Becoming a Giantess – Growth Potion Needed

Becoming a Giantess – Growth Potion Needed

He could only stare up at me in disbelief as I sat there on the beach, my legs spread open in front of the setting sun. I calmly lifted and bent my leg, raising my soft, sandy bare foot high above him. He was only what… an inch tall compared to my size? His tiny gaze turned from awe to fear as my huge foot slowly lowered down on top of him…

He let out a cute yelp as he attempted to run from my foot’s looming shadow. But my leg simply stretched out further and my bare sole found it’s mark, pressing softly against his tiny back, forcing him down into the sand. I let the weight of my leg and foot take care of the rest and maybe with just a little bit of pressure his body was helplessly  pushed into the sand. My bare sole could feel his body crushing ever so slightly the farther he was pressed, his helpless struggling serving only to make me wetter. When I lifted my foot I found him still alive although wiggling like a wounded bug in my enormous footprint. I smiled and laid back, resting the heels of my feet in the sand. I shifted my eyes to my miniscule date, staring up from between my spread legs. We were finally alone. I was in the mood for love. He was shaking. I think he knew he had a choice now, whether I spoke it or not… make love to me on the beach, or end up pleasing me under my bare soles.

Giantess of the Beach

I’ll let your mind work out how the date went that evening. ^_~ I thought you might enjoy this little fantasy of mine I’ve had recently. While I was creating the collage this fantasy happened to spring up from it and in the end the two mixed together. I absolutely loved making it <3 I’ve created two other collages as well which you’ll find further down in my Journal entry. But first, let’s talk giantess!

Here’s a question I’m constantly getting from you small ones that needs to finally be answered. “When will I create a “true” giantess movie with full blown special effects? When will I become an actual city sized Giantess?” I get this at least several times a week now and I’m pleased to finally be answering it in a journal entry.  ^_^ The short answer: I’m in the process of saving up for a growth potion. The long answer….. requires a little back story.

If you remember, back in February there was going to be an 8th and final Valentine’s Day FX video featuring a “surprise” theme. However the movie never ended up making it to my store. To those who asked via email, I simply said that I had canceled it due to various reasons.

The fact is the 8th Valentine’s Day video was going to be my first growth and giantess movie. In the movie I was to grow out of my house and destroy my community -including my tiny boyfriend- and maybe a bit of Orlando in the process… as a 200+ foot tall giantess of course. I had even filmed all of the effects work and all of the footage required to complete the movie.

However… when I started work on the special effects for the movie…  I found myself more and more frustrated and unsatisfied with the results. For my first giantess movie I wanted every shot to look and feel absolutely amazing. Instead, I quickly came to realize that my camera (while somewhat new) was just not up to monumental task of creating high quality giantess films. I didn’t want my work looking like anything else out there today- I wanted my giantess movies to reflect the most beautiful collages I have ever seen only in full motion and full interaction. From my background in film, I knew that in order to truly get the results I wanted (realistic looking Hollywood style) I would need to invest thousands and thousands of dollars more into the right equipment, the same equipment I had been taught on. This includes a new, professional level camera. Make no mistake: the equipment I have now has also cost thousands of dollars I’ve raised via my store. However, to fulfill my fantasies on the next level, I would need to once again step it up a notch.

Instead of releasing something I wasn’t happy with,  I quietly canceled the 8th Valentine’s day video and scraped the work with a heavy heart, saddened that I would have to wait again to destroy Orlando with my bare feet. I shifted my focus onto my following movies and began creating a game plan for saving up the immense amount of cash for the required giantess-enhancing equipment- my true “growth potion” if you will.  =D I decided that after a Business Meeting Unaware, I would start stashing all the extra money I made from my store beyond bills and rent on the new equipment. Then I would start releasing new films, even a pseudo giantess film (You’ll see!), and begin saving up to finally become a giantess. Collages would have to continue to be the main outlet for my giantess-sized sexual desires until then.

So now you know mortals. But I still don’t think this answers the question of “when” for you most eager tiny ones. Wanting to keep you guys updated the best I can, I decided to whip up a little savings meter in flash that would show how close I am to saving up for my “growth potion”. ^_^ Every now and then I’ll be updating the meter with my savings progress.  Once the meter hits 100%, I’ll be making my purchases and will begin filming my first giantess movie. The movie will not be the 8th Valentine, but a new, longer, deeper and more destructive movie based on a fantasy of mine I’ve been dying to visualize. One that will really do my first giantess film justice. *evil grin*

Obviously, the meter will really start to jump up after I release new movies. I’m working my hardest to get new ones out to you as soon as possible. The movie headed to you little folks next is called “Delicious Little Toppings”. It’s a short film (6-10mins) that stars ten little people who I sprinkle over top my ice cream, swallowing them up one by one with my spoon. Yummy ^^ Following that you’ll be seeing a mix of longer, more epic scale movies with short to medium movies. I have so many movies lined up it’s ridiculous. I can’t wait to get started on even more.

But until then, two more new collages! ^_^

Here you go….

The Giantess's Towering Foot

“After making my way through the city, I finally found my date’s place of work. Spotting his office I kissed his window and looked back after feeling the curious crowd below touching my huge feet. Maybe I should play with them a little…”

Giantess Above the Beach

“I raised my foot high above the tiny beach goers, setting them all into a panic as they realized they were about to be crushed under my bare soles like helpless little bugs. The thing was, I just couldn’t wait to feel them under my feet! Besides, this beach was clearly not big enough for the both of us. If I were going to enjoy this beach to the fullest and maybe go suntanning in the nude I wouldn’t want these little things running around on me as they might ruin my tan! So… crush they must… “