A Most Delicious Entry

A Most Delicious Entry

A couple days ago I was having lunch- and started day-dreaming. This tends to happen when I’m eating something that would resemble shrunken people in my food. For example, the sprinkles on ice cream are small and crunchy and whenever I have them it’s a somewhat erotic experience. (Which makes eating out with friends interesting! O_o) That got me thinking about what foods I enjoy the most with shrunken people on it, which I decided would make a pretty cool journal entry! ^.^

My absolute favorite delicacies to sprinkle shrunken people on would have to be whip cream, chocolate moose, or cool whip! There’s just something sexy about the texture of whip cream in my mouth that adds so much when devouring tiny lives. It’s soft and fluffy and my enormous tongue can easily plow through it to find it’s prey. It’s like sex for my mouth! o^_^o I can easily feel the tiny bodies struggling within it and it’s all too easy to spot my little sprinkles of joy in the midst of the whipped cream below. With a carefully aimed spoon I can have ten or more traveling up to my mouth, watching them beg and scream as they enter my unforgiving and salivating cavern of sensual bliss.

For the shrunken people however, I bet it would be a soft and terrifying adventure! ^_^ They would quickly sink into the whipped cream, struggling to stay above it’s fluffy white wisps. Overhead my shrunken meals would find their Goddess’s beautiful face, hovering high above them with an eager and pleased, yet calm look on my face. This to me would be normal; swallowing them up would be just like any other meal. They’d struggle, crying and screaming at the top of their tiny lungs, hoping that I would notice their apparent peril changing my mind and scooping them out in order to save their puny lives from a rendezvous with my mouth.

But, their lives to me are small and meaningless, and with my belly growling with excitement, I would lower my spoon under them, readying them for a most delicious death. To them, the fluffy white cloud pushing them upward, my face growing closer. Looking about they would see my massively curvy hands holding onto a giant metal handle, jutting out from the fluffy white. My fingernails alone gigantic, larger than a house their size. Perhaps, if close enough and able to break free of the whipped cream, they would dare to run along the handle hoping that my hand might be a saving grace. I think not. They would either fall back into the cream below or my tongue would make note to pick them off of my fingers once the rest were secured in my maw.

Upon reaching my face my mouth would open, dripping with hot strands of saliva, eagerly awaiting their entry with all contained in a deliciously creamy prison. They’d give out one last scream, with the waving of hands and terrified expressions galore and then- silence. There they would be, within my hot, wet maw, the whip cream quickly melting as my tongue -to them- violently explored it. My muscle of taste easily picking them out one by one, rubbing them, tossing them, submerging them, breaking them. The entire white mass of lives and cream flowing gracefully from cheek to cheek, from side to side in my mouth.

One tiny life would be completely submerged in the cream, struggling to breathe. Out of nowhere the tip of my gigantic tongue would slam into him, pushing him up through the cream, breaking free of his white prison. For a moment he’d gasp, his lungs filling with a hot, humid air, his eyes seeing only red darkness, saliva, and the giant dark pink muscle beneath him. And barely a second later his body would splatter on the roof on my mouth, pushed up and pressed ever so lightly with the tip of my tongue.

The rest would continue struggling to breathe, screaming for help, unaware of their utterly helpless situation. They would be tasted over and over, my tongue reaching out for pleasure, thoroughly enjoying the delicious chaos within my mouth. Then, when I feel am fully satisfied with my tiny specs of bliss, what those shrunken feared most would happen. Their bodies, alive and dead amidst the cream, would flow from my mouth down into my soft throat and then into a acidic pit of despair where their very being would slowly be digested to further and satisfy my beautiful, towering body.

From my perspective, I would feel only the occasional tickle in my mouth along with a few ever so pleasing crunches here and there with tiny bursts of human flavor. Finding one with the tip of my tongue in the midst of the cream, I would without any effort at all mash him on the roof of my mouth to get a little extra taste. Many would help spread the flavor with their struggling, some still attempting to escape between my teeth. Then they’d be pushed back, swallowed, and with a cold, unforgiving yet pleased smile, I’d start on my next spoonful.

… ^_^ …. *dreamy sigh*

See why whipped cream is my favorite?! I can’t go five minutes without totally fantasizing about it! o^_^o Hopefully, from what I’ve written you can easily see and feel my fantasy. When you read it, I want you to realize fully that this is what I would do, this is what I, a giantess, a goddess would do for fun. Know that if I could, right now, you would be a very real part of this fantasy of mine. -You- would be struggling for your very life within my mouth. And this would please me more than anything else.

*swallows second spoonful*

Welcome to the mind of a giantess tiny ones. ~_^


The Shrunken Perspective

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  1. anonymous

    Dear Goddess,

    It’s curious that in your fantasies your prey is fearful of being devoured by you. Were I one of your subjects, I’d greatfully slide down your throat and into your lovely belly.

  2. Giantess Ka...

    Ooo, that does sound nice. ^.^
    I love it when my little meals give themselves to me!

    The reason my victims are usually afraid is because I tend to just grab a handful of random people- and your average person would be terrified (I also love the taste of fear!) Some do have the fetish however and can appreciate what I’m doing for them! For them, it must be an absolute heaven, my mouth welcoming them to their new life inside me!

    Anyone who would like to enter willingly and who would flow down my throat out of love, I look forward to digesting you! ^_^ <3

    ~Goddess Katelyn <3

  3. anonymous

    Name: Justin (again)

    Since the human body has almost all the nutrients (bones calcium, blood iron, water, salt, vitamins, etc.), it just might be the next nutritional supplement craze. Shrunk men, 50 or 100 in a bottle, sprinkled on a woman’s favorite dessert. Now women can eat dessert and it is good for their health.

    After all, isn’t women’s health important? The FDA might approve this, and countries around the world would voluntarily shrink their male populations to sell them in bottles to American women.

    On another topic/idea: (this might be as close to reality as the Giantess fantasy could be)

    I live in Newfoundland, Canada, so I’d like to attempt to connect you to my humble province.

    Here goes:

    The Newfoundland economy primarily depends on oil and fish. Now imagine if we ran out of oil and fish, and we needed more money. And if all Newfoundlanders were midgets between 2 foot 6 and 4 foot 3.

    Given that tourism is one of the big things in Newfoundland, the premier suggests an idea, Female Sex Tourism (paying a Newfoundland midget $5 for cunnilingus/massages/etc. no intercourse since we’re too small for that).

    Now all of a sudden, richer normal-height women (USA middle class) start coming to Newfoundland to exploit and take advantage of us poorer midgets. Everywhere you look, you see tall well-dressed women in fur coats and expensive high-heels treating the midget Newfoundland men like slaves. American women can do almost whatever they want, since the Newfoundlanders need their money (even if the taller American women only spend $20 at a time).

    The American women could also go shopping and buy stuff for way cheaper than it’s worth since Newfoundland would need the women’s money.

    And for my 2nd question:

    If all Newfoundlanders were midgets, and we ran out of fish and oil, would you come to Newfoundland to be a Female Sex Tourist to take advantage of our economic situation (it wouldn’t be just sexual, you get to take advantage of us in other ways)?

    3rd question:

    If I were a 2 foot 8 Newfoundlander (about as small as an adult human could be in real life), would you pack me in your suitcase and take me home with you to be your slave after having an experience as a Female Sex Tourist? (making sure only your friends and family ever know about me).

    Since (most likely) you’ve never been in Newfoundland before, picture us in your head as a bunch of poor little midgets waiting to be taken advantage of by a Female Sex Tourist like you. Sound like fun? :)

    Also, on another note, I’d like to thank you for making this site, and for really being with this fetish on a personal level. Most of the women who do stuff like this are actresses just getting paid by men who have the giantess fetish.

    I never thought for the life of me that a woman could get excited about being a giantess herself, and for that, I love you for it. :)

    Even in real life, I get excited when I see tall women (about 6 feet and taller). A 5 foot 8 woman wore boots and was about 6 foot 2.

    The tallest woman I ever saw was about 6 foot 7 (she worked at Mary Brown’s which is a lot like KFC), and it was one of the most exciting times in my life just to see her.

    I hope to keep presenting you with different ideas and scenarios as time goes on, how taller women can use smaller men for their personal pleasure. :)

  4. anonymous

    Hottest thing I’ve ever read… simply put – please, please think of making an FX movie using this as a script word for word.

  5. anonymous

    Every time I read one of your journal entries/fantasies I find my self frustrated beyond belief. I wish this fetish applied to the real world instead of the fantasy :( Ah well, I can dream can’t I? That was a very hot journal entry and it’ll be lingering on my mind all day tonight and tomorrow and the following days.

  6. anonymous

    Every time I read one of your journal entries/fantasies I find my self frustrated beyond belief. I wish this fetish applied to the real world instead of the fantasy :( Ah well, I can dream can’t I? That was a very hot journal entry and it’ll be lingering on my mind all day tonight and tomorrow and the following days. Thank you goddess.

  7. anonymous

    I apologize for the double post. Please don’t eat me goddess :)

  8. Giantess Ka...



    Ok. I’ll do it.

    This little fantasy of mine shall be my first major vore SFX movie! >=) Word. For. Word. Just like the journal entry!

    But FIRST- I would really love to hear everyone’s thoughts on this! Would you like to see this entry as a full blown special effects movie? ^_^

    I’d really like to get an idea if people liked this little fantasy of mine and if they would like to be swallowed in some of my whip cream. I know I find the scenario insanely hot, but I want to make sure you do!

    And I promise you, if I make this movie, it will be absolutely amazing.

    Let me know what you think tiny ones! <3

  9. anonymous

    goddess, here’s an idea. are you able to do ‘soft’ scenes with another giantess? if so, the tinies could be on top of ice cream, perhaps that the two of you lick off of a spoon at the same time. or better yet, sprinkle them on a scoop of ice cream, and let it slide down your friends’ chest and stomach towards your waiting mouth below!

  10. anonymous

    oh yes, please do the video!

  11. anonymous

    I have no doubt if you made this movie, it would nothing short of epic. In addition to the simple fact that you are so, legitimately into the fantasy, you have some incredible talent around a PC! While I have much respect for Gary, Thanatos and other pioneers of the media age/macrophilia – I believe you’ve already surpassed them in terms of acting it out (because you don’t need to actually “act”) – & because of the sheer quality of the production!

    I’ve always been a lurker, and I suppose in a sense I still am… but I love this journal idea and your willingness to allow input from the community is very effective, so here I am typing away – thanks so much – looking forward to this movie starting, now!

  12. anonymous

    thats sum pretty hot shit!!! When is the movie out ;p

  13. anonymous

    I’m sending it to your email right now. Hope you enjoy it. — Cliff

  14. anonymous


  15. anonymous

    Perhaps in the movie you can do a perspective shot of the tiny victim, staring at the impossibly huge yet not caring giantess?

    or maybe SEVERAL :D

  16. anonymous

    I’m the only one left. everyone else has been forced down into the abyss. i’ve lived this long due to a sheer stroke of luck, where i was able to latch on to a vocal chord while it was receding. everything is it rest. I slowly swim/climb my way up the slimy/sticky walls of the esophagus. I start to feel the fresh air from the outside mixed in with the atmosphere of the body. Freedom! i cling on to a tastebud and i feel the world begin to shift. Has my presence been detected? if i can ascent undetected i can escape my prison and survive to tell my tale. i continue to scale, and a thin layer of saliva like whipped cream washes over me. it’s going down the throat so i just hold on and let it take it’s course. the world around me seems to quiver and shift so as to take it in as easily as possible. i start to get a glimps of the inside of a maw. i climb up to get a better view, but the tongue underneath me seems to raise to the surface as if it were predicting my movements. It doesn’t matter though, i’m so close. Yonder lips open wide and i see the outside world, a cozy furnished housing area. i move closer and the tongue moves closer to the roof… i’m not bieng teased, am i? the closer i get to freedom, the more my captor seems to get ready to re-swallow me… prolly just my paranoia thought…

  17. anonymous

    how about you dip a lollipop, or candy cane, into the bowl to grab the tinies, then lick them off? Or better yet, how about you dip your finger in honey, then in the bowl and lick them off? One could even dangle at the end of the honey, to drip into your mouth!

    maybe you could have one try to get away on a glass table? then you run your tongue behind him as he runs only to scoop him up.

  18. anonymous

    From my perspective, which is of course coloured by my tastes (of course, your’s are sovereign here, so whatever you like best goes, without saying), the sprinkle size men are a bit too small. Sure, the greater number of men’s lives sacrificed to your being is nice, yet I think it loses an intimacy gained by swallowing up larger subjects.

    Now, imagine the men 3/4″ – 1″ tall. You can see their facial expressions before you take them into your mouth. You can really feel their bodies on your tongue, as well as taste them. Their squirming (in pleasure or fear) is more visceral to you, than 1/5″ tall men could ever be. Furthermore, once inside your stomach, you can feel their flailing around as they succumb to your digestion.

    In practical terms, I imagine that this is much more difficult to film, as you need much more detailed video footage of the men in quesdtion. Yet, I think it would really be worth it.

  19. anonymous

    remake the cheerio secne from honey i shrunk the kids

  20. Giantess Ka...

    Yes. I will most definitely be remaking that scene sometime. I’ve always loved the concept, but HATED it in the actual movie. (Same reason you do!!) With me being the one eating them, it would be just too cool. And I wouldn’t hear them whistling either! ^.^ <3

    I too wish this fantasy applied to the real world rather than just fantasy. And I'm hoping that someday it will all become possible through technology. Trust me, I am JUST as frustrated- that’s why I make the videos! There’s just no other way to get closer to the fantasy! And it’s also why I’m trying to make the videos as realistic and convincing as possible- I want this fantasy to be real.

    And don’t worry, I won’t eat you this time for making a double post… ;) *licks lips*

    @addition to your idea:
    Ooo, yes, I’d like that very much! Sadly I don’t have any girls to do it with. But that may soon change. But that’s a journal entry that I may be making soon. ;)

    (I do really love Ice Cream in my fantasies, licking it off a cone is really sexy I think)

    @Cliff Cool! Will read it as soon as I can!! I think I’m really going to like it! ^_^

    Don’t worry- the movie will be just like the story above. There will be plenty of perspective of the tiny people to go around… this movie will be a real shocker! I can’t wait to make this fantasy of mine come true! ^_^!

    @The only one left
    Too hot. <3 Oh, and I'd totally re-swallow you. It's so hot that you tried to escape though! <3 You would be no match for my massive tongue and throat. You might be able to struggle or hang on, but in the end you will find yourself digesting deep within my beautiful body.

    @another idea?
    All of those ideas I like. ^_^ I plan on doing many, many special effects vore videos as I want to play out all of my wildest fantasies. Sadly these videos take time, so it may be a while before I get to do them all!

    @Everyone who would like to see this as a movie
    Excellent!! <3 I’m so glad so many of you are interested! o^_^o I’m currently working out the details on it as I type this. This movie should turn out to be my most visually advanced, realistic movie to date! It will also be one of my largest projects, right up there with my growth video. Because this is one of my strongest fantasies, I want to make sure that every last detail of it is absolutely hot and perfect!

    As always, I’d still love to hear from those who think this would make a great movie! I could always use the encouragement and reassurance that I’m not the only one who thinks this would just be soooo incredibly hot to see on film!

    Love ya,
    ~Goddess Katelyn <3

    PS: I also replied to another comment under my last reply. Be sure to check it out!

  21. Giantess Ka...

    Awww, thank you for the compliments! o^^o
    I’m glad you think that this movie will be nothing short of “epic” – I believe so to and that’s exactly the same word I’ve been using to describe all of my planned shots and effects! I want this to be as epic as Lord of the Rings, only in my fucking mouth! *shows a big sexy evil grin!* I can’t tell you enough how incredibly excited I am!

    And I’m always happy to hear from a lurker as they are really the silent majority here! <3 Feel free to become and ex-lurker though as I love talking directly with my tiny fans. Especially now that I have this journal and can do it so easily! I'm really hoping I can get a chunk of the community on this page, I love the input, the swarms of people at my feet and most of all, hearing what everyone else with this fetish has to say.

    As for some juicy details about the movie… It will be a more extended version of my fantasy, with a full beginning and end, rather than just a little snip-it of the middle of the fantasy like it is above. You most likely see how the tiny people got into the very bad situation they are now in and how they all ended up- even perhaps a lucky few who manage to escape… maybe. Every shot I guarantee will make your heart beat like crazy.

    Something tells me this is going to be fun to make. *grin* <3

  22. twcool

    Even though I’m not really interested in vore, whipped cream is always good stuff. Its fun to just randomly spray redi-whip into someones mouth lol.

  23. Giantess Ka...

    I keep a can of redi-whip in my fridge just for the occasional spray into my mouth! Yummy. <3 I like putting it on just about anything too. Little people sprinkles is about the best there is to go on top.

    This movie is going to be so much fun. >:)
    It’s going to require quite a few actors to make this fantasy come to life! But I’m sure they won’t mind being digested.

    ~Goddess Katelyn <3

  24. twcool

    I can just see the line of people forming… “Ooo, ooo pick me!” “Pick me!” “Make me a green sprinkle!”

  25. Giantess Ka...

    Hehehe! ^.^ Would be quite the challenge painting them all different colors! Yummmm <3

  26. anonymous


  27. aie_procedures

    But what if they have consciousness?
    They want to scream in fear but can’t.
    And their whole civilization with all the poetry, mathematics, crystallography and interstellar telepathic contacts is destroyed. :(

  28. anonymous

    I wud fell it an honor to be swallowed by you and go thru your digestive tract to give you all my nutrience.

  29. anonymous2

    i would love to be devoured by you :!: :!: :!: :!:

  30. anonymous2

    please i want to feel your sexy tongue all over my body

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