A Giantess Fantasy and Latest News

A Giantess Fantasy and Latest News

Thoughts… Dreams… Fantasies… I’ve been having many of them lately and as such I’d love to share them with my tiny slaves. This is what you have to live for, to die for, to be used for… I’ve also got some news on Emma as she’s coming over this weekend and I could use your little help with “Sexy Business Lady Scenarios”. I think you’ll really enjoy this blog post…

Let’s start with my latest fantasies! While pleasuring myself, here’s a hot fantasy I’ve been having and enjoying. It’s made me cum several times now. *evil grin* In the fantasy I grow into a (very horny…) Giantess right in the middle of a huge city. I stand with the skyscrapers at my knees and the little people below at my feet running in fear as they watch me grow… They scream as buildings are casually knocked over from the slightest of my movements. Once the growth has stopped, the city is all mine, a toy to play with for I am all powerful and absolutely massive in size. I move and people die underneath me without me even knowing! I laugh, taking in the power and lives at my feet and it is then I threaten the entire city with it’s destruction unless it cooperates in… pleasuring me.

I sit down, skyscrapers crashing down and buildings collapsing under my perfect ass as I pull my underwear to the side. It’s quite apparent that I’m totally soaked, as cum runs down my legs and onto the streets. I push my fingers deep inside, taking in the pleasure and letting out a deep moan. Growing makes me horny. Standing above thousands of tiny souls makes me horny. I think about how I don’t even know how many people died when I sat down- all of their lives taken for my pleasure in the blink of an eye.

I’m so deeply into it now… and I want… I want… MEN! In a sexual burst of air I order that every man in the city come to my feet and strip naked. Lines form at my right foot and I carefully assist them (although crushing a few out of sheer carelessness) with my slender yet building-sized finger tips as I rub my clit with my other hand. They are shaking in fear. Some are running. Others look up in awe. I can hardly make out their faces, they are barely the size of ants compared to me. They know this well, and that in a twist of my heel they could all be squished like bugs on the street. But they listen to me. They are under my spell. Their lives now belong to a beautiful Goddess sitting on top the ruins of their city. They are pathetic little bugs that I will have my way with.

They finally form a perfect line around my right foot and I give them their next order in worship: they will have sex with my foot. Hump it, feel it, rub their bodies against it. I want to feel their hard little cocks pulsating against my skin. I want their bodies to be mine. I want their cum, thousands of loads dripping down the sides of my feet. I want to feel them and their worship, whether they want it or not. And what a Giantess wants- she gets!! I let my crowd of devotees know that any man who can not get hard or attempts to run will be CRUSHED by my other foot or fingers.

In a perfect demonstration of that power a few little men bolt from the crowd in fear. How truly pathetic. I smile, knowing the crowd is watching and thinking of running as well, but it is too late for them. My left foot easily finds it’s prey -and along with it an entire street- cars, people, shops and the runners all are crushed in a massive explosion under my soft foot. All those people didn’t need to die. If those little men had just listened…

I start to feel the humping of the tiny crowd. They know to obey now. I smile and rub myself, moaning. I can feel them so well. I can feel their fear, mixed confusingly with their attraction to me… I look down to check for runners. A few have limp dicks and are doing a horrible job. I guess giant women just aren’t their thing. I take my fingers out of my pussy and crush them under my massive finger tips. One on this side of my foot… another by my heel… another by my toes. They are crushed, but are also stuck to my finger from my pussy’s juices! And a few are still alive and struggling to get free from their gooey imprisonment. Fuck them- I smile and push my fingers back inside of me along with their little prisoners even as they scream. Ohhhhhh yeah! ^^ With the hundreds if not thousands of men humping and throbbing against my foot, I let out a moan and go to town.

Buses. Buildings. Skyscrapers. My hands find them and they bring them to my wet pussy. I’m SO fucking horny! I shove them deep inside of me, rubbing their remains into my pussy. I grab some men from the crowd at my feet and rub them into my pussy. I bring my hand to my mouth and swallow streets of people whole. I’m not careful at all. I want to CUM all over this little city. I want to TASTE them, I want to FEEL them. My left foot smashes into buildings and people, throwing cars down entire streets. I arch my back taking in all the pleasure and power around me. So much destruction! So many lives! So much POWER!! I can start to feel the men cumming on my feet. I rip the top half of a skyscraper off its base and shove it into me. I can hear only tiny screams and my moans now. My sweat pours into the streets along with with my juices. The city knows it’s over.

In an explosion of cum, the building inside of my pussy collapses under the stress as my muscles tighten in orgasm. I let out a long scream and my hands dig into the street beneath me. My right foot is now soaked in loads of tiny cum and I raise this wet foot high above my worshiping crowd. I crush them. All of them. My orgasm claims them.

I lay down and spread out with a long moan, taking in the pleasure. This city has served me well. Smoke rises around me, screams, sirens and structures breaking apart echo in my ears. I close my eyes and smile, letting cum and people slowly drip from my massive pussy. I can feel tiny strugglings admist the blood of hundreds of bodies dripping down my bare soles. Those who have survived will never forget this day. I slowly stand up, crushing the survivors stuck to my soles. I then proceed to destroy the city.


:oops: And that’s my fantasy. It’s a bit graphic… but I suppose you won’t mind. I have gentler fantasies too… trust me. :P Yes, it’s entirely possible that you might see this as a movie of mine some day.

Another fantasy (although not as long or detailed) is simply the destruction of the state of Pennsylvania under my feet as a Mega-Mega giantess. Today I went to the salon to get my nails done and they started to do SUCH a bad job that I got up, paid for what they had done and left. It’s like they don’t even care around here. And this has been happening in every salon I go to. I never had this hard of a time finding a good salon in Florida. :evil: It pisses me off that this state is so far behind the times in technology and views and it reminds me why I moved out of it. I can’t wait until the west coast… I don’t even care about playing with Pa as a Giantess… it would please me most to demolish it under one (or both) feet and smear it into a titanic pile of devastation and lost lives. That’s good or bad news for all my slaves that live in PA.

Let’s see… and finally, a little fantasy I’ve been having (still need to feel this one through) is masturbating on a semi-crowded west coast beach as a small sized (100ft) Giantess. Or even better- a nude beach anywhere along the west coast

I hope you enjoyed my fantasies as much as I did. I’ll try to keep you updated on all of them. They change weekly, monthly, you know how it is. :mrgreen:

In other news:

Emma is coming over this weekend and we are doing sexy business lady scenarios! If you have any requests for us we’d LOVE to hear it. I’m always open to really sexy, fun ideas. Just drop me an email with your idea. You can say hi to Emma if you want too. :lol: If you’ve ever had some sexy shrinking business lady scenarios of me, now’s your time to have a chance at getting them made.

Today’s Friday so expect a Friday update in my store later today! I’ll twitter it when it goes live.

Have a great weekend little ones!


The Shrunken Perspective

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  1. Trek

    Damn, your thoughts are deep and heavy enough to rival any fetishist’s I know. :D Nice way to creatively slip through a few hours of would be boredom yeah?

    What bastards with your nails, thats a bunch of crap. :( Though it did give me a cool idea when I return to the west coast, need to learn how to airbrush with decent detail on a micro scale. Would be cool as hell to be able to brush the moon rising and setting across some sexy toenails to garner some attention, or a sun setting in its final stages through using 10 frames of progression. I dunno, it might be a cool idea. o.O

    I could think of some hot hot scenarios with you two business ladies though, keep that up and your going to set fire to my own chain of fantasies. ;))

    Hmm, I’ll have to email you an idea just cause I know it’ll bug me if I don’t. :p

  2. Kisuke

    You my goddess, have just made me soil myself. I’ve never received a hard-on like that before in my LIFE!!! The thought of you masturbating and being covered in your tidal wave of cum is exciting to me!!! I would love to see that in a movie..that’s something I’d pay out the ass to see. I had so much fun reading this blog. I can’t wait to see what’s in the store today!

  3. Rod

    Hi Goddess,
    So your a business lady and you are into the business of exterminating little ones under your sexy feet. So I stroll into your office one day with a business proposal for you. So here it is…If you can change me into a nice fat crunchy bug you will have ten minutes in order to crush me under your sexy soft feet. If you can do it within ten minutes then I will be forced to worship your feet for all eternity. But you have to do it within ten minutes for that to come true and you have to crush slowly. But I’m a fast critter and have escaped manys a female feet before. Only sexy, beautiful feet with red toenails and toerings can catch me and I can only be crushed by sexy tiptoes and soft balls of feet. Think you can handle it Goddess. If you can I will worship your feet forever. LOL Rod

  4. SilverFlame

    Yikes. I hope you’re proud of yourself, I’m not going to be able to forget that fantasy for months now! :lol:

    I’m sorry to hear about your struggle to get your nails decently done, though I do ask that you don’t take it out on all of us here in PA. While I’d love nothing more than to be crushed under your feet, I can’t help but think I’d be a tad bit depressed that my lifelong fantasy would end in just a few seconds in your rage. So when you do decide to crush Pennsylvania, would it be too much to ask that you take me to the west coast with you? I’ll be extra good, promise. :grin:

    I can’t wait to see everything you have in store for us. I hope that you liked my own little suggestion that I e-mailed to you.

  5. Jaedon

    Were I in that crowd I’d be so torn, no idea whether I’d stay or ‘make a run for it’ just to get swallowed (and not crushed hopefully but heh.. little bugs don’t get to pick, right?) Anyway, love hearing your fantasies.

    As for the thing with Emma? I’ll put my vote in for a vore scenario. Idea that springs to mind is that the both of you are interviewing someone whom will later become your victim but being unimpressed with his application you decide to shrink him and interview him for a new position, your stomach. Think that basic plot leaves you alot of room to play around with, could both taste him to see if he’s good enough for his new job, run your finger down your throat saying this is his new career path, just things like that. Scenario aside, what I’d adore to see is both of you teasing your poor victim as he arrives in your stomach. I love the mouthplay you do in your videos of course but only seem to just mention a tiny bit about digestion most the time, just saying as a fan of it I’d love to hear more. (especially if you tease about your victim being nothing more than your waste after.)

    Have fun with whatever you decide to do with Emma, can’t wait to see it.

  6. Handsome Gamer

    I think im in love!

  7. drizzle

    I would love to see that video that fantasy was awesome. love all the work you do

  8. slave

    Hello Goddess!

    isn’t it about time u have your own personal foot slave with pedicuring skills?
    maybe u could make one of your tiny slave big enough to service your foot.

    he would have to be durable of course, because he has to last for some years in and around your house, always ready to make your feet look better, but also treated like the floor, and stepped on unaware or accidentally when u are at home..

    he would have a mattress next to yours, but on the floor, and be ready to massage your feet in the morning when u wake up, or if not, serve as the soft and warm floor for your first foot out of the bed ;)
    u will always be in a good mood with the right foot first out ;)

    i’m thinking about the size of a European woman’s 43 foot, so that u could step on him from chin to foot, and he would stick out of your sandal if he would end up inside.

    then, if he is not precise or fast enough you could lend him to some big woman u know with size 43 feet, and she could really punish him in her shoe :D

    or, instead, u could grow to the size that u have 43 size feet and crush him in your own shoe, that even better!

    mmmm who could volunteer for this position :P ME ofcourse ;)

    thinking about your secretary movie, maybe some unaware inshoe crush?
    if your slaves are about the size of your feet you could really feel them, so the unaware bit could be when your feet are cold, or “sleeping” and u have to put on your shoe fast.

    do you know any people in the Netherlands with the same fantasies as u? i just met some girl on holiday who like men at her feet, and thought it was sexy for a man to lick them :)

    i hope you get your feet worshipped enough ;)


  9. west911

    Now this is what I’m talking about this is something I think we’ve been missing with your blog updates. You talking about your fantasies was one of the reasons that I started reading this blog in the first place, this post right here will keep me satisfied for a while. Maybe a little more seasoning of a detailed description of the growth and it would be perfect!

  10. kensai

    Damn I would love to be one of those tiny men humping the bottem of your foot as you squash me to oblivion after I came on your right foot.Its too bad you can’t shrink those pedicurists to a foot tall, the threat of extinguishing them by whatever method that pleases you would probably encourage them to do a good job on your lovely toes :)

  11. ryu

    I’m in your mouth. I’m trying to eacape from here!
    Can I ?

  12. Billy

    Im a bug. crush me.

  13. Mundo

    Its funny when you say everyone would run in fear when you grow. I am not one of those people at all I would get so hot from it I would probably cum right then and there! I would frantically try to get your attention so you could insert me into your vagina and use me however you want. Wow this was a great fantasy thanks for the stimulating visuals you have provided me with!

  14. Shawn


    Interesting scenario. Speaking of scenarios, are you still posting giantess fiction? I haven’t seen it lately. Just thought I’d ask.

  15. Esoom

    What a great fantasy, thanks for sharing! :wink:

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