A Giantess’s Busy Week

A Giantess’s Busy Week

Hey little ones! Currently I am… optimizing my store and improving old descriptions, revamping major parts of my site including my blog, store, and about me page, working on new free collage material, filming new custom videos, designing up new content and giantess movies, preparing work on my upcoming Effects movies, building computers, and taking lots and lots of pictures. Busy is no longer a word that accurately describes me. :P

A package arrived the other day and to my surprise it contained a little something I hadn’t thought would arrive for another several weeks! In it was a special custom made prop for an upcoming effects movie that I’ve had my mind on filming for quite some time. I’m still missing an important (and expensive) prop or two for it but with any luck this special hot “School Teacher” scenario will make it into my list of special effects movies in the works! :D I’ll give you a hint on the prop- it’s small, yellow and… did I just give it away? Oh, and there’s a good chance Lexi will be joining me in this video…

I’ve also been working on setting up a new way of implementing special effects into my normal weekend videos. While the videos may not be as large and detailed as my major special effects movies, you could very well have a new professional looking mini-effects video from me every weekend, or at least every other weekend, including ones with my girlfriends! These videos will be really hot! :mrgreen:

Perhaps you can tell, but I’ve been REALLY obsessed recently with three of my long term objectives. They are as follows: 1) Becoming a Giantess, 2) Taking over the world and, 3) Moving to the West Coast. (Perhaps in the order of 1,3,2 :P ) Ever since the release of Midnight Goddess I just can’t get them off my mind! They have been driving me absolutely crazy and I NEED to make them a reality as soon as possible. All of my energy is currently being focused into making them a reality.

Speaking of which, this weekend I went Giantess crazy and made some awesome Giantess videos for you to enjoy! I think you’ll really love them- Anna and I look GREAT in this hot shrunken man fantasy of which I just know you’ll enjoy. Check ’em out!

Giantess Katelyn's Little Town of Pleasure

Giantess Katelyn's Little Town of Pleasure

The Scents of Giantess Girls

The Scents of Giantess Girls

And More!


The Shrunken Perspective

50 Responses and Counting...

  1. MarkM

    Wow I had no idea your so busy. I thought you could have a nice break after Midnight Goddess but you just keep right on going.

    I love your new pictures of the day! :shock: You have the body & face of a Goddess! Oh, I forgot that’s because you ARE one. :smile:

    Yeah I think you gave away the little yellow secret! :grin:

    Love You!


  2. MarkM

    banned 7-up commercial – this is to funny (if anyone wants a laugh)



  3. Nihill85

    Short but sweet comment here but um…

    Katelyn, those new photos. I am honestly speechless. *cough*, I’m making sure to SAVOR each one. You have all my adoration…

  4. ElPortero

    Yes, yes, come to the West Coast. We are awesome here. And those that aren’t…well…you can crush and eat them and make it even more awesome!

  5. El Portero

    Also, really looking forward to whatever sexiness you’ve got planned up ahead, because it all sounds great!

  6. Bobbob

    Hooray! More collage material on the way! :-p

    To be honest, I didnt get what the prop was the first time… now I feel kinda dumb! haha

  7. Bobbob

    oh, and I LOVE your new hair in the photos of the day section :-p

  8. MarkM

    Damn Katelyn those last few pics of the day are some of the hotest yet! You have the nicest looking & sexiest bare feet of any woman ever! It’s taken me three years but I think I’ve finally decided which part of your body I like the best. Wasn’t easy though cuz your hot everywhere!

    I gotta go have another one of those cold showers I mentioned.

  9. Trek22

    Long time no chat! I’ve been missing you here in China… Very glad to see you still expanding this grand dream of yours with as much enthusiasm as ever! That enthusiasm must have been walking through my mind every so often over here as you still grace my dreams on occasion. Just reminds me how much I miss lying beneath the warm pressure of your loving feet.

    Wishing you much love from the East, zai jian piao liang!


  10. bauerpower24

    Well Katelyn, it doesn’t seem like you have too much going on right now. LOL! (just kidding of course) OMG, I am tired after reading all you have on your plate. On top of everything else, you also did your taxes. I hope you put me down as a dependent. Cause this pet is depending on my Goddess to keep making the best special effects movies out there. Oh, and the water dept. called today and said I’m using the shower too much. I told them to go to giantesskatelyn.com to find out why. You’re the best and those new photos are your sexiest ever. KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK! LOVE YA!

  11. Romeo

    Katelyn, you have to be the most beautiful Giantess that I have ever seen. This is my first visit and I loved your website. I would love to see you try to crush a lizard some time. It would be a challenging crush but from what I have seen, you could do it.

  12. bauerpower24

    I’m so glad to hear you took a day off to rest. YOU DESERVE IT! You have worked so hard the past several months on MG, and this pet appreciates it. I love you for all that you do. HAVE A GREAT DAY!

  13. bauerpower24

    I see my Goddess is letting out a little frustration. Even though you may not be financially rich, you are rich in other ways. You have the love and devotion of many pets, including myself, and you are lucky enough to be doing what you love most. I know that you know that. The new camera will happen because you’re determined to make it happen. I will continue to help you anyway I can and rest assured my Goddess. YOUR DREAMS WILL COME TRUE! I LOVE YOU VERY MUCH!

  14. Darkone

    Daisy is stunning, it would be amazing if you made a bug vore video with her, ants maybe or crickets? I’d love to see her lick and suck on helpless ants or crushing them between her lips! amazing!

  15. babyblue69

    I agree with bauerpower24. Money doesn’t buy you everything. You have a great following. Ill say this we have similar dreams well giantess for=giant along with a giantess for me. But I can honestly say that I hope your dreams come true. Keep your head up and keep on keeping on. Your doing great we all look forward for more from you for years to come.

  16. Giantess Ka...

    I’ve removed Loverboy’s “wonderful” comments and review of Midnight Goddess from my blog as it turns out he never actually purchased the film, yet somehow wrote a negative review on it. :lol: After giving him 48 hours to explain himself, he responded by posting yet another negative comment on my blog, making his comments 3 for 3- all negative. Obvious Troll is obvious. *squish!* Future Trolls, please read this first!

    Now to respond to all you serious ones at my feet! o^_^o Don’t mind the troll goo on the bottom of my soles now!

    @MarkM: LOL thank you :mrgreen: I really liked the sprite one where she headbutts him!

    @Nihill85: I’m very pleased you like. Be sure to worship me hard and savor each and every last detail… just as your Goddess likes it. *evil grin*

    @ElPortero: I look forward to trashing the west coast with my feet! :twisted: I have SO much in store for the west coast… I can’t WAIT! I’m seriously drooling over moving every day.

    @Bobbob: Hehe, thanks!! ^^ I was really unsure of jumping back to black and going a little shorter- but so far I like it. I might do a few films with it first and then go back to being a sexy red head. I’m definitely in an experimentive mood for the summer…

    @Trek22: Awwww, I’ve missed you too! I’m sure my dream-self is up to no good while you sleep. I totally wish I knew what you said at the end there :P I’m sure it was good! *places her warm foot on Trek’s tiny body*

    @bauerpower24: Aww, Thanks o^.^o You’re so sweet! It’s been a really rough couple of weeks for me, there’s just been so much on my mind and so much going on. I just want to do so much with my movies and site. It’s wonderful little pets like you that allow my dreams to really come true!

    @Darkone: Then you’re in luck then little bug- Daisy just wrote to me expressing that she’d really like to try out Bug Vore. She’s a little nervous and she says she might chicken out but it’s been on her mind a lot recently. Next time she’s over she may be devouring tiny little bugs like you… :twisted:

    @babyblue69: Thanks!! :eek:

    As always I love hearing and feeling your worship at my divine feet. And you know, I don’t mind squishing a troll every now and then. They too feel pretty good exploding under my soft, powerful soles! <3

    Love ya!
    ~Giantess Katelyn <3

  17. MarkM

    Oh Katelyn me too, I’ve had a cruch on Beyonce for years. (but not as much as you though) Did you see her in that Austin Powers movie where Mini Me was humping her leg like a little dog? Even the top of his head only came up to her mid thigh level. She should of crushed him. :mrgreen:

  18. bauerpower24

    So Katelyn, you have a crush on Beyonce. Just be careful and don’t become “OBSESSED” with her. (LOL) I here she kicks some major booty in this film. Are you going to see it? I also think she uses many of the hair care products in your photo. Have a great day. LOVE YA!

  19. Bobbob

    Hehe, thanks!! ^^ I was really unsure of jumping back to black and going a little shorter- but so far I like it. I might do a few films with it first and then go back to being a sexy red head. I’m definitely in an experimentive mood for the summer…
    Experimenting is always fun! :-P

    I think it would be pretty hard for ya to look bad, though…

    Why are you considering getting rid of bug stuff? I was really hoping for more ant related videos in the future… plus, doesnt the girl next door have ant crush?

  20. Giantess Ka...

    Ah! What I meant by that was I was thinking of creating separate sites for each fetish and moving them off my Giantess site. But that would require a lot of work and I like keeping everything in one place. Just a random thought which didn’t translate well into Twitter :lol:

    @MarkM, bauerpower24: Hehehe :mrgreen: Love you too little ones!

  21. Bobbob

    Ah! What I meant by that was I was thinking of creating separate sites for each fetish and moving them off my Giantess site. But that would require a lot of work and I like keeping everything in one place. Just a random thought which didn’t translate well into Twitter
    haha! Thanks for clarifying! I was worried… I dont know of any store that has sold ant crush :-(

    For the record, I love the way the store is now… It’s very simplistic navigating with all the tabs on the left. I’m in for most anything giantess and bug related… and I can make my selections all at once, in the same store. :-D

    So, in my opinion… use that time to get some sleep! You’re always trying to make something seemingly perfect better! :-p

  22. littlejimmy

    Katelyn, you are such a Goddess and so much higher on the food chain than me, I would love to be eaten and digested by you. It would be the greatest honor to be your food :)

  23. Rod

    Could I suck on your red polished toes and lick your soft soles Katelyn

  24. Kisuke Urahara

    The updates of the site are sweet! I can’t tell if that’s Florida or Cali in the background. lol

  25. bauerpower24

    I absolutely love what you’ve done with the comments section. It is so much easier to read, and the boxes give each comment more meaning if that makes sense. Everything you’re doing is TERRIFIC. If I didn’t know better, I’d swear that a true Goddess is performing this magic. Oh, that’s right, YOU ARE A TRUE GODDESS!!! KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK. This pet sure appreciates it. I LOVE YOU!

  26. Giantess Ka...

    :woot: And I’m not even done with them yet! :D <3 <3

  27. Bobbob

    Cool! I like the updates! What an attractive background collage too! :woot:

    and look! an alien! :alien:

  28. Blank

    FYI – your photo section link is broken.

    Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_INC in /home/giantess/public_html/photos.php on line 94

  29. Giantess Ka...

    Thanks! All fixed. :wink:

  30. Kisuke Urahara

    You know, I think I’ve said this like fifty million times before but….Your ass, is so beautiful and thick! I imagine seeing your rear plop down over a tiny island, squishing the people and trees beneath your mighty butt. *Starts to drool*……gah….

  31. Rod

    Hi Goddess Katelyn,
    I’m a tiny one under your ever so soft soles and toes. Please polish your sweet toenails a shiny red and wear toerings…my favourite. :kiss: Thanks.

  32. bauerpower24

    The boxes you’re now using for these comments reminds me of the Schwab commercials on tv. But I don’t want to talk to Chuck, I want to talk to my Goddess. Do you have any good stock tips? I’m guessing you wouldn’t recommend Internet Explorer. LOL! Seriously, the updated movies section looks great. I don’t think anyone will be able to complain now about lack of info on Midnight Goddess. Hope you have a great weekend Katelyn. LOVE YA!

  33. crusader

    i think it would be hot if daisy was the tniy victum in the histk cheerio movie. she could play a roomate/friend/sister and somehow get shrunk and end up in your cheerios. at that point she would part of a complte breakfast. if not just eat some random guy

  34. Nhyarlathotep


    Keep up the good work, your site is far ahead of all competition, I always chack yours first!
    I’ll look out for a first FX Vore Movie with Daisy May though ;)

    have a nice day and looking forward for next update.

  35. 1yeay1

    nice photos but i like it better when you do it with real people
    sooo hot

  36. bauerpower24

    Hope the city you ate wasn’t New York City. Lots of swine flu going around. Anyway, hope my Goddess feels better after a good night’s sleep. The update and surprise can wait. The MOST IMPORTANT thing is your health. This pet will be thinking of you. Take care. LOVE YA!

  37. WHY

    Hi Katelyn, I have a question.
    Why do you use the “kEY OF THE LIFE” symbol in your website??
    Thank you for your answer. Bye

  38. Giantess Ka...

  39. Kisuke Urahara

    I just saw some of your new Photo Sets. The one with the Yellow Shirt and Jeans….Dear sweet Goddess!!!! It’s enough to show your perfect ass in that black thong, but the tease pictures where you pull them down a bit and we almost get a peek of the good stuff…..AMAZING! Makes you want to see MORE!!!!

  40. d-mac

    Tell us, were there any survivors from the city you digested? :D

  41. bauerpower24

    I completely agree with Kisuke Urahara. That yellow shirt and jeans photo set is SOOOOOOO HOT! Don’t worry Goddess, you weren’t the only one pulling your pants down. LOL. I will disagree with him on one point about almost getting a “peek of the good stuff”. WHEN IT COMES TO YOU GODDESS, IT’S ALL GOOD STUFF! But your photos are DEFINITELY getting HOTTER & HOTTER. If you keep this up, we’re all going to have to put condoms on just to look at them. LOVE YA KATELYN & LOVE THE RED HAIR!

  42. LittlemanPa...

    I finally told myself to splurge the 50.00 and buy midnight goddess. I will never be the same again. It was so good Katelyn. I really could picture myself amongst all those little men and women who were terrified of your beauty and size. There are so many scenes that are etched into my tiny brain that I wouldn’t know which to pick as my favorite. Ok, there is one. I love the scene where you are facing away from your stool, and shaking your gorgeous ass above that poor helpless little man. God, help us all… that was out of of this world. You are the best on the web, and my favorite Giantess of all time. Thank you for all of your hard work, and can’t wait to see what you come up with next Katelyn. All my love.

  43. bauerpower24

    I can only imagine if I were your wife… I wonder what that would be like…
    _ _ _ _
    Well Katelyn, I can tell you with me that every day would be more exciting than the previous as I would never let you forget how devoted a pet I am. I would assist you anyway I could as you destroy cities, and I would never let a day go by without telling you how sexy you are. Then we would have pie. WHAT A LIFE HUH GODDESS? LOVE YA!

  44. bauerpower24

    Oh, and of course I would tell you each day how much I love you.

  45. Bobbob

    It might even be a little dangerous… especially if something would ever happen to you and I mistook you for an ant…
    Danger is my middle name :love: lol

  46. Jaedon

    Wow, your recent updates about digesting a city etc.. Is so my fantasy, to be swallowed alive and digested by you.. going the full trip that ends with you having to flush my remains. I’d give anything for that; well.. would have to give everything to do that, heh. Hope you do a bit of that sort of teasing in some more of your vore vids, only ‘Mike gets turned into poo’ vid has it so far, is it a sort of thing you are into? I wonder..

  47. Giantess Ka...

    @bauerpower24: LOL pie :woot:

    @Bobbob: Is it now? *raises her foot over him* :evil:

    @Jaedon: Yes, I’m actually into it! The whole process of digestion really turns me on, from start to finish (if done a certain way!). However making videos about it has me just a little nervous as I’m afraid it might really ruin the fantasy or video for those who don’t like it! (Which honestly, I have no clue how many people share that aspect of the fantasy with me, so I try to play it on the safe side- but I’d honestly like to know!)

    HOWEVER, I do intend to make a full blown Effects movie that centers around the entire process of digestion, including detailed inside shots, deaths by stomach acid and… yes, a complete ending! *grin* It’s on my slate of FX movies I’d like to make along with many, many others so sadly I have no clue when it will get made. Hopefully this year!

    As for all those right now who’d like to have me as their wife… you should go have a look in my store… :angel:

    (I see you already found it, bauerpower24! :eek: )

    More info coming within the next few hours, along with a full blog post.

  48. Jaedon

    Ooh, is so good to hear that! I’m so desperate to see that now, there are quite alot of us into that aspect, doubt you’d scare off so many that you wouldn’t see the numbers of buyers you get for your other movies, hell, weould probably attract a few new customers! Is a fact that no vore movie.. ‘cept for you one of ‘Mike gets turned into poo’ has ever touched on it. Hope you do the movie soon, I’d buy it… twice! :P

  49. bauerpower24

    OMG, YOU’VE DONE IT AGAIN! ANOTHER MASTERPIECE FROM MY GODDESS! I won’t give anything away, so that others can enjoy it. But one comment with regard to the celery, OH NO YOU DIDN’T. And I’m glad you liked my pie comment, cause after watching this clip, I just made a cream pie. And I know you’d love my cream.

  50. d-mac

    I agree with Jaedon, I think its a great idea to show the whole process and if anyone can make it artistic and sexy its you Katelyn! I do look forward to that FX movie, sounds great!

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