And My New Hair Color is…

And My New Hair Color is…

Recently I held a poll on my site on the subject of what I should do next with my hair. The options were Blond, Leave it as is, Dark Brown, or Light Brown with highlights. Blond seemed to have won, but by the end of it there was cheating abounds and I couldn’t use the poll. Instead, I did a little research and played with pictures until I came up with my new look. Pictures + Giantess Collage inside…


Giantess Katelyn Hair Color 1

Giantess Katelyn Hair Color 2

Giantess Katelyn - BoyToys and their Cars

So there you have it ^^
I looked up my skin tone and found that this color works best with it. I absolutely love it, I think it’s a really sexy change and it helps bring out my eyes. For those who wanted me to stay a dark color, you can stop holding your breath now! *grin* Collages to come with my new hair!