April’s Sitewide Updates + Midnight Goddess Gift Part 1!

April’s Sitewide Updates + Midnight Goddess Gift Part 1!

Hi shrunken ones! Finally- here’s April’s site-wide updates! :D I deeply apologize for the delay. My early and mid month blog posts, and video updates, are all very important to me as I love giving you tiny ones something to enjoy! I have been doing everything in my power to keep things on track. However, this past month I had some health issues that were getting in my way. But now that I’m feeling much better, I was able to wrap my updates up- including last month’s artsy update which is the Midnight Goddess Gift Part 1!

New Pictures of the Day Set, Barefoot at the Park, started!

Isn’t this set just beautiful for spring? This is exactly where I want to be right now- barefoot at the park in a cute little outfit crushing shrunken men (and women!) under my soles and between my toes! Mmmm! ;) The two photo sets below were taken by my fan/photographer friend Larry and edited by yours truly. Oh, and this POTD set actually has a matching video, Scrunched Between the Park Girl’s Toes, for those interested!

View Pictures of the Day

Free full photo set, Collage Material on the Bleachers, released!

How I wish you were on the bleacher below, right where I’m about to step. I think this set (and the POTD set) could make for a pretty good collage story- or as individual Giantess collage material images! I hope to see some awesome images from you tiny ones. Any time I get a new collage from a fan, to me it truly does feel like a shrunken one laid a tribute down at my sexy bare feet and then ran off for me to put it up on my shrine before getting crushed haha! <3

Download Full Set | View Individual Photos

Previous POTD set, Sightseeing in San Francisco, added to my Photo Archive!

The city below actually did look that tiny in person too! Sightseeing in San Francisco sure was a great time regardless of how freaking cold it was (I was actually freezing my ass off in every set you see haha!). >.> Hopefully it’ll be much warmer the next time I visit Larry! If there’s any cool places around SF you’d like to see a set of pictures (or video!) taken at, let me know and I will consider it for the next time I visit. I still have quite a few more sets left over to edit and post for everyone too including some beach shoots, lingerie, bodyscapes, and more!

Download Full Set | View Individual Photos

New Giantess Fan Art Collage by Wonderslug!

Now that’s what I call the perfect night out! It’d be incredible to interact with the city at this size. I’d have fun peeking in windows (and kissing them!), licking people up, dropping people in my clothes, crushing cars, and I even think I’d be able to keep some things in tact if I want haha! :D

By Wonderslug

View Wonderslug’s Gallery

5 new Giantess Fan Art Collages by Little Bee!

Little Bee has been a Busy Bee!! I love how he’s incorporated some of my own fantasies (from my last blog!) into his collage work! <3

By Little Bee

By Little Bee

By Little Bee

By Little Bee

By Little Bee

View Fanart Gallery

New Fan Story! Custom
By Matt — Featuring: Shrunken Man, Abstract, Dreamlike

“Breathing is such painful work, it occurred to him as he tried to keep his head still. The adhesive was surprisingly strong, pulled hard enough to tear skin. His neck hurt, but he had mostly forgotten that discomfort.

He felt fevered. His body had soaked up the heat pressed against it like a sponge. The world moved rapidly around him. He felt the sick dizziness erupt into his head and neck, lingering… and then fading back into maddening itches and sweats.

He took another labored breath and opened his eyes, fixed upward by his bonds. The sight didn’t inspire much. It had, once. Perspective is a many faceted beast.”

Click here to continue reading!

Midnight Goddess Gift – Part 1!

Part one of the MUCH awaited Midnight Goddess Gift is now available, below! This project was made possible by everyone who purchased MG Special Edition, and the project was commissioned to Sheela! Enjoy these piping hot images alongside Midnight Goddess for the ultimate viewing experience. Part two (final) is in the works, expected release date– maybe sometime around fall 2014? Thank you for your incredible patience while this project was being worked on behind the scenes and hope you all enjoy!

Well tinies that’s a wrap! Before the month’s end you can expect the release of CG17’s Demonic Exam 4, an artsy project by yours truly (I’m currently trying to decide if I want to whip up some collages or do a quick fx video… what do you want to see?!), and perhaps another blog post where you can post some giant couple suggestions (Mmmmm! ~_^). Talk to you again soon my loves! ~Giantess Katelyn <3


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  1. catman

    do a quick fx video and blot post.keep up the amazing work,out of all the giantess sites i been to you are still number 1 out of them all.

  2. ChibiChan

    Awesome news all around! The new photo set looks great and it’s wonderful to see more of Sheela’s art too! ^_^

  3. Joel

    Wow! Those shots of the tinies falling down Katelyn’s throat and inside her stomach in that Midnight Goddess comic are PERFECT. It’s the only thing really missing from Midnight Goddess in my vore-obsessed opinion. Can’t wait to see what Sheela cooks up for the next part.

    As for your question, I’d love to see a short FX video from you Katelyn. Something vore based would be nice, but whatever you want to do would be fine with me!

  4. gizmo947

    Some unaware fx would be nice! Love the booming footsteps.

  5. rockyhorror360

    A new unaware FX video would be awesome! Would love it if it included vore and booming footsteps!

  6. Greg Viera

    Glad to hear that you are doing better :)
    As always love your blogs

  7. gromacro

    Love all the new updates! How is that growth video with Rachel coming? (although I’d much rather see you grow Goddess!)

  8. Bill Thumb

    To Ms. Katelyn Brooks, Yes, you should do another Quick FX video, hopefully a handheld scene of you holding a 1 inch tall man (or smaller) in your palm! Also, I have some Giant Couple ideas too, but he’s been shrunk down at first, & after a number of good deeds, you restore him to normal-size for normal-sized physical intimacy :-) Sincerely, Bill Thumb

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