A Criticism and Analysis

A Criticism and Analysis

Today I received a comment from Aladan57 containing some constructive criticism on my previous FX work. I think he makes some awesome points and I’d love to into detail about them. I really felt this topic deserved its own blog as it’s a criticism that has always bugged me too. Until now I’ve never really talked or explained the reasons why it exists!

Aladan57 Wrote: You have great special effects, but unfortunately most of your victims have been gnomes, ant people, some random micro city on a strawberry. Who cares. Ok, they’re already small. No one got shrunk. For me the point is to shrink victims who were once normal size or better yet taller than you. People we get to know at least a little.

Here’s an example of what you could have done with the micro city on the strawberry film you made. The film starts with the news talking about scientist who have invented a shrinking ray. Then there’s breaking news about how there was an accident and the scientist accidentally shrunk a whole city on earth. Pick any city. Say Chicago. The anchorman says, so far scientist don’t know where the city is, but it was shrunk to micro-size. Please to all citizens be careful where you step and if you find the city please call authorities.

Now we cut to you who hasn’t been watching the news and finding the city on the strawberry. Where it landed after being shrunk. You don’t know where it came from and your movie proceeds. Suddenly the fact that it’s Chicago. A normal sized city just a few seconds ago that we’re all familiar with and now a micro-city at the mercy of this normal sized girl. Makes it a hundred times more arousing. Here we have this amazing famous city with millions of people, now a tiny nothing next to your feet. You pick up the strawberry and the people are screaming. I love the power you have over the city.

In your version it’s some micro-civilization. Who cares! They’re already small to begin with? Who are there? I don’t care. It’s meaningless to me. That’s just an example of why I’m not such a big fan of your films, but at the same time. You show so much promise and I’m hopeful that your next films will make me care more.

Thank you for this comment! I’m sure many people feel this way, but sometimes I feel people are a bit hesitant to post the stuff they don’t like about my work here on my blog thinking I’ll ignore it or they’ll be attacked for it… when in reality I actually love constructive criticism. Telling me why I suck and how I could change that is awesome. You don’t get better at what you do or know the truth about how people feel if they don’t ever tell you!

You are absolutely right that most of my movies do not have strong plots and start rather randomly. Oddly enough this has been mostly due to accident and life getting in the way, rather than intentional planning! I’ve never really explained how my FX movies came about, or the turbulent history behind each of them which would explain a lot. So here goes!

Let’s start with Garden of a Giantess and why it was random. I had just moved to Seattle in real life and didn’t know any models / actors / actresses in the area. I was also really busy moving in and getting back into the flow of things and didn’t have time to find and schedule additional people or spend a huge amount of time on a film. My house was also filled with boxes and a total wreak so I couldn’t film inside. I had about two weeks to go from start to finish which is barely enough time to film a few scenes and put a few FX in. I wrote a basic guideline for a script and went outside and shot it. :D

Therefore the strawberry movie was supposed to be a very short, very quick FX movie- something simple enough I could get out in a week or so that would be a fun little test of FX and camera work. The project ended up taking a little longer than I expected (as I added more FX to every shot than I originally planned), but overall the movie was still short and sweet (literally :3) and done in a short amount of time. I did consider adding in a news-style beginning just as you suggested, but I ran out of time to add additional things and had to focus on moving in.

If I could do it again and had maybe an additional month’s worth of time I would have definitely added a story, more FX shots, and filled out the concept more. There’s no reason I can’t do exactly what you described in a future scenario however! ;D Chicago here I come!

I love a good story, and I’m right there with you in that I prefer background and believable situations, ones that allow you to feel for the characters. The story and content of Serving a High School Hottie is probably closer to what I’d like all of my FX work to represent. (Despite it being a collage story) So I’m just as frustrated as you are that many of my FX movies are random!

Let’s go back in time now. Gnomes was my first big movie ever and I really had no idea what I was doing! XD I kind of wanted to be tied up… I had a neat idea for a Gnome costume…. I had this sexy adult goth nurse outfit… one of my only adult outfits at the time! …Why not put them together I thought? The result was obviously as bizarre as it sounds, but it was my first ever and the whole movie kind of just happened by on a whim. Also, keep in mind, this movie is five years old now! It’s one of the oldest videos on my site.

As for everything before Midnight Goddess and after Gnomes, my technology was too limited to pull off the effects I wanted. I couldn’t realistically make people shrink to anything over a half an inch, or grow, or make complex dialog situations with shrunken actors without the final product looking like crap. And I hate crap. Spellbook was unique in that I spent a crazy amount of time getting it to work, but realistically I knew I couldn’t do this in every movie until my equipment improved. Once again, that was five years ago.

A Business Meeting Unaware had a plot of sorts, and I knew I wanted to head more in this direction, but I was still limited. Right after this I moved back to PA from Florida to focus on my site full time and to help my mom. Thankfully I didn’t have much stuff or equipment at the time, so this was a relatively easy move and I was able to continue with FX.

Mistaken for a Mint, My Delicious Little Toppings, I was just playing around and wanted to see if I could make movies that took weeks instead of months, stuff that could fill the gap between my large FX projects. But I was still limited by my shoddy tech. I discovered that while they were faster to make, they still ate up precious time I could use on larger FX… and I so began focusing on Midnight Goddess.

Midnight Goddess, well, I kind of wanted to leave the story up to the viewers and only hint at it. I found the mystery in this particular situation sexy. However going this route furthered compounded the idea that my movies were random and had no story! Whoops! My original estimate for this movie was three months of production. Turns out it was nine months. This was a huge learning experience for me and made me realize that if I’m going to make a movie of this size, it better have a full story so you can get to know the characters better. This resulted in me scraping my next film “The Girl Next Door” that I talked about in the Midnight Goddess bonus clip. I had already filmed half of it but it was too long and detailed in comparison to its rather simple and basic story. (This is not to be confused with “The Girl Next Door” I am filming right now, which is of completely different story and is very character heavy. I just like the name.)

So next I filmed Your Hungry Unaware Wife which had a little more story and was much shorter. Afterwards I felt I was finally in a more solidified position to make detailed FX movies with plots and more interesting characters. Instead of jumping into a new FX movie however, I had been wanting to try a collage story, mainly because I had never done one before and really enjoyed making collages. You can also get fantastic angles and interaction with collages that are much harder to capture on film. A vore scene that might last 5 seconds on film could be an entire set of extremely detailed high res photos and tell a story that could take you five minutes to fully absorb. I’m really happy with the result too! Everything from the photos to the story to the viewer I programmed turned out great. No time saved here however, it took just as long as an FX movie!

And then the year of no FX. Right after Serving a High School Hottie I had to turn my attention away from FX. I spent a full year programming my new site and store in place of making FX movies. This was something I had to do, something that I knew needed to be done as my website will forever be the foundation of all of my work. I wanted to build my own custom store that way I could upgrade it for years to come without relying on third parties. As a result there were no FX movies from Dec 2009 to April 2011. Ouch! I did plenty of testing and playing during this time, and filming my daily videos kept me in practice. I also bought tons of new high end film equipment, software, and computers which corrected all of the limitations I previously had. I just couldn’t film any FX yet! That was very frustrating.

Once my new site was out, I could finally film FX again and go all out! …. but then I began the move to Seattle, a move I knew would ultimately improve the quality of my work in every aspect possible. Had to do it. This left me with only enough time to create one medium sized FX movie. So I created Katelyn vs. Ant Men. This movie was a personal tribute to all the Pennsylvania ants that met the bottom of my soles as I grew up and to me was a fitting way to say goodbye to my home state forever. It didn’t have much story (as I played myself) but I knew I’d have plenty of time for that in Seattle where I could finally settle in and make movies, movies, and more movies.

That brings us to today where I’m finally not burdened with limitations, time, life happenings, or other unrelated projects! There are still some large non-FX programming projects I want to work on, such as improving Giantessbooru for everybody, but they are more long term and ultimately I’m working on FX full time now. Unlike previously where I could only have one movie going at a time, I’ve got six or so new movies in the works as I write this! Each new movie will get progressively more detailed, more in depth, and feature more characters and actors. From here the sky is the limit… or maybe the galaxy… depends on how large I grow!

“Big Sister’s Big Feet” has a cute story, although it jumps right into the action from the start. It’s pretty much my warm up movie. “Sex with Her Science” is more detailed, and features a story involving a nerdy girl documenting a micro civilization for school… as she accidentally eats and fucks it! “The Girl Next Door” is a very cute young lust story that features a very different way of shrinking. (Although the beginning is shot from your POV, as I want it to really feel like it’s you. The shrinking however is not… you’ll see!) A third movie I haven’t talked about, involves a threesome and the jealousy afterwards gone horribly wrong. My first Giantess and Growth Film will definitely have a VERY cool story, one you will love, although I can’t say anything about it yet! And finally, I have a few other movies in the works that involve believable, emotional characters getting tangled up in dangerous and sexual twists. (And they may come out before the other movies I’ve mentioned here) Best of all this is just the beginning, the tip of the iceberg to all the movies I’ve always wanted to make!! :D I now have the time, the resources, and the locations to finally go all out. Each new movie should address further the depth of story and character criticisms we share.

Hopefully this better explains why my previous FX movies haven’t had much story substance and why there have been so many delays in between movies. Trust me, I have been just as frustrated and have felt the exact same way you have! The good news is these problems should be a thing of the past. :)

Thanks again criticism and for the opportunity to talk about this! <3


The Shrunken Perspective

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  1. nboud223

    Have you ever thought of remaking some of your older fx movies?
    with the better tech and more actors they’d be so much better (not that they were bad)
    Like “A Business Meeting Unaware” for example. With more actors there could be more shrunken people and unaware business ladies! (In even sexier looking clothing i might add ;) )
    Also the whole Gulliver’s travel idea could make for some cool FX quickies.
    Can’t wait for you new FX movies btw! :D I’m gonna love “Sex with Her Science” <3


  2. coolk17

    Well I’ll most likely wait for you to come out with the giga and micro stuff. An when you do come out with those fx films, I how to see your feet for a 60% of the video :) The last thing I brought from you was “Midnight Goddess” and that was so good it still works for me. An I got it almost 2 or 3 years ago. You said that you’ll be putting out FX films much faster, right? Well does that mean we’ll see like 4 FX movies done in 2 months or so? I mean it doest matter to me, cause I’m waiting on those micro an GIGA movies. So I’m thinking the faster you put out the other stuff, the faster we’ll get to the real EPIC STUFF. :D

  3. Joseph Rogers

    I agree with nbound223. When you get better tech, and better actors, I’m an un-proffessional actor, but could do one of these, and if you don’t mind, I have an idea for a Gentle GTS story.

  4. MarkM

    Thanks Katelyn it’s always very interesting to hear so many of the behind the scenes unknown details like these you have just explained. I have so much respect for the high quality work you do I can’t even tell you. I don’t share the same criticism given because all I see is how your work just totally blows away just about anything else out there. Every time I get it in me to go look around some where else I come away very disappointed.

    I’m not saying that to butter you! I’m not afraid to criticize. I think I have told you at least one or two things I didn’t like in the past too. Remember I didn’t care much for ‘Serving a high school hottie’ (pictures were hot though) or ‘Giantess walks among us (cuz of sex scene with a Giant guy)’ and I didn’t like the stockings in ‘Party Crushes’ But I EXPECT not to like everything because your video’s have to have things everyone likes not just what I like. So basically I’ve never had a complaint or been disappointed.

    I can see what Aladan57 is saying and how his suggestions would be improvements. It looks like you have addressed that well and Aladan57 along with the rest of us have so much to look forward to! I appreciate your sharing some more of your plans even though some were still suppose to be secret.

    Gosh I’m so excited about the future of what you have coming for us I can’t even believe! I’m worried about being able to afford everything so I’m gonna start saving again right now. I’m pretty sure I want to buy every single thing you do!

    Before I end I’d like to say Midnight Goddess is still probably my over all fav. but I still Love Spellbook too! Phil was the perfect size for me and I Loved when you picked him up and moved him between your toes gently without hurting him! (hint if you can ever to do that again!)

    Giantess is about Love for me! I Love you and thank you with all my heart for bringing such enjoyment my way! I never even thought possible!

    (not trying to butter you!!!)


  5. johnn

    About the city on a strawberry I agree at 100% with Aladan57 !!!
    However Midnight Goddess is still probably my favorite movie.. followed by the city on a strawberry!

  6. Corsair

    I have to totally disagree with Aladan57 here. I guess it’s just a matter of personal taste. I don’t mind if the story is not really deep, because the fetish still works for me. It’s a little bit like a porn movie, you don’t want the story to be too long and too detailed. For example, with the city on a strawberry, you can imagine that Katelyn shrunk Chicago beforehand if you want, or you can imagine whatever the hell you want, what is important for me is to see the action part where she eats the city. Same thing with Midnight Goddess, I don’t care to know why there are little people in her house, I just want to see her chase them and kill them. As I said it’s all a matter a personal taste. Some people like the see the actual shrink or growth process, personally I don’t need it I just want to see the action. For example, I prefer giantess a lot better over shrunken people. I don’t care to know why the girl became giant I just want to see a lot of destruction and rampage. The rest you can imagine whatever reason you’d like for her to become a giantess. Bottom line is, I don’t want to be bored with complex stories just cut to the action! I’m a simple man I guess, lol!

    Personally, the only reason why some of your movies don’t do it for me is that they all involve shrunk people and I’m more into giantess. Don’t get me wrong some of your work is fantastic, like Midnight Goddess or Serving a High School Hottie, I still watch them from time to time.

  7. jonh

    your videos are great but i wold like see is a movie of you growing into giantess and crush the citizens and “plaiyng” in the citie and destroying in the final! :D

  8. Chuck

    Constructive criticism is always welcome, specially if you can also take it as a start to explain why some things don’t look that polished. Helps to understand everything better.

    Some people just want to go straight to the erotic/fetish content, others want some implication, some little background. Usually, this is because of this kind of videos also use some POV takes. This helps the viewer to be part of the action itself. It’s not the same looking at a girl stroking some random guy’s junk rather than the same take but from the guy’s perspective, so it can look like that’s your cock. A bit more “in-the-action” stuff. And sometimes you want to be more in this if you know why “you” are there in the first place.

    Focusing in giant/shrunken action, the POV takes are important for creating the size difference illusion more realistic. And “you” want to know how you got that small or how that apparently nice girl is now so massive and wants to gentlely play with or torture you or even kill you, using her body for that. Some solid background helps the fantasy to be more “realistic”, helping the right takes to work the illusion and make it more arousing, more vivid. Acting helps too.

    Now… I’ve taken the time to check some on the Internet – free and paid – and I can tell you that despite your plots being weak because there isn’t a solid background, you have some of the finest job out there. And it’s not just because you know how to feel the viewer like one of your little pets, which is very important, it’s because you care about everything having some sense, even in short vids. Sure, you just need to make these plots more solid, but now that you’ve got some experience, people are sure looking forward for what you’ll show next.

    Also, now this is a bit more personal, from non-pro actor to non-pro actress… I could also point out that your acting has improved. Not award-winning, but decent at least. Maybe you could try sometimes to be a bit less exaggerated, even when being aroused. At least your acting is better than in some ‘big studios’ out there. Just being a bit nitpick about you sometimes acting not that natural. But it’s OK, I know the feeling, it took me a lot in my college theater group to appear natural when acting, so you just need some more training. Nothing big, I’ve seen worst actresses in this industry.

    So I wish you the best of lucks. Keep improving and polishing. Some should learn from your efforts.

  9. AnonymousKing

    I kinda agree with him, but at the same time I never buy clips with that kind of extended intro, because it usually adds onto the amount that the buyers pays. Its fine if its only 1 minute and $1 extra, but it becomes a problem if its 3-5 minutes for $3-5… sure it may not be much, but it costs your casual regulars (as opposed to hardcore regulars who buy everything regardless) to second guess whether or not to buy it more often, and sometimes even converts them to pirating once they realize they payed $20-30 for 20-30 minutes of intro limbo over multiple videos I’d imagine. I’d recommend either having a video with and without the intro (with seperate costs), or making the cost per minute lower for the intro portions… it wouldn’t prevent buyers from buying, but it would make buyers less hesitant and more likely to buy multiple videos… and believe me, being someone who works on video editing and whatnot, I know its a pain to make intros (especially for cheap), so I’m taking that into perspective too.

  10. gtsquisit

    OK, here’s the thing. Your FX videos are on par if not better than a lot of pro gts producers out there. I’d have to say tywest and jcalin are king, but you are the queen.

    I think I get what aladin is saying, but the majority of folks looking for erotic or fetish films aren’t looking for a back story. To get the best of both worlds you may want to get more personable with youre micro characters. For example, instead of some random tiny that gets squished into oblivion by ass, you can frame a shot of the tinys horrified face as a looming shadow envelopes him. the shot whould be from a birds eye view of the character looking up into the camera.

    The camera can do wonders for everybody. Another example whould be to show regular shots(not micro camera shots)of the tinys talking with each other. And lastly, give some of them names. This will allow your audience to emphasize with the characters. This is even if the characters wont be around for long :-P

    I suppose the gist of this, is the development of anticipation.

    Pardon my typing…. tping on a tablet can be a bitch.

  11. gtsquisit

    Oh, and midnight godless was my absolute fav. I think it was you’re best FX movie to date.

  12. Greg Viera

    Constructive criticism can be helpful i should now hehe i get it all the time its how we get better <3 Midnight Goddess and the Birthday Surprise Videos are all awesome :) those are my fav FX Videos :) Garden of a giantess is also sexy hehe

  13. limpDIK

    For me, it’s never about what the fans like, it’s about obeying the commands of a goddess for her sexual gradification. How is an insenct going to tell a giantess what to do?

  14. Aladan57

    Wow thanks Katelyn. I appreciate this and I’ll be back with a longer response soon.

  15. gtsquisit

    I hope this thread doesnt get buried with the release of the new comic. Id love to hear her thoughts.

  16. Giantess Ka...

    @gtsquisit: It won’t- I just need more time to write up my response. :3 It’ll probably be sometime in the next few days.

  17. Admiral Awe...

    Would love to see a video(s) when the person is 2-3 inches.

  18. Corsair

    Would love to see a video(s) where Katelyn is 2-3 thousands feet. :D

  19. cesar

    I dont understand why the victims never can defend from you!
    This can be very exciting but never happen. Is very sad =(

  20. Billy

    I don’t really have criticism of your movies. There are some I love and others that I know are made for a different audience than myself, which is fine because I love you for doing this at all Katelyn, including how you have been so personal in everything. One movie that has always been my favorite, is Waiting Unaware. I always wish it continued from the ending when you slide him in your shoes. That was just a movie that had everything for me. I wanted to just let you know that.

  21. Aladan57

    I’m almost 40 now and have issues getting it up. It’s not that I can’t, but it’s harder for me than it used to me. It takes more to stimulate me these days. I need more character and story development. I need a reason to care. I really have to concentrate. So I can only speak for myself, but I’m sure I’m not alone.

    Most of the people here, who have no problem with Katelyn’s films are probably pretty young or can easily get aroused. So it doesn’t take much. Just show a random giant girl. Random tiny victim and that gets them going. I’m sure my 17 year old self would have loved anything Katelyn did on her page and I would have had no complaints. Back in my day if Katelyn had just touched my shoulder i would have erupted everywhere with joy juice. Alas those days are gone. I’m currently looking into getting Viagra. So will see.

    In the mean time I really appreciate you taking the time Katelyn and listening to my constructive criticism. I’m not saying all your films should be like I suggested, but to consider all the different guys out there who have different needs, when it comes to popping their cork. If you get my drift.

    Also, I understand now, Katelyn. Why you made the decisions you did and all the work that goes into making your films and all you do for this community. In my day I never dreamed in my lifetime I would see all the giantess content we see today, like many here, for years I thought I was alone in liking giant women. We’re really blessed to have you Katelyn Brooks.

    P.S. If you need any suggestions on projects, tips, even voice work. Please don’t hesitate to email me.

  22. MarkM

    Hey Aladan57 I hope you won’t mind a response from me.

    I’m actually a little older than you and I can relate to what you said. Getting older can suck for us men in the way you mentioned. I don’t take anything but would recommend against Viagra. It cuts blood flow off to the optic nerve and there have been rare occurrences of damage leading to blindness as a result. Not worth the risk in my opinion. I “think” they have better options now days than Viagra which was one of the first of such drugs.

    Exercising, eating healthy and staying fit (keeping weight down) treating high blood pressure if you have it, etc. are all things which can help. The biggest thing that helps me is somewhat limiting the frequency of enjoyments. Gosh honestly that sure is tough though because Katelyn is so damn hot. I just want her everyday! Have to resist sometimes to save myself so I can be sure to have enough left in me to satisfy my wife!

    So funny what you said about if Katelyn just touched you in your younger days! Yeah me too!!! Absolutely!


  23. potzorbie

    I prefer the little people to start little. I don’t need a story explaining why they are small. This goes better with unaware scenarios.

  24. Aladan57

    You don’t necessarily need a story, let alone a long story to add just a little bit of relevance. For example you establish it’s the bosses secretary and she’s unaware he shrunk and he’s trying to get her attention. Just that tiny bit of info can make a tiny bit of difference to some people.

  25. JiM

    completely agree with Aladan57. I’m in my mid-20’s and I get a bit annoyed when I have no context to the tiny people in the films. That context creates the attractiveness of the scenarios. It’s all shot from the Point of view of the Giantess and not the shrunken people (and shooting POV shots do not help that). We learn more about the Giantess than we do about the victims. In order to get a chemical response from the viewer, you need an emotional connection with the victim.

    For instance, what is more arousing… A woman stepping on an ant-size guy in the kitchen. Or a girl stepping on a boy from school that has a crush on her.

    Let me fix Aladan57’s statement. Just that tiny bit of info can make a BIG difference to some people.

  26. Chuck

    Wow, you guys sure love giving this tons of thoughts, don’t you? That’s not a bad thing, although I’ve never seen it to be that deep. It was all constructive criticism and the answer to such.

    Also, I’m not aroused by the sight of giant women specifically – I confesed in a previous entry to be more of a hand fetish guy -, but I can see your point about not getting up easily.

    Anyway, it isn’t asking about a very complex story, plot twists and so, just a little bit more of background so some people will get more involved when watching the videos. I think it’s as simple as that… but that’s just me. :P

  27. Aladan57

    Thanks Jim.

  28. Aladan57

    When it comes to Giantess. I was always into the turning the tables aspect of the Giantess. Since society in general sees the woman, in physicality anyway, as the weaker sex. So by her shrinking a 6ft tall man to 3 inches tall or growing giant herself. I always saw it as her turning the tables on the man and now she’s way stronger. She’s like a goddess next to her victim and he was once the dominate one. Well not anymore. His life is at the mercy of this beautiful goddess.

    It works with females too. If Katelyn shrunk the popular girl in school. Just watching the once popular confident girl now a tiny nothing begging for her life and the now giant Katelyn grinning. Is very arousing.

  29. Midyin

    If you ever decide to put a state on a piece of food could it be NJ?… I think i speak for everyone that doesn’t live there when I say the rest of the country would be better off…. LOL!!

    Joking aside though. I see where he was coming from. Character development is an important part of every story. You don’t have to write a long detailed back story for each victim, but If you tell us a little about these tiny people it will make them seem even more real… like you did in Midnight Goddess.
    that dialog between the tow little people on the cookie about their missing friend gave us an idea of who she was. Hell I almost wanted to see her make it….. Almost.. >:)

  30. Aladan57

    This is main reason why the famous “LIT” Pamela Anderson music video fails. For me anyway. While this 2000 music video was a ground breaking turning point for the GTS community. It could have been so much more. On paper it sounds pretty amazing for a GTS lover and believe me the video has it’s moments. My problem with it is that it’s pointless and left me asking questions. Is the band shrunk or is Pamela giant? Where are they? It’s shot with a random blue background. Why does she wanna kill them? What’s her motivation. This made me not care why she was doing anything and made me get less horny and the more I watch it. The less horny I got.

    How could it have been improved? Well I always imagined my version like, first of all the video would take place on a real location. The band goes to Pamela’s mansion and is trying to get Pamela to appear in their music video, but she keeps slamming the door on them. So as wacky music videos do. They come up with a way to get inside her mansion by shrinking themselves.

    They hide in the pizza box of pizza delivery guy. Pamela doesn’t notice them. They get out of the box. Using something to climb down from the table. Pamela is sunbathing in a bikini near her pool and she’s barefoot of course. The music starts as they climb up to where she is by throwing a make shift grappling hook made from a tiny string around Pamela’s right toe and climb up. Then proceed to walk all over her body. At first she doesn’t notice them, but after a while she does, but she deviously smiles to herself.

    From here it’s some of the same things seen in the original video. Pamela eats some of them, but I’d have a crush scene for the lead singer. Since it’s a mainstream video though I doubt they would have done a barefoot crush. So for a more likely realistic conclusion if it was ever made. She puts her stilettos on by this point and steps on the lead singer. At the end she jumps in the pool and comes out all wet and looking all sexy and hot. Great video huh?

  31. WDC

    I don’t agree with any of it. There is nothing sexier than you being you and doing what you love. They’re just jealous because the mega fans have the most incredible goddess of them all.

  32. Aladan57

    That’s one person’s opinionated taste, but jealous? I don’t even get that. I was just giving Katelyn some advice and she kindly took it as constructive criticism. If anything I’m supportive. I love what she is doing for the community and want her to succeed. Both for her and her fans.

  33. WDC

    you stated you were not a “such a big fan”, and that if certain criteria were met you might be.
    I think what Katelyn does is brilliant, it is so wonderfully innocent and so amazingly feminine that it sums up everything that’s missing from so many other productions that are crawling with a mans perspective and need to explain. She is far and away the most convincing giantess and one who seems like she’s actually having fun doing it, not just because the pay is good. It is my opinion, but it’s my opinion men are as good as they try to be, but women are as wicked as they dare. It’s a wonderful thing when it’s allowed to exhibit itself without those “male” demands, and pedantic explanations.

  34. Aladan57

    Yeah in that I’m not drooling over, but I see potential. You’re probably a young person. So it doesn’t take much to get you aroused.

  35. Hordeham

    I like some of the stuff Aladan57 wrote, but for me to not know the victim that well as long as the giantess knows shes about to snuff out alot of innocent lives with famlies and loved ones but she dosent care because they are microbes to her. i would like to see more of katelyn and the other giantesses rampaging through a city stepping barefoot into running crowds but i know that will come in time. for me a aware and cruel giantess is a turn on for me.

  36. Lilleo1968

    I always like it when a film maker does a retro 1950’s style Sci-Fi shrinking movie like Incredible shrinking man. One that allows the models to dress up in retro clothing and use black and white.

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