A Peek of What’s to Cum

A Peek of What’s to Cum

Since it was too noisy to film today due to a neighborly slip’n’slide, I decided to soak up the heat and tan. But apparently while I was dozing off, completely unaware of this shrunken couple’s presence… (who I had been meaning to eat as a snack) …they decided to try their luck and escape. At least, the girlbug tried; I swallowed her whole upon waking. The boybug however…. I still can’t find…


I wonder…

Hmm. His little girlfriend seems quite pissed in that last one. I wonder why?
Oh well!

Tomorrow morning the filming starts. I’ll still read your requests throughout the day and adapt any I’m working on! Feel free to post ’em here or in the last blog. Oh, and a little ass worship would be nice. Maybe… just maybe if you’re devout little ass slaves… I’ll crush a city with it.

The Shrunken Perspective

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  1. matt

    mmmmm katelyn i love your ass. its perfect :D could you please do a video where your naked and find me shrunken. since u have errands and filming to do you decide to drop me into your thong to keep you company for a day. mayb a little smothering between your AMAZING ass ?

  2. Cornelius

    I’d personally love to see if you can do some vore work with some SFX views of inside your lovely belly. Perhaps an effect of sliding down your throat, too. Really just overall curious if you can do some internal shots…

  3. rr

    Im just wondering. Those free FX quickies for us doesn’t mean that You won’t do the reamaining clips from fann appreciation week that wasnt filmed yet :P?

  4. emilio

    Katelyn I love the suntanning bit..Now all you have to do is make a slow barefoot crush clip with you suntanning ..

  5. A

    I think it would be cool to have the girlfriend/boyfriend couple theme where the other gets too watch as you either tear one apart with your fingers, swallow, crush, or slurp into your pussy as the other has too watch the extasy on your face as you cum, then eat her alive to finish

  6. jeff

    I personaly would love o see more vore… some victims getting the easy deat and being crushed between your teeth… some that arent so lucky… maybe a few shots from in side as your stomach dose its work… maybe you could cook a few too… what ever you do will be great keep up the good work

  7. haggis

    Please do some toilet stuff like you poop on a slave

  8. Newschool2626

    We see Katelyn lying down naked on her stomach and everything seems perfectly normal. Katelyn giggles and spreads her butt cheeks revealing a tiny man trapped between them. We hear that he’s apparently been there for quite a while as Katelyn recaps what happened. Her boyfriend was shrunken down because he always talked about how he loved big asses, but never showed hers any attention. What does a girl have to do to get a little ass worship around here? Well, Katelyn figured it out. He wanted a big ass, so she gave him a big ass, by shrinking him and dropping him between her cheeks so he could kiss and massage her delicate little hole until she felt like a complete goddess and he made up for all the times that he talked about loving a big ass, yet neglected hers. Now that he’s made her feel like she has the most special ass in the world, she’ll either just close her cheeks and let her boyfriend become her new permanent ass worshipper, or she’s going to spread her cheeks just a little more so her butthole opens and her boyfriend can finally be inside the true love of his life, a giant female derierre. Which will she do? Only GIANTESSS KATELYN knows!

  9. small_mite

    :p is that technically rape?

    When you clench the poor guy will be obliterated.

  10. coolk17

    Micro is a speck, so small that your toes would look like Mountains IF NOT BIGGER! An ANT would be the size of a building to the speck. I’ve been waiting forever to see you unleash that form of RAW power on screen, I LOVE YOUR FEET BY THE WAY! :)

  11. cool17

    As for Giantessbooru 2.0

    Have there be a GIGA section, were every giantess over a mile tall an beyond is in that one section. An a MICRO section were every person under an inch tall will be placed in that section. Every giantess from 50ft up would be in the Mega section, an everyone from 2 feet an down would be SM/ SW.

    An have a TAG BLOCKER, meaning that if someone doesn’t like vore they can set it up so everything on the site that has to do with vore can be out of the persons way. I love feet, but there are people out there that hate it, this would be grate for them too. It’s grate for everyone. PLZZZZZZ Invent a TAG BLOCKER

  12. Jerico

    i think i posted this on your facebook page. however, i would like to see a video of your stomach rumbling from hunger and you playing with your tummy & fingering your bellybutton with your beautiful ‘hands’. also teasing about being inside your belly to satisfy your hunger. that’s if you don’t mind Goddess Katelyn :)

  13. Bradley

    damn your body is as beautiful as a goddess mwah i love your work Katelyn Brooks

  14. Evan

    Growth in a bikini! FX maybe? Grow as you pleasure yourself, grow as you use buildings as dildos, using your boobs and ass to crush them. Just grow, grow, grow!

  15. dre

    hey Katelyn,
    really enjoyed the pics and I like where this is going. Please take my next stament as the complament it is. Your pussy makes my mouth water. Keep up the good work. Love all that you do.


  16. LL

    I’d love to see more SW stuff :)

  17. Arend

    Hello big fan and long time view. Could you sit on a tiny man in the tightest pants ever and sit on a city in the tightest jeans ever. Also eat a shrunken man alive. If do able thank you.

  18. 0.0

    I don’t think I was specific enough in my other post. Could you please do a boob crush video. That starts with you looking at a already shrunken man in his pov . Then start breifly talking about how you shrunk him because He was looking at your boobs and that you’ll give him what he wants. Then there is some boob play with him in your bra. And just squish him around. Then take off your bra and squish him around some more. And then a bare breast crush between your perrrrrrfect boobs. Could the whole thing after you take your shirt off be in 3rd person? And this would be a dream come true.

  19. Maliardo

    For the love of all things holy you need to make more ass vore unaware or aware and ass worship. You have not really made any of these but like 5 short videos and have been praying for the day you make on.

    The following events just happened!

    Dear Higher Powers that be,

    Please implant the ideas of more ass videos into Katelyn’s brain since you have already blessed her with such and divine body and ass. Further delay of this is blasphemy against the human race and should no stand. For the followers of Katelyn that want more foot worship when there is already ~60% of the video as that, may be smite into a pile of ash. Thank you powers that be and please make all our wishes of being shrunken to the size we want (Micro for me) around Katelyn come true even if we don’t all make it out alive.

    *Throws peace sign into air*

    Viva la Katelyn worship!

  20. Maliardo

    @ haggis
    Q. “Please do some toilet stuff like you poop on a slave”

    A. If my memory serves me right, G. Bush banned that (Defecating on cam). I know I hate being denied things in life too. Never really cared for that kind of stuff before but now that I cannot have it, I want it. That’s life. Your best bet is requesting a private video for $ but pretty sure Katelyn doesn’t get that freaky lol, but I am not 100% sure and cannot speak for her.

  21. Would be Qu...

    Hi Katelyn,
    I stumpled on your web sight by accident. My Goodness you are pretty, sexy, and have the most amazing legs. I am overwhelmed by your body’s wonderful culves. I have long had the fantasy of being wrapped up like a mummy and quashed. If I maybe totally honest with you, I am very glad that it is just a fantasy. If I found myself looking up at giant you, I would just lie down and take it without any resistance. I would only hope that you would quash me quick so that I did not suffer pain. In essence, I would be a moth to a burning hot flame and so would go my life without the slightest protest. This is why I am glad that it is only a fantasy and can not happen in real life. That being said, you are super fine and sexy and I will be buying some videos from you in the near future. Sincerely,
    New Fan and Admirer

  22. Maliardo

    @Would be Qu…

    Welcome to the site! I have been on her site since the near beginning of it and I can say that her videos and site just keep getting better and better.

  23. Spicy Speck

    Katelyn, I love how humiliated the girl must have felt that her man left her for your ass. :D Then to make matters even worse, you wake up and found her and ate, all while her man gets to worship your heavenly ass. If he manages to survive in your crack long enough he might be lucky enough to see his girlfriend again as she passes through from the other side! LOL.

    You should definitely do more shrunken couples content like this! Force the woman to watch as you have your way with her man and there isn’t a damn thing she can do about it, and then after you finish with him turn to the woman and then perform cruel lesbian acts on her against her will. :D It makes it so much better if the shrunken girl is 100% heterosexual and is completely repulsed by it. Just shove her in your pussy and crack and her your own personal slave for the rest of her life! ;)

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