A Business Meeting Unaware – Released!

A Business Meeting Unaware – Released!

I’m proud to say after many weeks of hard work and several sleepless nights my ultimate office fantasy has finally come to life! What was originally going to be a simple illustration of one of my office fantasies quickly turned into a massive project when week after week I continually added more and more effects, footage and fantasy to the film to satisfy my sexual cravings…

The farther I progressed into the film the more I wanted this to be my hottest, most realistic film and also the one that was closest to my true fantasy yet. If you’ve ever wanted to be swallowed alive or crushed barefoot by an unsuspecting business Goddess/Giantess, here’s your chance! <3

The Story:
Dressed up for business, I head over to the office to have a meeting with my boss about the coversheet on my TPS reports. Running a little late I give him a quick call to let him know I’m nearly there– when all of a sudden his phone goes dead! Unable to reach him again, I shrug it off and just make my way to the office.

Upon arriving I find the office eerily quiet… as if everyone disappeared. Completely unknown to me are the lives of my co-workers who somehow ended up shrinking down to incredibly tiny sizes- so small I don’t even notice them screaming at my feet! The first casualty of my massive size is the secretary, who ends up a splattered mess under my massive high heel as I make my way to the meeting room. When I begin to devour the office room snack – chips and dip – even more tiny lives are lost as I swallow and chew up two of my tiny co-workers. Down at my feet I kick off my high heels and end up crushing, smothering and terrifying five shrunken co-workers of mine- two girls and three guys. Nearly all of them are individually crushed by my powerful feet- one between my toes, one under my big toe, one under my heel… and one just like a tiny mosquito! A lone female co-worker of mine manages to escape with her life… only to become trapped inside my shoe. *evil grin*

All the while I continue devouring chip after chip, my boss wiggling in the dip. He struggles as my chips come closer and closer, I being completely oblivious to his tiny screams and struggles. The only thing on my wandering mind happens to be how delicious these chips taste and how relaxing it is to have my feet out of those high heels! My boss’s luck finally runs out  when he ends up on a chip heading directly to my hungry, salivating mouth. My tongue brings him deep inside my mouth and I swallow my tiny superior (or should I say inferior!) alive. As I crunch and swallow my last few chips, we see him struggling deep inside of my stomach. And finally, later that night… when my chip filled lunch is on it’s way out… we see the digested remains of those who were in the dip inside my intestines. Completely unaware of all that took place and my digested friends, I casually wash my hands and reapply my makeup as if nothing had ever happened…  life is so boring as an intern! <3

What you’ll see and hear:
– Three delicious co-workers being swallowed and chewed alive, playfully dipped around and then scooped up on yummy chips- how “Honey we Shrunk Ourselves” should have been!
-Five Unique Unaware Barefoot Crushes all from extremely close up sexy angles with plenty of unaware foot teasing and terror!
-A brief look inside my powerful stomach as my boss winds up swallowed alive!
-Deep within my Intestines.. after a few hours of eating all those chips and people
-Beautiful extreme detailed close ups of my mouth and feet as I crush and eat
-Realistic sound including crushes, inside shots and screaming, yelling for my attention
-High Quality special effects and interaction (as always!)
-A very hungry business lady who unknowingly ruins a meeting.. and nine tiny lives ^.^
-Multiple angles of everything- POVs from the dip, extreme close ups, full body shots
– 27 minutes of pure unaware Giant Business Lady mayhem!
-A FREE 16 minute bonus clip that contains the sexiest parts enlarged and slowed down
If you are into vore (or eating) even the slightest, you will go absolutely crazy over this movie!
-If you love seeing my soft feet, you will also go absolutely crazy over this movie!

The Details:
A Business Meeting Unaware
Fetishes: Unaware, Vore, Barefoot Crush, Digestion, Shrunken People, Food
Length: 27 minutes
Filesize: 315mb
Included Extras: Comes bundled with a an additional 16 minute bonus clip filled with slow motion
Price: $29.99

Screen Shots:
5 New Screen shots <3

A Business Meeting Unaware Preview 1

*licks lips*

A Business Meeting Unaware Preview 2

Getting read to grab a chip…

A Business Meeting Unaware Preview 3

Mmm, that dip looks yummy!

A Business Meeting Unaware Preview 4

My very sexy lips…..

A Business Meeting Unaware Preview 5

Eating the boss. <3

So there you have it. I just know my shrunken pets are going to absolutely love this movie. ^_^ It also makes me incredibly happy (and horny <3 ) to be able to share such a close fantasy with you all. It’s more than just a movie and I want you to be a part of it.

For those who have downloaded and seen it now, please let me know what you think! Feel free to post here on my journal or email me if you want to keep it private. I may not be able to respond to all of you but know that I read each and every one!

It sure feels good to finally have this movie out!


The Shrunken Perspective

23 Responses and Counting...

  1. anonymous

    Do you ever find out what caused them to shrink anyway? I’m not sure if this gets addressed in movie, but I’d be curious to know.

  2. Giantess Ka...

    That’s a good question. I don’t really know. And since I was unaware of them shrinking we never find out in the movie either. Perhaps it was a careless under-the-breath wish coming true after being asked for a third time that day “if I got the memo”?

  3. anonymous

    Those darn TPS reports!

  4. anonymous

    What is a TPS report?

  5. anonymous

    “what’s a TPS report?”

    – watch a movie called Office Space and enjoy ^_^

  6. anonymous

    GtsQuisit: well i though it was cool. i had to FF though some parts though, but the fx and sfx were superb. The stomach seen was very creative. I didn’t really get what was happening in the bathroom scene, it was a little blurry and went by really quick.

    I absolutely loved the crush scene where you squished the girl against the table leg. The mouth scenes were pretty cool too. I was on the edge of my seat waiting for you to get to the boss! was that his parts i saw in your mouth while chewing? really cool.

  7. anonymous

    My first attempt the downloading froze 2/3 of the way thru anf I am doing it again but its going VERY slow. Hopefully it will work.

  8. Giantess Ka...

    Ug- I really have to find some better hosting soon. It might be a good idea to use a download manager like Orbit: http://www.orbitdownloader.com/

    Really sorry about the speed, the first few days are always the roughest on my server :(

  9. twcool

    I just got to say I love the Office Space tribute with the TPS reports. Unfortunately I’m not crazy with vore, so I wont really be getting this video, but I must say the pics do wonders for your great FX skillz. I wish I could just see the part where you crush the poor secretary with your high heel…. woooooo! Go Katelyn go.

  10. anonymous

    Payment went through, clicked on the link and it came back page not found.

  11. anonymous

    Thank you Katelyn! I love you so much for making these wonderful videos. I seriously wanna buy your videos. Normally I’m not into amatuer homemade videos, but yours are such high quality and professionel. I get excited. I enjoy your acting too. Since you’re into the fetish like us. You know all the right things to say and do.


    P.S. When is your next contest?

  12. anonymous

    I know what caused the shrinking. Earlier that day they all went to lunch together at a nearby restaurant. On the way there they noticed green mist coming up out of a manhole. Foolishly they went to investigate as the green mist spread all around them. Not thinking much they moved on.

    What they didn’t know is that a nearby experimental facility had just dumped some of their raw chemical sewage in the river. That flowed into the sewer pipes. That sewage contained an experimental chemical, dubbed Alph-Red-9. It supposed to revolutionize the moving industry. By shrinking large objects and making them easy to movie.

    Your movie picks up when the chemical starts to take ir’s effect on them. Then Katelyn gets there afterwards. That’s when the accidental fun begins >:)
    Poor people, important rich, making lots of money, now meer lint around a goddess. Who just a few moments ago was a normal beatiful intern working under these people. Now they’re under her. Literally, muawahaha!


  13. anonymous

    First of all Katelyn, I wanna say you’re a very beautiful woman and it’s refreshing to find a woman who’s actually into vore for once. I’m not sure if this is possible but I had an idea for a movie that you might could consider in the future: You unknowingly swallow a group of about 4-5 people while chugging some sort of soda(or eat something your choice), afterwards you belch loudly as your victims land inside of your stomach. The rest of the movie is set inside of your belly, as they attempt to survive your stomach acid and digestive processes. You take a nap the entire time and constantly rub your stomach, as you sleep. At the end of the movie, it goes back to a shot of you and you finally awaken. After you’re awakened you burp once more as a sign of your newly digested snacks, the ending of the movie will show what’s left of them inside of your large intestine. You can make any changes you really want but I really would like to see something of some sort based inside of you.

  14. aborigen77

    Absolutely fantastic. Excellent pictures, excellent execution. I’m excited to read through everything.

  15. anonymous

    I loved this movie, very very sexy, great acting, great effects.

    the only minor complaint about it is that the “intestines scene” was a bit hard to make out what was happening. if the camera was steady, and not a bit blurry during that one scene, it would have been perfect ^_^

  16. anonymous

    Looks great! You really bring so much to the table in the macrophilia community.

    High heels and suit, but no nylons? Ahhh! :)

  17. anonymous

    I wish I worked in that office! You are so hot! I love your feet! I would massage each 1 of your giant toes for 24 full hours!

  18. anonymous

    Wow thanks for totally ignoring me Katelyn. If you didn’t like my backstory to your movie you could have just said. I was just trying to add some extra weight behind it. but whatever :(


  19. Giantess Ka...

    Hey! I’ll have you know I liked your back story! ;)

    I wasn’t trying to ignore you at all. I know many people feel this way when I don’t respond to their comment or I’m unable to reply, but everyone needs to really keep in mind that I get comments, forum replies, emails, private messages (on here, on the forums, on Flickr)at a rather silly rate. It’s very easy to miss a comment or skip a comment for the time being only to forget to come back to it later. When you have thousands of shrunken pets at your feet, it’s hard to hear and respond to every single one 100% of the time! O_o Even if what they have to say is really cool or hot :)

    I do try to read every message I get, and sometimes I just can’t always respond to every single one. Otherwise I’d end up spending all of my time replying to comments and not filming new movies! :P <3

    ~Goddess Katelyn <3

  20. anonymous

    Well does that mean you love me? j/k lol. It’s all good. I just thought my backstory was pretty good. I like my giantess clips to have a more realized story, just shrinking or a girl growing giant for no reason, like the pam anderson lit video. Is kinda meaningless. There has to be a build up to the story, to give it more weight for when you actually are the giantess.


  21. anonymous

    I was really disappointed about this film. Instead of hearing her chew for like 90% of the movie I much rather would have preferred to hear dialog from the shrunken people.

    Also the shrunken people don’t move at all from where they stand. They are all just wailing there hands like idiots. I don’t know, for $30 I expected a lot more – I don’t think I’ll ever be buying any more clips from you :(

  22. Anonymous

    I want to be inside you

  23. Anonymous

    should have dropped someone in your bra and taken the pic <3

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