Anna 2 by Coolate

Anna 2 by Coolate

Hello tiny citizens of the world! As you may have noticed, yesterday Anna 2 by Coolate was released! In this chapter Anna is driven sensationally wild with lust from feeling the microscopic Tribe Bewitch exploring and infiltrating her most sensual areas, unaware to her, for the survivability of their people. Barely able to restrain touching herself, she looks for help but ends up masturbating in the absent nurse’s office. ;) Upon her arrival home from school, she takes a closer look at the mysterious marble in which she was starting to feel was the culprit of her unexplainable arousal…

“Anna’s back to continue her story, waking up from her pleasure-packed sexy dreams in the middle of class, oblivious to the fact that they were given to her by the sneaky Tribe Bewitch and still reeling from how vivid they were. However that won’t last long! Not with the tribe eager to take control of her and make her into their new homeworld, ready to swarm her body with millions, possibly billions of microscopic citizens! How will Anna handle them all? Not to mention the amount of teasing they give to her lusty body!”

♥ 22 pages of sexy colored illustrations by Coolate!
♥ Body exploration, insertion and microscopic sizes!
♥ See Anna driven to pleasuring herself by Tribe Bewitch!
♥ Witness Tribe Bewitch take over Anna’s body in a sexy ritual!
♥ Watch as millions of microscopic people make Anna their home!

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Special thank you to Sheela for working on the English Enhancement and Ads for this comic. :)


The Shrunken Perspective

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  1. nick1000


    katelyn can get a vore video with subtitles in French if you like because it will be a great commercial advantage for you because there is no video in French and we are many lol

    Then I have an idea for a movie or move while sticking the camera on you feet, legs, belly all over you for the purpose of making an exploration of you as close as possible and then up your mouth

    and then make a video with a girlfriend or a boyfriend who will stop somewhere and you show her strength inside your mouth or you then lick his face everywhere

    sorry for my English is not very good

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