to masturbate to! Now you’re paying for it and on HER terms. Shrunken down and trapped in the gooey squirt of lube you were planning on using for your cock, your amused big sister has caught her perverted panty thief… sticky handed! Naturally dominate, controlling, and unforgiving, she puts her gigantic feet dangerously close to you and begins stripping off her shoes and socks while tearing you apart verbally. You are one dead bug boy. Unless of course, you take her offer and completely humiliate yourself…

It’s finally here! My latest FX movie “Big Sister’s Big Feet” features entirely feet (going from sneakers to socks to barefoot), and is packed with humiliating and dominating dialog which ends with a very real and VERY juicy under glass crush! If you’ve ever wanted to be humiliated and shamed as my naked soles tower over your stuck little body while you are forced to masturbate to them… this would be it. :3

It’s also my first 1080p FX film. Yep! That means these aren’t photos or collages, these are actually screenshots taken directly from the film. Click on the image below and just try not to get squashed by it!


The Shrunken Perspective

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  1. daniel

    thanks for replying.

    now when you say.. this weekend.. lol

    you just tweeted about 11 mins ago that you were “so close”. does that mean sometime tonight? in which case ill stay up. Or probably gonna be sunday? in which case ill buy that shit first thing tomorow. thanks.

    with love,

  2. Anne O'Nymous

    Re your all-night: consider me a volunteer to be any size you want, performing whatever tasks you need to make it through the night and get your new content out.

  3. daniel

    i appreciate your all night effort.. dont be surprized if im your first download..

    good luck

  4. daniel

    yay.. good to hear everythings on track. Iv been saving the same 12.87 in my paypal account for 2 weeks.. waiting.. everyday checking your blog..

    i just had a horrible thought.. if this new video costs 13.00.. im fucked :(

    im so looking forward to this, thank you so much, Goddess

  5. Giantess Ka...

    @Anne: Hehehe, thanks! >=D I could have really used someone under my feet slaving away! Or then again… that might have gotten me all excited… and then I’d be very very distracted with crushing you! >_>

    @Daniel: You’re safe! It’s $9.99! :D The movie turned out to be 10 minutes and 20 seconds long. It features entirely feet (going from sneakers to socks to barefoot), packed with teasing, humiliation, domination and a very real under glass crush! If you’ve ever wanted to be humiliated and shamed as my naked soles tower over your stuck little body while you are forced to masturbate to them… this would be it. :3

    It’s also my last short FX movie for possibly a long while! (As much, much bigger FX projects will be taking the place of these smaller ones! RAWR!) But more news on that when I get to the new blog! >=D

  6. daniel

    being humiliated, shamed, while and before being crushed?? If i didnt know any better id say you were TRYING to turn me on? lol. I love evil katelyn.. I miss her sooo much.. lol.

    also, while there isnt much i can do about it, if its 1080p im not sure my comp with play it in the first place. I have a network video server/hub that can play 1080s but no headphone jack, so my close friends and family will here you chasing me down, and crushing me if i decide to turn the speakers up. small trade really. after all, what do i care? im about to be a small reddish smear on your sole..

    thank you thank you thank you katelyn… for everything you give us.. you are a cornerstone of the gts world.. without you, our dreams would be resigned to inside our heads forever.. you produce such a high quality product that watching your stuff is sometimes a surreal experience in itself. iv always been quality over quantity (coughpranzocoughlol). Love ya so much.. keep up this amazing work and youll have me on my knees for life.

    your biggest tiny fan,

    ps. do you sell socks and or webcam time?

  7. daniel

    p.p.s. now that your out west, who is filming when your too busy to hold to camera yourself? unrelated really.. just curious

  8. daniel

    downloading now… im tingling with antici pation..

    thank you so much katelyn, your a gift for us all

  9. Chris

    screen shots look amazing, downloading now!!

  10. Bill Thumb

    To Ms. Katelyn Brooks,
    This is a very cool video! My favorite scenes are when you loom your gorgeous face over the tiny man on the table :-) And your improved FX for the shrunken man scenes are really great! Also, I’m excited about your next big FX film – the Honey I Shrunk The Kids parody, the growth Giantess, etc.!
    And it’ll be awesome to see more close-ups of your lovely face, low angles, shots of the guy shrinking in front of you, etc. :-D
    I just have 2 questions that I hope you can please answer. Will the Honey I Shrunk The Kids parody have any hand-held scenes with a tiny man standing in your pretty palm, & will you hold him close to your beautiful face, like from those awesome scenes from “Billy’s Fantasy Goddess”?
    Also, will this or the Giantess Growth video have any Giantess Couple scenes, or similar scenes in it?
    Again, splendid job on this video, & I’m eager to see your next epic special effects film!
    Sincerely, Bill Thumb

  11. MarkM

    &^uk I’m in a state of shock! It was totally incredible Katelyn! I have another new favorite now! Damn no words!

    One day it’s my destiny for you crushed like this! Long as I can Love you first then die satisfied!

  12. Aladan57

    I haven’t seen it yet, but the pictures look quite amazing! Great special effects! So realistic. Your SFX’s are so good at this point. They’re on par with Hollywood effects. Your feet look stunning as always. Silky smooth with a gorgeous pedicure. I just wanna give you a foot massage and kiss the feet of a Goddess.

  13. Yezsw

    Omg Katelyn, is that his tiny cock hanging out in the picture under your foot?

  14. Greg Viera

    wow what a great blog hehe <3
    nicely done :) i will so buy it
    you can have me at your feet anytime
    and for $9.99 thats a Giantess sized deal <3
    my question is will there be a part 2 ;) or sequel

  15. MarkM

    Watched it again in slow motion and just have to say (for the hundredth time) that Katelyn hands down you have the nicest looking bare feet of any woman! Honest cuz I’ve been keeping an eye out for six years and still haven’t found any better ones yet!

    And gosh how did you make your brother have an accident like that? I mean, I know that would happen in real life. That’s a given. But how did you make it look so real by special effects? And the crush too! I just loved how his blood and insides came out to stain the bottom of your sexy foot!

    So good! K I better quiet now,

    Love, Mark

  16. LosersNeverWin

    Im most likely buying this. I am personally a big fan of unaware so I can’t wait for the other project that you listed in a previous blog, which sounds like its going to be fracking glorious.

    Thanks for your hard work.

  17. acer

    when is the blog coming?!

  18. Cesar

    Hi Katelyn!!
    I have a question, Do you will show the feet of your mom sometime?.

  19. Giantess Ka...

    @Aladan57: Thank you! Just wait until you see my next film :3 Also, I haven’t forgot about the Criticism blog! I plan on responding to the comments there with another blog, probably after today’s new blog.

    @daniel: I usually just hire someone now. :D

    @Greg Viera: No sequel! My little brother is no more after this film ;)

    @LosersNeverWin: I can’t wait to get to Sex with Her Science. That is going to be a ton of fun. I have to figure out what order I’m going to film my next three, which are my first giantess film, Honey we shrunk parody, and sex with her science!

    @acer: Today! :D

    @Cesar: I would love to- as I know how much you little bugs would go crazy over her big soles. :3 I just have to talk to her about it! And that’s just a weee bit embarrassing! >_> But I hope to soon!

  20. bb

    Just an unrealated question. Am I the only one who deos not see ANY emoticons in Your blog?

  21. Giantess Ka...

    No no, I broke them some time ago while coding something else up. I really need a day soon where I can just focus on my site and Giantessbooru. :)

  22. MarkM

    Yeah I need the Love hearts to work so you don’t forget I Love You! lol

  23. Greg Viera

    hahah i thought so lol
    i wish i was your “little brother”

  24. Greg Viera

    oh and
    ps i love your new pic <3 <3

  25. MarkM

    Yeah the little brother got what he deserved for steeling his own sisters panties instead of being out finding his own girl friend! He WAS a little pervert by liking his own sister! Yeah wish I could be him too!

  26. Aladan57

    What about the parents? Doesn’t she care that her parents will mourn him? I guess he will be reported as a missing person like poor little Angela in the Uncanny. I don’t know if he deserved to die though. If he had raped his sister, but he didn’t and it’s not uncommon for some brothers to do that. It’s part of puberty for some young men. They grow out of it. You were pure evil to your brother alright. No mercy. I guess there’s more to the story than we actually see. For example. He always treated you badly. I wish you had put a microphone near him so we could hear him beg for his life. He was silent the whole time.

  27. Dave crow

    Oh my Giantess misstress i have a question. Why can i not pay your videos with paypal? I came from Germany and i haven´t a credit card. Please help me . . . or squish me ^^

    sorry for my bad bad english.

    With love Dave

  28. MarkM

    Hey Dave Paypal doesn’t allow purchase of anything sexual……..

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