A Giantess’s G-Spot Orgasm

A Giantess’s G-Spot Orgasm

A few weeks ago a very odd and unexpected thing happened to me- and yes, as the title suggests, involving my divine pussy. Laying naked in bed on an early Saturday morning, I was imagining myself as a true Giantess, my exposed figure towering hundreds if not thousands of feet over New York city…

Buildings were mashed between my toes and the streets filled with people running for their pathetically insignificant lives. Entire lanes of cars were crushed and smeared on my heels and their passengers with them. Screaming could be heard from everywhere below me. I watched as people poured out of buildings and ran in fear, away from the giant naked girl playfully sitting on top of them. Oh how they were all so helpless… their running futile. I owned them now. This was my city. And I was going to fuck it.

My curvy ass lay on entire blocks of city, with thousands of people squirming and crushing beneath my massive, firm ass cheeks. It was almost as if I sat on an ant hill, only the ants beneath me were soft and warm and would occasionally explode their hot juices onto my skin when ever I wiggled the slightest. It was a sensation you really had to feel for and concentrate on, but extremely enjoyable when noticed. My pussy rose up from the piles of destroyed buildings under my ass, exposed in the air above a somewhat intact street, with people running from my young and drooling womanhood. My legs lay arched over several blocks of buildings spread wide for all the world to see. My bare feet lay angled so that my toes could grip the buildings and show all those below their friends and family mashed to my soles from earlier.

The cool, high altitude air felt amazing on my face and in my heart I felt an ultimate sense of power, freedom and eroticism. Looking down, my soft, round breasts glistened in the early morning sunlight, my nipples hard and aroused. Several cars and nearly a dozen tiny people wandered around the edge and tip of my nipple shouting and screaming, relocated from the tiny streets below via my soft finger tips to amuse me… and further arouse me. And I imagined after my orgasm – if they had not been twisted and mashed into my nipple in lust- they would gracefully slip down the wide curvature of my tits and cleavage (any tiny man’s dream, right?) and fall back to the streets below as I stood. Those that hung on would be flicked off like grains of sand. None of them would survive my body.

A particular “shapely” skyscraper had caught my attention earlier, and it was now gripped firmly between my long fingers and brought in front of my face. It was unusually curvy and upon inspecting it further I could tell it was brimming with prime city dwellers of the business type I was had been hungering to fuck! Like ants frozen in fear, they could only look out of their windows and stare deep into my gigantic brown eyes. I gave them all “come to bed eyes” but little good that did in calming them…

In my inspection I noticed something that made my eyes grow even wider with delight – a young business man and a business women, both staring out of their office window in disbelief. For a good half a minute I could only stare back- inspecting their tiny bodies, drooling with delight. Eventually, my mouth said what my brain wanted.

“You! The bug wearing the skirt with the blonde hair and the bug-man with her. Fuck each other! Take off your clothes and make love for my pleasure or I’ll crush your entire world in my fist and let your bodies rain down on my tits!” My voice boomed, and the windows shook.  How I loved calling them bugs!

I couldn’t help but smile. They knew I was serious. They had seen what I had done to their city. They had seen me aim my bare soles at the most populated streets in the city. They had watched on the news as I dropped entire buses and cars full of tourists, students, and daily commuters into my hungry open mouth, devouring live humans as if they were sprinkles on a cupcake. They had watched as my giant naked ass dropped onto blocks and blocks of their city and how I had just laughed as the buildings poked and crumbled with thousands of lives inside them.

The young man and woman took one look at each other and then back at my giant brown eye which had grown only closer. I could hardly wait. With a slight squeeze, the building groaned and my tiny little subjects were stripping. A red thong! A voluptuously filled out bra! Dark black boxers! An exposed chest! A shaven pussy! Two tiny firm breasts, perked by the cool air! A growing cock pointed toward his female colleague! Yes! Yes! YES!

It started off awkward at first. The hot little girl-bug was particularly hesitant. But soon enough my little bugs were fucking, his tiny cock deep in her wet cunt! Bent over the office desk and even on top of the desk itself at one point, these little fuckers went at it! Terror and pleasure mixed in their eyes and my pussy more than approved of their tiny love making. Cum from my own cunt slowly dripped down into the street below. I licked my puffy, red lips and all of the windows below the tiny couple fogged up. My eye starred at them, feeling their naked bodies. I wanted to both eat these little bugs alive and fuck them. So sad I could only choose one fate for them.

My eyes stayed on them for what seemed like forever, watching their tiny wet parts going at it, my eyes fully dilated with interest. It would have been like watching insects getting it on on a nature channel if it had not turned me on so! My soft fingers gently rubbed and tugged at my clitoris and my lips began to swell. More and more cum oozed onto the city street as people squirmed in the wreckage beneath me and ran. The girl began moaning louder and louder in terror and ecstasy, her red thong at her ankles, her hot cunt being raped over and over by hard cock. The man was moist with sweat and his thrusts grew deeper. He wanted nothing more than to fuck her. He was dying to cum in her.

I could take it no longer. I wanted this tiny couple fucking inside of me!

Closing my eyes, my hand moved the building down my massive body and to my sexually tortured pussy. Not wanting to completely destroy the building and send all of it’s tiny inhabitants out it’s windows by positioning it horizontally, I merely turned it at a steep angle. Using my hips and my hand I began poking the skyscraper in between my wanting pussy lips… moaning as it pushed deeper and deeper. Cum oozed down the sides of the building, much like the cum from the business girl had oozed down the hard cock of her fellow ant-sized co-worker. Soon the building and everyone with it was deep inside of my powerful body!

My hips grew faster and faster. My hand pushed the building in and out harder and harder. Screams from everywhere below me. I imaged the couple fucking in the office, terrified as giant pink walls slammed the glass, blissfully feeling every inch of the building and covering it in a clear white goo. They couldn’t stop fucking. Not even when the glass broke and the office began to flood with my divine juices. Not even when the floor started to crumble and the walls grew closer. The top of the building was ramming the inside top of my pussy and it felt AMAZING. Faster and faster! Harder and HARDER! My moans were shaking the EARTH and the entire weak little city and all of it’s lives before me!! The tiny couple would cum, screaming out with me just as the walls caved in and my pussy crushed them. FUUCK!

My brain turned off and my entire body shook. Buildings fell down all around me. I let out a scream of pleasure and shock. My hand with all it’s strength could barely move the building in and out. A feeling of having to pee washed over my body and in an instant everything went black! Screams could be heard everywhere along side a powerful gurgling sound from below. In an instant a tidal wave of cum exploded from around the building deep in my cunt and flooded the streets of the city. Entire buildings fell into and were torn from their foundations by the stream of the cum. People, cars, everything were hit by the wave and carried off. Thousands were drowning. My body spasmed and I continued to scream, my feet and legs knocking over hundreds of buildings. I was reaching a climax unlike any I had experienced before!

Soon there was silence again, save for the wild beat of my heart and my gasping breaths.

I looked down in shock. The city was flooded. Cum several stories deep filled the streets beneath me. My hand was shaking and soaked and only a small chunk of the building lay in my palm. I watched as the broken building slowly oozed from my throbbing pussy in tiny parts, completely crushed and mangled by my vaginal walls during orgasm. There was no one left. Even the people on my nipples were gone, except for a few smeared red specs. Just tiny bodies, tiny red dots, all floating in a sea of cum. Hundreds more were swimming and drowning. I ran my hand through my long hair, staring down in disbelief at what had just happened. I had never cum this much in my life. I had… squirted for the first time ever- and into a fucking city!

Reality came back to me. I was looking down at my sheets. A puddle of cum, nearly 2-3 feet wide lay in front of me. What… the… fuck!? My hand was soaked. My bright pink vibrator was soaked. EVERYTHING was soaked. The sheets… I’d have to wash the sheets! Curious (and deeply embarrassed) I decided to sniff it. The cum smelled like water- not pee, not cum… not anything really. Here I had just put every guy I had ever known to shame in terms of ejaculating a fluid and I didn’t even know where it had came from or that I could even do that!

I probably sat there for a good five minutes just trying to figure it out. It had shot a good foot out of my pussy like a water fountain. The orgasm was from inside and not clit related at all! I had had previous internal orgasms, but nothing like this. This, was a true and full g-spot orgasm. I was a girl who could squirt. My mind was officially blown. :o

And there you have it. My first super powerful G-Spot orgasm, written EXACTLY as it happened. Since then, I’ve been able to pull this off one other time soaking the bed in the same exact manner. I think I will have to experiment with this more. :evil:

I just need to find a few more cities…


The Shrunken Perspective

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  1. Bobbob

    OH MY GOD! That was fucking amazing Katelyn!

    I would love nothing more to be in that building, and to drown in your cum! You have such lucky people living inside of your fantasies!

    And getting smushed in your cleavage! I can only imagine!

    Love ya Goddess Katelyn! You keep my fantasies alive! ^_^

  2. Corsair

    Woho! :woot:

    It would be fantastic if you could write an illustrated story like “Serving a High School Hottie”, but with a mega GTS in a city theme like you just did in this post. :D

  3. Greg Viera

    damn thats all i can say thats so sexy <3
    nice city too NYC is large but u tower all over the great city
    what city would u pick my goddess
    my goddess dont be embarrassed i love this blog post
    i’d love to be squashed by any part of u <3 ur the reflection of perfection

  4. Kisuke Urahara

    *Lights up a cigarette and takes a deep breath, blowing out smoke*…..That was pure awesomeness at its greatest moment! I can’t TELL YOU how HARD I am right now! I wish I was there when you plopped your rear down over streets and buildings! The sight of it would have been EPIC BEYOND PROPORTION!!!!!! And the squirting, wow!!!!!!!! Brava madame, brava!!!!!! :love:

  5. Sixx

    Katelynn!You’re awesomea ^_^ Would you come to Japan to wreck havoc?!!

  6. MarkM

    Oh! Yes I’m with everyone else! Damn your blogs always get me so worked up Goddess Katelyn! I would love to be fighting for my life to keep from drowning in a huge pool of your sexy love juices!!! In my fantasy I like to imagine your huge bare foot coming down and squashing my little body mixing all my insides into your cum! That’s so hot for me! What a way to go!

    Your so damn hot Goddess Katelyn. Sometimes I look at you and just cannot believe how hot you are. I’ll always see you as the ultimate woman on earth. Oh yeah for sure!

    Love, MarkM <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

  7. Grildrig


    What an amazing vision. It’s so easy to let your words paint that vivid picture. The fragile little city trembling and quaking to the ceaseless rhythm of your insatiable passion. The terrified shrieks voiced by hundreds of thousands of men and women howling for mercy, praying to be spared from the power of your soft pussy and boundless lust. Tiny sacrificies to your pleasure, who died learing how the ancient Flood Myth really came to be… :)

    Thanks for sharing, that was delicious. Just think what the people in the subways experienced… :)

  8. ShoulderDevil

    That….was………AWESOME!!! If anyone deserves to be a true giantess and destroy a city just for her pleasure it is you Katelyn! :love: You can come up with the most interesting, erotic and fun ways to do it that’s for sure!! Placing tiny people and cars on your huge bare breasts for only a few seconds of amusement was a great mental image! The sight from your eyes of the tiny bugs and their once powerful machines appearing so insignificant next to only your towering nipple must have caused a little wetness for you! Soaking the building full of tiny people with your cum then crushing it inside your powerful pussy in one orgasmic moment without even realizing until you see the remains oozing out with your still flowing cum was extremely sexy! The feeling of the ground shaking as you pleasured yourself and the unintentional destruction caused only by that and the whole careless waste of all the tiny human lives for only a moment of pleasure and the fear they must have felt but also the curiosity in the presence of your immense body, the screams of fear fueling your screams of ecstasy is soooo erotic!….Wow!…..that doesn’t say near enough to tell you how great of an image you described! You should truly be the worlds first real giantess, allowing you to fulfill all your dreams and fantasies….just watching you from a hilltop as you had your fun would be an awesome sight! :evil: Great job Giantess! :D

  9. Handsome Gamer

    :woot: OMG :woot: That was amazing and I’m in New York city so that makes it even better :woot: ,when I got to the end I wanted MORE, I was hoping that you would talk more about your FEET, This is a personal request from me, the next time you write a story can you make it MORE of a FEET STORY, like 75% FEET, then the other 25% will be everything else! :D

    :love: Till next time my love :love:

  10. Handsome Gamer

    I was going to buy Midnight Goddess: Basic Edition. It’s the frist thing I’ll ever buy from your store but I have a few questions, first like how many times can I watch it??? Can I copy it to my flash drive???, and I’m not going to to buy Serving a High School Hottie as of now, but as for future reference the same questions apply to Serving a High School Hottie. I will buy Midnight Goddess: Basic Edition when you reply.

    LOVE YOU !!!

  11. Giantess Ka...

    @Handsome Gamer: Awesome! :woot: To answer your questions: 1) You can watch it a million-billion times if you want! :) It’s your movie forever, to watch whenever. It’s saved to your hard drive. 2) Yes you can transfer it to a flash drive, or any other digital device of your liking. As long as the flash drive is big enough (at least 500MB for basic edition, 1GB for Special Edition), you can copy the movie onto it. 3) The same applies to “Serving a High School Hottie”- you’re free to watch it and make as many copies as you like and transfer it to flash drives, as long as you don’t share those copies on the internet or other people (aka, piracy). :eek:

    I think you’ll REALLY really enjoy it!! Midnight Goddess is still my favorite movie! <3
    If you're really into bare feet (which I know you are, little sole bug!) and you want the highest quality video possible, I REALLY suggest going with the Special Edition for all the bonus video and pictures, which is nearly all bare feet oriented. (Bare foot ant crushing, Foot show Commentary, POV video)

    Have fun exploring my kitchen floor little bug - and be careful of my big bare feet! <3

  12. Greg Viera

    hope u had an amazing Christmas =) with the new year coming in would i be correct in guessing that u have many surprises in store for us <3. i did manage to buy serving a high school hottie
    its amazing <3 i love it. u sure can write a hell of a story. oh and the pics perfection doesn’t even come close to describe them. would the be a chance that there would be a story that would include u torment little people with ur sexy bare feet <3. though knowing u u’d probably have a story like that right my lovely goddess. well i wish u a safe and joyous new year in which the week after the 1st is my 19th bday <3 <3

  13. Kisuke Urahara

    Happy New Years Goddess Katelyn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. HW

    Happy New Year, My Goddess.

  15. Jaedon

    I wish you’d reply more to responses in your blogs, not too bothered, just for some reason I feel the need to point out flaws to help people.. even if it is annoying. Just saying as in your last blog, people did give replies to something you actually asked them for and got no reply, here you just gave a reply to someone cause he might be interested in purchasing something.

    And no.. I’m not just saying that cause mine wasn’t responded to last blog, just that it seems a 50/50 between your blogs whether you actually message back, I’m sure we all appreciate you posting awesone ones like this one.. just still.. a helpful complaint I hope.

    If not feel to take it out on the posters above me. *hides from the Goddess*

  16. MarkM

    H.G. if your see this and have not found this yet then here check these two feet stories Katelyn has given us for free. One even has a download button. (nothing here gets by me! specially when it comes to Goddess Katelyns sexy bare feet! You will LOVE these.


    And you can’t go wrong with Midnight Goddess! My fav.

  17. Giantess Ka...

    Happy new year my little bugs! 2010 is going to be GREAT! I just know it!!

    @Jaedon: Hey I understand! :eek: With you fragile things being so tiny it must be a little hard seeing how a Goddess works from down there. So lemme explain!

    Mondays are my blog days, in which I write up new blogs and respond to previous comments on my blog. Sadly last Monday I didn’t have time to respond to comments as I spent the entire day writing up this story for everyone. Responding to 21 comments (Plus the 20 some on Giantess City, making for over 40 comments!) is no small feat, especially in a way that everyone feels like they’ve talked to the towering Giantess above them on a personal level. Plus I want to actually know how each individual shrunken person feels about the subject which means re-reading all of the comments carefully and associating who likes what size. 8)

    Handsome Gamer on the other hand asked a -time sensitive- store support question that took only 3 minutes to respond to.

    So let’s say if I spend over 2 minutes on average reading and responding to every person’s comment just on my last blog, that’s -at the very least- 80 minutes (~1.5 hours) or more of reading and writing I have to do. Something I can’t afford on a normal day (in which I work 12 hours and have a few hours to myself) so I have to save it for Mondays when I have the entire day dedicated to my blog. :)

    If my schedule wasn’t organized and optimized to the very fullest in terms of productivity, there would be no way I could manage 30+ emails a day, blog stories, FX movies, weekend videos, custom videos, and huge super secret projects for 2010 all in the same week! :p

    Hopefully that answers your complaint. Trust me, I wish I had more time to chat to all my little bugs! >.< You *can* expect a response to my last blog entry (and this one!) this coming Monday. :)

  18. Jaedon

    I didn’t actually mean responding to every single comment, only that on just under half of every blog you do, there’s no reply at all.

    I do acknowledge that my tiny bug mind can’t comprehend how busy you are. :p I just think it not too much to ask that you give a nice general response after the comments dwindle off on the blog post, nothing more, a sign that you’ve read ’em or something.

    Thanks for sparing me after complaining.. and possibly using up around 5 or more mins of your time just myself! Quite surprised I got away with my life after it from you my Goddess. ^_^

  19. MarkM

    I’d like to say something quickly about this. (have to run to work here)

    First I enjoyed seeing the excitement and enthusiasm that H.G. showed towards our Goddess. It reminded me that’s exactly how I’ve felt so often too. Especially way back when I first found her. It’s good Goddess Katelyn took a moment to respond to him or his little heart might have been broken. He was just to excited. We’ve all had those moments ourselves and Katelyn has already rewarded us all by giving us her time when ever possible.

    Having said that I confess I’m just as guilty as anyone of trying to hog Katelyn’s attention. I apologize for that! It’s really hard to slow myself down once I give myself over to this fantasy. My life long Giantess fantasy coupled with Katelyn’s hotness can be quite over whelming to say the least. It might sound crazy this being Internet and all but my love for Katelyn is as real as it is for anyone else in my life.

    I sure appreciate everything you’ve done for us Katelyn! And I appreciate how hard you work! You’ve brought my life long fantasy to life and have turned me on beyond words to describe. I’ve said it before and I really mean it……… No one else has EVER turned me on the way you have as my Giantess! Not even close. It’s all been so exciting for me! I feel I’ll always owe you for doing this for me. For us.

    I’ll take that cold shower and try to slow myself down a little bit.

    Thanks Goddess Katelyn, Mark <3

  20. ShoulderDevil

    Yay! Can’t wait to hear blog responses on this one!!!!!! :D

  21. Giantess Ka...

    Response time! And tonight I should have a new blog up. So far dedicating every Monday to my blog has really worked out! (Well, except today. I HAD to go and make a short FX movie. Gah!) Time management as a Goddess is no easy feat I’ve learned. (and continue to learn) xD

    @Bobbob: Sweeet! Always happy to keep the dream alive ^.^!

    @Corsair: That’d be fun- but it’d take foorrreever. (the detail would be insane O_o) I originally thought about it before making SaHSH, but I really wanted to make a Giantess movie first. I’m sooo set on making a Giantess movie that goes wild with my fantasies! I’ll keep it in mind, though!

    @Greg Viera: Awwww ^_^ <3

    @Kisuke Urahara: LOL! :eek: Why thank you! (Trust me, you were on top one of those buildings I sat on in my story…)

    @Sixx: Seriously, that would be awesome! For some reason, I always imagined that if I actually visited Japan, I’d get off the plane and everything would be super small. Like I’d step right out of the plane and my foot would take out a huge chunk of city! Instant Giantess! As if being an American women automatically makes me big in Japan or something… I dunno! Just a strange fantasy, lol! :D

    @Grildrig: I didn’t even think about the subways! Wow! :woot: That must have been incredible seeing that flood pour down there! So hot! My fantasies will now include a subway scene! Hehe!

    @ShoulderDevil: Thanks!! :woot: Yes! Yes! Yes! :evil: How I love the screams of those helpless beneath me! I will soak the world in my cum! All you little ants will stick to the bottom of my bare soles! Mwhahaha! I will be the first Giantess… mark my words I will be… And you shall watch me from your hilltop, until your hilltop becomes a toy or a resting spot for my divine ass! :evil:

    @Handsome Gamer: 75% feet huh? Maybe next time… hehe! You’re going to love Midnight Goddess by the way, my little foot bug.

    @HW: Happy new year to you too! :)

    @Jaedon: Yes… you were lucky to get away with it this time my little bug… next time you’ll find your little 3 inch body crushed beneath my bare sole! :evil: But seriously, it’s totally cool to state your opinions about my work, my writing, and my site on here- or even email me about it! Sure, criticisms are always hard to hear (and the ones that are true sting the most), but I’d rather hear them and improve my work than not hear them at all! I want this site, movies and blog to rock and I want produce the best quality experience I possibly can. I know a TON of you little ones love to worship me, but I also want you little ones to be honest with me when it comes to me and my site. While I may stomp on you at first and grind you into the floor, I’ll quietly bend down and give you a kiss afterwords! :kiss:

    @MarkM: Awww!! Thank you so much! You’re too sweet!! o^_^o Hehehe! You always remind me of why I love doing what I do!! Even on late nights like tonight, where I feel like I’ve worked until I’ve turned into a Zombie Giantess, you always make me smile and feel all lovey dovey inside. :kiss: <3

    I'm afraid that's all my brain can handle atm, time to get some rest!! Good night tiny ones <3

    ~Giantess Katelyn <3

  22. ShoulderDevil

    As I sit upon my hilltop in my lawn chair, sipping tea and watching you have your way with the city, when I see you heading my way with a mischievous smile upon your face, I will put up my umbrella to protect me from your divine ass! :D

  23. Corsair

    Yes I remember all the time and effort you’ve put in SaHSH and you’re right the amount of time for a Giantess in a city themed story would be even greater. Instead of collaging a tiny shrunken man in a picture, it would be a whole giantess! It takes more space in a picture you know. :wink: All the details in the city would probably take even more time, you would probably want to add tiny people, cars or details that aren’t in the original picture. And I haven’t even mentioned the destruction details…

    On the plus side, a giantess in a city themed movie starring yourself would be such a dream come true! (Even though you already played in Katelyn’s playground a while ago). However making your own movie would be something different that I would be very curious to see, you’ve got your own signature you know! 8)

  24. Corsair

    Forgot to ask: are you still waiting for your growth potion to reach 100% or you think you’ll be able to achieve the project before?

  25. James

    Katelyn, I think you are hot and sexy but will you ever get a man like this? These vids r great and all, but I don’t think any man(or woman,I don’t judge) will love you for these vids. Maybe all the people watching these vids of yours like them, but maybe it is only because they think they can see free sexy Katelyn. You may wanna think about that…….

  26. Aphid

    Wow, we have SCOTT GRILDRIG posting here? Well, why not really :) He was the guy who wrote the great classics of crush that I would feel so guilty of reading way back…

  27. amadeus

    :love: o my goooooooooooood

  28. Pete

    Katelyn, in the ” Giantess Garden ” site this week under ” Drawings “, there’s a drawing titled ” thriller ” of a giantess enjoying a skyscraper.

  29. Giantess Ka...

    @Pete: Thanks, I hadn’t seen that!! So awesome!! :D

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