A Giantess’s Summer

A Giantess’s Summer

I know. It’s been forever since I last posted! Hopefully you can forgive your Giantess? From picture sets to go cart accidents to campfires to questions about my sexuality and site to massive projects, this summer has been ridiculously challenging and deep! Things are changing around here- so step into my world little one and finally read what all your Goddess has been into this summer!

Ahhhhhhh ^_^ It feels GREAT to be talking to you little ones again!! :D I’ve missed you so much! <3 This summer has to have been one of the most thought-provoking, action packed summers for me, ever. So much has happened in so little time I don’t even know where to start! I feel as if I’ve gone through an entire year in just a few short months.

Every day has brought something new and exciting, and with it a thousand questions involving both my sexuality and site. From awkward summer night conversations about Giantess with my mom out on my deck, to grasping with the desire to go nude in my work, to discovering a deeper personal meaning of various topics such as masturbation, porn, size, past relationships, to dreaming about where I want to take my website next, where I want my focus to be, where I want to move to, my growth potion and what all I should do first… this summer has had it all.
Attempting to blog about each subject as it came to me was impossible- as soon as I had barely figured out the meaning or answer to one question another would pop up. Ultimately I needed time to collect my thoughts, make decisions, and ride out the rapids of summer hoping that everything would eventually come to me- and it has. 8) I feel refreshed and… charged! Like a Giantess who has just crushed her very first car at her new size, I am pumped on adrenaline, sheer excitement, and power! I can’t wait to tell you little bugs all about it!

Obviously, one blog post will not be enough to cover all the thoughts of a Giantess. Instead, you little ones will see regularly updated blog entries from your Giantess, covering every topic imaginable that had me thinking and wondering this summer. Expect to read everything I’ve mentioned above and so much more. You bugs can expect to be crushed, swallowed, inserted, toyed, tortured and to have your very own shrunken, voyeuristic look into my life and sexuality in the coming days and weeks. :evil: <3

As for this entry- I want to get you little ones caught up to speed with my life. This crazy summer started way before my last journal entry, and the last blog entry I wrote was in the middle of it all- but as it was the last you heard from me, I’ll start from there. Besides, I’m sure you’re wondering what exactly happened after my last blog entry, and where that new free vore picture story ended up that I previously mentioned… well… It’s complicated. And it involves Go-Karts. :P Keep in mind that many of the subjects I’m about to write about will become their own blog entries in the coming weeks- so I may pass over some of the details…

Well… Not even a day after I had released my last blog entry “Exploring Her Soles” I fell madly in love with picture stories and I became absolutely psyched to make even MORE! I felt as if my story had expressed my fetish in a way I had never experienced before in my work and in such a way that was completely different than my fx films. It was as if you got to be a direct part of my sexuality, actually living the part of the shrunken man. I also felt that with my story I was able to fully immerse you in my world, my fantasy, and really shrink you down. I truly felt as if I had completed a part of myself that you were apart of- the feedback alone I got from the story made me feel as if I had really played with shrunken men. After that, both my brain and pussy wanted nothing more than to further this feeling and expand on it. I wanted you to be my shrunken toy yet again!

So with a scorching hot high school vore fantasy in mind, I set out to create a new free picture story to release on my blog as well as several larger and far more provocative picture fantasies for my store- that way I could justify spending even more of my time on my latest pussy drooling passion while still paying bills and saving up for my growth potion. A total win-win!

Camera ready, I set out to bring my high school vore fantasy to life. However… 800 photos later… I began to realize I went a little overboard. >_<‘ Not only was the new picture story far longer than my original intent (2-3 times longer than “Exploring Her soles”), but I got a little carried away and the story ended up involving… me topless, forcing a younger classmate to climb my aroused high school senior nipples… ( . )( . ) :woot: xD

So yeah. I went a little overboard. :whistle: By the end of it I had some 1200 raw photos to choose from, a good portion of which featuring me insanely turned on, half naked, and yes, with a dildo. Despite what you may think, this was a problem. Not only would the editing of the photos into a story take a super long time that I didn’t have, but I had just accidentally taken my first nude set and I was now unsure about releasing it, as, well, I don’t do nudity on my site. Or should I? I really didn’t know what to think or where to begin with the photos. I even had a few shots to take the following day to complete the set…

And then out of nowhere it hit me. Err… Literally. While taking a turn at a go-kart racing track to celebrate a friend’s birthday, I managed to smack into a rubbery safety thingy and gave myself a black eye. >____<; And of course, this was also just days before I had to attend another friend’s wedding.*sigh* That pretty much put all of my video and picture work on hold for 2 weeks. While I giggled and appreciated the suggestions to “Make a video where you confront an abusive lover and shrink him!” while I had the black eye, I just couldn’t bring myself to get in front of a camera. I think you’ll understand. :P

So for the next two to three weeks I went through the climax of my crazy summer. All of the questions and situations from earlier in the summer (Such as “Where do I want my site to go? Where should I be focusing? What project should I finish first? Is my mom actually serious!?” ) had now built on top of all my new situations and I was left to really think and sort through it all. Was I going to do nudity? Could I do nudity? I want to… but it’s a big deal!

It took me until last weekend for every situation and question I had gotten myself into to finally clear up- including the black eye. Everything started to make sense, and I knew what I wanted to do. Everything came into focus. My summer was officially over and I was now totally revved up and ready to go crazy with my work and passion! I felt great- I was refreshed, ready to take everything up a notch!! I wanted to–

And this is where I shall leave you little ones hanging.
Oh yes. I’m afraid there’s far too many topics to cram into this blog post. :evil:
But just as if I were to dangle you over my mouth- don’t expect to be left hanging there long.
You’ll drop onto my hungry tongue soon enough, I assure you.

This week is going to be fun. Dust off your bookmark to my blog- The age of month long updates is over.


The Shrunken Perspective

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  1. bauerpower24

    GK, I am SUPER EXCITED to hear about what you have planned. Obviously, you’ve had a busy summer with some unplanned mishaps along the way. Oh well, as always, my Goddess, you have persevered. I would expect nothing less from you. As far as whether you should do nudity, I will leave that decision in your capable hands GK. All I can say is that your site is the best there is when it comes to content like this, so wherever you take it, THAT IS NOT GOING TO CHANGE! I look forward to more updates on this, but just know this my precious Katelyn, this pet is going nowhere. LOVE YOU GK!!! :love: <3 :woot:

  2. Grildrig

    Wow, that was a passionate entry. It’s good to see you’ve no intentions of ceasing to share your fantasies with the rest of us (though some of the other tiny people have been seen shaking their fists at the sky and digging Civil Defense shelters in their backyards).

    Being a giantess is a liberation of sexuality and an embracing of personal power. It sounds like you may have found some new freedoms within yourself. Keep on having fun… :)

  3. Greg viera

    your new blog is perfect just like you are :eek: . the summer of a giantess seems to be exciting. i can’t wait to see what you have in store for us. i didn’t realzie that your site had a backgorumd music. its so nice. it doesnt matter to me how long you take to post a new blog. we know that you are always planning something amazing for us little pets. in light of your new blog i have a surprise you you. you have this little pet forever at your divine feet and soles. Giantess Katelyn Brooks you rock :love:

  4. Paul_88

    Greetings my Giantess mistress, I am a long time follower but first time poster. I probably wouldn’t have posted this but your month long absence and numerous summer revelations compel me to engage more deeply in our community.

    I am greatly joyed by the energy these developments have instilled in you and eagerly await their expression in more of your glorious art, and if I may be selfish for but a moment I would like to express my penchant for more works where my revered Giantess experiences sizable growth, as opposed to shrunken man, the details of such work are obviously yours to chose but their inclusion in your site would greatly add to its already impressive catalogue of achievements.

    The questions that you face regarding nudity and the situation with your mother are again your own to make, but I am confident I can speak for everyone here that whatever your decision your loyal followers will remain just that.

    Finally I wish to express my undying gratitude for your continued efforts in furthering our fetish and the fantasies they rely on and again state my eager anticipation of your newest works my giantess.

    Forever Faithfull x

  5. Pooples

    Eek! I am a trembling little bug before your mighty summer plans!

  6. lildude85

    Next time your stressed out, I’ll always there my goddess.

  7. Billy

    I am a tiny bug ready to be crushed… and ready for you to make new videos!

  8. Ilyas

    Dear katelyn, I ve been visiting your site for more than a year but this the first time for me posting. It sounds like you and your site are getting to a very interesting place.I really understand your position as far as putting a priority on your projects and for that I wish you the best of luck.
    I also wanted you to know that your site pictures and vids don’t play on the iPhone and I know that for you being the best graphic designer on the web also counts.I personnaly that you’re simply the best physically, technically and soulefully.As we say downhere t’es la meilleure!!!!


  9. Granger17

    Wow, I’ve been waiting for this bridge to drop, even halfway. My glorious giantess, I think I speak for everyone when I say you have a great body, your feet, your hands, your pussy, everything is worth seeing on camera. Things would get a lot more interesting if you went nude. I’m sure you’ll get a lot more people buying your videos, and visiting your site. Even with pictures, nude is alright with me. I really believe you should start nudity, but if you don’t feel comfortable, I’ll always be your number one fan, Whatever you want to do, I’ll support you either way. :love:
    <3 Granger

  10. fred

    can u make a movie with like u unaware with pussys and feet, micro

  11. Loehnwolf

    I think this update should come with a disclaimer…”Warning.this update may cause blindness!! Exposure to the sight of Katelyn Brooks dressed or otherwise has been known to burn the corneas out of unsuspecting littlefolk” Cuz yeah, she isnt molten enough now, lets shoot for something hotter than the surface of the sun!! I better learn to read braile realllll fast, I have a feeling its gonna come in handy!!

  12. Serving a H...

    […] the go-kart accident (lol) destroyed my work flow on this project, I ended up spending a large portion of the summer […]

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