Be My Valentine Little One

Be My Valentine Little One

Happy Valentine’s Day!! I love my fans with all of my heart and as such I want to thank and reward every one of you for buying my videos and making my wildest dreams continue to be possible. I consider ALL of you to be my Valentine. So get off of my lips and into my mouth you tiny little treats… and enjoy this gift from your loving Giantess!

Careful little bugs… This is a rather large Valentine. Just how big?

Over 100 Extreme High Resolution Pictures!
Three 720p HD Videos featuring my Mouth and Feet!

Over 160MB of burning hot content!

<3 Download My Valentine To You! <3

Happy Valentine’s Day! ^_^ <3

~Roses are Red
Violets are Blue
I will eat and squish
Every one of you

Valentine Bare Feet 1

Valentine Candy Hearts 1

Valentine Red Sprinkles 1


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