A Giantess’s Micro Battle

A Giantess’s Micro Battle

For the past two and a half weeks, I have been fighting off a micro invasion of my body that has been relentless in sabotaging my carefully laid plans. For the entire first two weeks I was unable to write, unable to film, unable to… do much but sleep and use up massive amounts of tissues. I think I may have gone through several colds at once? I don’t know. For whatever reason, I was invaded. Brutally invaded. But to my joy in the end, the invaders failed to conquer and were eaten up alive by my body. Take that micro men!

If you have been wondering where your Giantess has been the past few weeks, there’s your answer. Normally I would have mentioned something sooner, but writing about being sick while being sick is a rather unpleasant experience. I really tried to keep up my work flow, but when I attempted to write a sexy blog during the height of my bodily invasion, I  realized (after an entire day of writing!) that writing sexy while being sick is the rough equivalent of eating alphabet soup and throwing it up on your monitor. Needless to say that blog wasn’t published and I was forced to accept the fact I was out of sexy commission for the time being. x.x

Thankfully, the great Katelyn war of 2011 is finally over, and I am feeling GREAT!

My fire is back completely and I’m ready to charge! I’ve spent the entire weekend moving heavy furniture around, redecorating and thoroughly cleaning. (Not to mention catching up on my emails!) Today I’ll be off at the hair dresser and later this evening and tomorrow I’ll be filming my first FX movie in a LONG time. SO EXCITED!

My FX work has been a rather rocky experience so far. I suppose I just didn’t anticipate how incredibly swamped in work I have gotten myself into the past year or so. Between emails, accounting, weekend videos, blogs, coding, administrating Giantessbooru, talking with artists, comics, planning out shoots, writing scripts, looking at places to move, taxes, filming, studying… I am a bit overwhelmed in work. Not a day goes by where I have any less than a week’s worth of work I have to get done in a single day. T_T A weekly day off is a hit or miss. So I’ve forced myself to put much of my work off to the side, and I’ve been focusing in on FX work.

Originally, I was going to do a movie off the list I posted a few weeks back. As time rushed by, I realized I needed to go simpler, so I chose to tackle a micro city FX movie. Halfway through the storyboarding (and my ideas continuing to grow massively in size… that happens often), I realized there was no fucking way I was getting that movie done in anything less than 2 months. I needed to go even simpler! I needed something to get my feet wet with FX again but with a fun story that in just a few weeks of work everyone could enjoy. All of this while work was sweeping the time right out from under my feet. Bah!

So I’ve finally settled on an idea, a series of short films. On Monday I begin filming them. Maybe, just maybe by next week on blog day I’ll have the first sneak peak ready for you. It may not be much, but it might be just enough to start you drooling. My goal is to get these films out to you as soon as possible, while upping the quality and style of my FX movies by a gigantic factor. As for what the movies are about… let’s just say Markie, perhaps my absolute favorite foot artist whose work I’ve cum to a thousand times over, has been a huge influence on me and these films.

As I still have a few things I need to get done before filming tomorrow, I have to keep this blog short. So instead I will leave you with how this giantess of yours has been spending her free time and sick days.

1) I’ve been watching every single episode of Star Trek ever. Have them all lined up on Netflix! I’ve watched the Original Series, The Next Generation, Voyager, and I’m currently on season 5 of Deep Space Nine. I find Star Trek to be relaxing and fun. A nice way to escape at the end of the day! May I also add that my favorite tea is Earl Gray, hot!

2) I’ve also been watching every episode of Pokemon when I don’t have any Star Trek to watch. :) I’ve gone through the Indigo League, Orange Islands, Johto Journeys and I’m now on Johto League Champions. I don’t know what it is about the original Pokemon episodes that I love so much. So much dry humor! So much optimism and beauty!  And Team Rocket is wonderfully awesome. :) I think I’ll probably stop watching when the voice actors change and the show starts to dramatically shift from its current format. We’ll see! Oh! And I’d really love to grab and play the new Black and White games, but haven’t had the chance.

3) The Legend of Zelda. I’ve beaten Twilight Princess and Wind Waker now. Both were AWESOME! I attempted Ocarina of Time, but once I heard of the 3DS version I decided to wait it out. (Just look at those beautifully improved graphics T_T And in 3D!! Not to mention Skyward Sword!) I’m not really sure where to go from here now though. I tried the Phantom Hourglass but I suppose I’m not used to the top down view yet, even though it feels very much like Wind Waker. Also Nintendo related, I’m still working my way through Super Mario Galaxy 2. And last year, for whatever reason, I really enjoyed Boom Blox. I suppose it’s because as a Giantess I love knocking stuff down! XD Plus the music was adorable! (Didn’t like the sequel though. Lacked the same solid art direction, music, and characters became annoying.)

4) And finally, this rather embarrassingly nerdy list wouldn’t be complete without… Minecraft! :D Here I am in all of my Minecrafting glory! A friend of mine made my character (and texture pack paintings hehe)  just for me! I am even a little revealing, especially in the back! >_>

I play on a server with a few close friends. Right now we’re tackling a frozen Siberian tundra and I just found a Skelly dungeon! Infinite arrows, hooray! Also, I :heart: slimes. FAP FAP FAP FAP! (The noise they make!)

5) I used to play WoW, but I quit back in October. It ate up too much of what little time I had left at the end of the day and I just felt it wasn’t enough of a rewarding experience. (Although I hear Cataclysm is very good) Tanking raids just wasn’t all that fun and the rather  juvenile community really got to me  in random heroics. (Maybe I was just on a bad server or couldn’t find the right guild… most likely.) Anyway, I had even switched from Ally to Horde with no luck. Finally gave it up and I’m much happier for it, just because I can spend my free time doing more of the above. :)

Hope you had a great weekend little bugs. Going to finish up my storyboarding now and then it’s FX film time tomorrow! So excited!

Love you!!


The Shrunken Perspective

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  1. Greg Viera

    nice blog
    its great to hear that you are doing better <3
    i have always wondered who is your favorite Pokemon <3 ?
    as always i love to read your blogs <3
    hope u have a wonderful week <3

  2. Newschool2626

    Make sure you download Majora’s Mask when you get done with Ocarina of time.

    Sad to hear you didn’t think Boom Blox: Bash Party was much fun. I still think it’s a great multiplayer game, but the original is a bit better for single player.

  3. The-New-Dal...

    I second the Majora’s Mask recommendation, a very underrated game when compared to Ocarina (which I always thought was over-rated). However if you only ever play one more Zelda game I’d have to recommend Link’s Awakening DX. It may only be 8-bit but Nintendo packed a hell of a lot into that little cartridge. It’s planned to re-released on the 3DS virtual console.

    I’m currently making my way through Kirby’s Epic Yarn (in between a re-play of Half-Life 2). It may be more suited for kids but it’s full of the charm and magic that only Nintendo can pull off.

  4. Joey

    The Goddess plays minecraft? My addiction is finally validated :). I love that game but if you have time constraints it is a pain. I started off one day thinking I’d start a world and just wander about for maybe half an hour. Nine hours later I had a flaming fortress made of nether rock and glass, and a mine shaft so large that you could probably stand full height inside of it. Be careful :p

  5. sphrog

    using the gerudoku texturepack, huh. very good taste ;D

  6. CeW

    Katelyn, I am a huge fan of you…and Zelda and I must recommend Majora’s Mask…if you have not played it. Ocarina of Time was a timeless game and one of the most enjoyable Zelda experiences I’ve ever had.
    If you are into Startrek and dry humor, you should REALLY watch the Stargate series, beginning with SG1. Atlantis is okay, not going to miss anything if you skip it. And SG Universe had an awesome concept, just the slow execution and overly dramatic feel got the first season out, then they canned it. BUT sci-fi didn’t own the rights, so the show may live on…who knows!
    I’ve been playing World of Warcraft now for a few years and Cataclysm brought the game back to the original feel. Really the best expansion they’ve released yet, I believe. Tanking is fun and challenging and healing is no joke! Only downside…finding a group as dps takes around half an hour and the instances can take an hour to two depending on how bad your group is. Other than that, it’s the same game with the same BS. I’m about ready to quit myself, seeing as I’ve got an 85 of almost every class. -_-
    I don’t know if you like shooting games, but they are releasing a new version of Starseige Tribes! Called Tribes Ascend! They are a few months away from showing gameplay, but you should give it a whirl when you get some free time. If you like crushing and eating little men, you may like nailing them, mid air with a disc to the face, shredding them into pieces. Although…I’d much prefer the company of you anyday…regardless of my size. Consequences are of no concern to me. Too bad I don’t live closer to you, I am an actor and would love to be in some of your videos!
    On that note, I wanted to thank you for the extrememly high production quality (easily the best on the net) and believable actors that you use. I know that it would be hard being ‘believable’ at less than a quater of an inch high…but man wouldn’t that be nice. ;p
    Oh and if you are ever interested in any music for your videos, I am in production and would love to maybe work with you on some stuff. ;p
    Shazbot! ( Tribes reference :D ) Totally did not mean to blog all over your blog…I’ll clean up after myself.
    Glad you’re feeling better! Ciao for now!

  7. shrunkenone

    Try Guild Wars, or it’s upcoming sequel.

    Both are free to play after purchase. No online fees, and from my experiences, a decent community.

  8. Grildrig

    Given your fondness for Trek and your interest in FX, you should watch this. Best home-made movie ever…
    www:starwreck:com (munged to get past the filter)

  9. Oktober

    Considering Markie is full of awesome, these movies should be pretty good. XD Glad you’re feeling better, nothing sucks more than a rebound after you thought you were feeling better. Good to see you over it. :)

  10. Microbe

    I’d have loved to have shrunk to microscopic size and entered you body to help fight off your illness!

  11. Brian

    Wow, I’m impressed that’s a lot of Star Trek. I miss Star Trek. Did you ever watch the last one with Scott Bacula Star Trek Enterprise…we ended rather quickly.

    I love it: Tea Earl Grey Hot. Picard must have programmed what he defined as hot since when people asked for water they would often say water 2 degrees Celsius. But with tea it was simply hot.

    BTW if you like Star Trek….I’m sure you’d love to have a holodeck as you could truly live out your fantasies. I’d end up like Barclay whose life was in the holodeck it would be so addictve. And it DS9 the Holosuites that quark had implied that most people used it for something sensual.

    I realize this also nerdy Star Trek but if you like Star Trek (when I was kid I used to think it was Star Track not Trek). I’m sure you’d love a holodeck.

    Glad you are feeling better…Please State the Nature of your Medical Emergency.


  12. MerlinRaven...

    I’m glad to hear your feeling better Katelyn. I really look forward to watching the new movies your making.

    Take Care: MerlinRavenSong )0(

  13. Handsome Gamer

    KB I have a question for you, I’m asking you here cause if I e-mailed you would of never saw it. My question is, have you ever tanned before? Maybe it’s just me but it looks like your skin is getting lighter. Will you be going tanning anytime soon? 0_0

  14. Bbaass

    Aha! I knew it! Either you or your webmaster (unless that’s also your job) is a Minecraft player! I first found out beacause when I first visited this site, the site you were redirected to if you clicked the “No, I’m not 18 or older” button was Minecraft.net!

    *Runs back to his obsidian shelter*

  15. Skybottom

    Seconded on the Majora’s Mask recommendation. My favorite of the series, definitely. The whole notion of wearing masques and easing the troubles of the people looking towards their final hour is strangely captivating. That being said, hooray for Zelda’s 25th anniversary!

  16. John Young

    Glad you’re feeling better. For a Star Trek, and effects fan, the above post for “starwreck” is definitely worth checking out. But, have you ever watched Babylon 5? best series ever written. When it boils down to it; Story is what it’s about.

  17. Dauss

    I ended up getting assaulted and robbed over the weekend and I had to go to the hospital for some stitches. They got away with my phone and ended up breaking my nice headphones too, but I’m trying to be optimistic about it.

    Don’t worry your Giantessbooru moderator is still on the job. :P

  18. Giantess Ka...

    @Greg: My favorite Pokemon is Charizard! I looove Charmander and Charmeleon too! Also, speaking of Pokemon, I was at Target the other day running errands when I saw Black and White! I just had to buy it! I’m now slowly working my way though Pokemon Black and I’m totally loving it. (Just a little past the first gym so far) So many new Pokemon! O_O

    @Newschool: Will do!! :D Hmm. That’s true, about Boom Blox: Bash Party. It probably would have been much more fun with friends. Maybe that was it! However the game did feel a bit more rushed… there were tons of puzzles, but it all lacked the amazing music by Mark Mothersbaugh and the background art, block art, was much lower in quality. (And lacked that magical charm the first game had) It felt as though the first game didn’t sell as well as EA hoped, so they quick put out a sequel with far less input from Steven Spielberg (It just wasn’t his style), a much lower budget, and probably a new team with fewer people. The game play was still good, but it’s the little artistic stuff that tends to get on my nerves, I suppose. So I may just be weird like that!

    @The-New-Dal: I will definitely be getting both! I’ve heard alot of good things about Majora’s Mask. My friend even has the gamecube version of it which I will probably have to steal for a month or so. :3 But with OOT right around the corner I’m going to give that a go first. Ooo, I will also have to give Kirby’s Epic Yarn a go! I suppose I’m a Nintendo Fan girl. >_>

    @Joey: Hehehe! Time definitely takes on a new shape when playing Minecraft. The first day I played I barely slept! O_O As for the Nether… it is soooo scary! T_T I have to say that Minecraft, in all it’s perfect simplicity, is perhaps one of the best games I have ever played. I have spent hours upon hours just running around in it with friends and building stuff. It helped break my WoW addiction! XD

    @sphrog: I couldn’t play without it! :D It’s gotten to the point where I’m starting to update it rather than wait for a new version! (Especially as I feel everyone making Doku packs have gotten the Lapis not quite right x_X)

    @CeW: I can’t wait to play both! As for my next science fiction show after I’m done with Star Trek (That will be a sad day) I’m still thinking on it. I’m considering SG1, Babaloyn5, and maybe I’ll give the new Battlestar another shot. WoW creeps into my mind every now and then, but I’m done with it. I hated how it was a form of relaxation that could be just a stressful as working! XD I do miss tanking though! I’m also glad Cataclysm has been a ton of fun! Congrats on getting an 85 of nearly every class!! O_O I’ll also have to check out Starseige Tribes. It’s been since UT2004 since I’ve really gotten into a FPS! I suppose time is my biggest hindrance.

    Thanks for the compliments!! It means a lot to me, hearing people enjoying my works keeps me pushing even more! I think I’m good for now. Although where in the world do you live exactly? :D

    @shrunkenone: While I’m sure Guild Wars is awesome, I have to stay away from MMOs. With my work load, I have to be a very casual gamer. MMO’s and me do not mix! XD

    @Grildrig: Awesome! I will have to check it out! :D

    @Oktober: Yes! I feel great now! And thanks!! =D In the next week or two I’m hoping to have a Sneak Peek up!

    @Microbe: I’d love that too! >=D Although you might stay in there for good!

    @Brian: I miss it already and I’m not even done watching it T_T And no, I haven’t watched Enterprise just yet, although it’s on my list. I’ve heard some pretty terrible things about it from Trekkie friends though!

    And YES! I would LOVE A HOLODECK! I swear, if I were born 300 years from now I would be a holonovelist! I would write up fantasies for ALL of you to experience and live through. Just don’t disengage the holodeck safeties… ;) And I would finally get to be a REAL Giantess!!!! I absolutely love the idea of the holodeck. However, as incredible as the holodeck was, I don’t think the show addressed its real nature. I mean, we think video games are addictive these days?! I can only imagine Berkely’s condition being incredibly widespread in the population. At that point it would be extremely hard to distinguish reality from simulated reality! I’m surprised Holo addiction / questioning or escaping reality wasn’t addressed more. Holodecks would pretty much change everything and shape society in a completely different way. Maybe that’s why they didn’t address that. :P

    “Please state the nature of the medical emergency!” The doctor is perhaps one of my favorite characters :)

    @Merlin: Thanks! ^_^

    @Handsome Gamer: Yes! I used to tan. But then I became extremely concerned about the long term effects of it. There’s no way around the fact that UV tanning damages the skin and ages you quicker. (Not to mention it increases your cancer risk) Considering that I would like to be a Giantess for a very long time, I don’t think the long term side effects from tanning (wrinkled skin, saggy skin, leathery skin, cancer) are worth it. I’m open to spray tans, but I don’t want to look orange or fake! Not to mention spray tans can really fuck up my nails and soles. Once I find a good spray tan that looks and acts natural I might go with that. I do enjoy laying in the sun every now and then for a half an hour… it’s hard to resist. I’m sure I’ll get a little tanner this summer just from being outside! :D

    @Bbaass: Yes! Webmastery is also my job. I’ve enjoyed Minecraft so much I thought it’d be funny to have it as my “Leave” button! XD

    Hmm… even as a Giantess, an obsidian shelter would be pretty hard to get through! I’d need a diamond toe ring for sure…

    @Skybottom: So many recommendations for Majora’s Mask! I suppose I should really play it! I’ve read a little on it, and the story definitely sounds captivating. Once I finish OOT, it’d definitely be my next gaming target. Thanks!

    @John Young: Babylon 5! I had heard about it while growing up but never watched it. I loooove good stories. I will definitely have to check it out.

    @Dauss: Woah!!! O_O That’s absolutely terrifying! I’m glad you are ok!! You fought off assault and robbery so that you could moderate another day. That’s dedication! Thank you and I hope you feel better! :happy:

    Thanks again everyone for the well wishes and recommendations! I feel much more relaxed now. Reading your comments made me very happy. ^_^

  19. The-New-Dal...

    Star Trek Enterprise is a severely underrated series and definitely not the franchise killer that popular opinion will have you believe. Season 2 can be a bit of a struggle in places (I’m currently half way through the season) but the rest makes for brilliant viewing. Paramount made a mistake cancelling it when they did.

    As for which Sci-Fi show to watch next both Stargate SG-1 and Babylon 5 are good places to go, but as a UK nerd I’d recommend Doctor Who with the Colin Baker, Sylvester McCoy and Matt Smith years being my personal favourite.

  20. Greg Viera

    thats the game i got too <3
    Charizard is so kool. he is my fav starter pokemon
    in pokemon black who did u start off with i started off with teig. i already beat the game. im sure u will love it <3 if u have any questions you can go here
    google "bulbapedia"

    this has a pokedex on all the new pokemon and there move sets

    oh and i picked out the girl and named her after my best buddy <3

  21. Dauss

    Thank you kindly ma’am, I’m already feeling better. Got a nice shiner though, hope it’s true that chicks dig scars. ;)

  22. Knightfourteen

    Aside from mentioning it’s awesome you like everything that’s awesome that I’m addicted to, Earl Grey is also my fav tea. If you can find a tea place that’ll do this, an Earl Grey tea “latte” with a touch of vanilla is the best latte I have ever had. I think it’s called a London Fog. Highly recommend.

  23. FlamedZombie

    have u played Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword yet? if u havent u really should buy it :)
    Ive also gotten Pokemon Black and my team was (first evolutions)
    Tepig, Petilil,Zorua, and Litwick

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