Happy New Year 2021!

Happy New Year 2021!

2020 was a year that’ll never be forgotten by any of us. The Coronavirus hit the news like crazy just weeks after I found out I was pregnant. (We were trying) Throughout the year 2020 and continuing to this day we’ve all been adapting to how different it is to be living through a persisting pandemic. Now a new year has begun and I’m enjoying life as a new mother and thinking about what I’d like to do both personally and for business in 2021. Keep reading if you’d like to know what that entails!

Friday Update Size Fetish Video Exclusivity

Last year you saw a new video hit the store every Friday and I enjoyed maintaining that release schedule. I plan to get back to it this month with one difference. (You’ll like it, trust me!) Any video that’s not the size fetish will be released in between as an extra update. No more off-fetish videos taking up Friday update space! (Not that anyone ever complained).

As always, you can find my videos at the GK store and Clips4Sale store

Customs are Open

Right now you have the opportunity to order a custom with my LACTATING TITS guys!!! Fantasize about it for a moment. Imagine looking up at my big perky milky nipple as you feel warm drops drip onto your naked shrunken body. Live in my bra for a day and feed from my nipple, lick it all over, fuck it. Watch me bask in enjoyment as I playfully squirt milk at you!!!!! 

I could go on for pages. If it appeals to you then go ahead and type out your fantasy and order it as a custom from me! <3 May is the soonest that I *might* stop breastfeeding, but it’d be best for you to try to get it in my schedule ASAP since I’m VERY booked up. I’m available for other themes as well BTW, just check out my customs page to see what I’m interested in shooting!

Website Upgrades

In December I carefully compared web development companies to find a good fit for my website and my top pick responded fast! I’m not doing anything major like an entirely new website (at least not for now), but instead I’m hiring for just a few things that could use improvement. One at a time. Some stuff is back-end and won’t be noticeable to you and other upgrades will be noticeable. 

New Mama & Pandemic Life

For those of you who are curious about how things are going with me being a new mama- I’m actually currently a full time stay at home mom and also working on my business alongside it. To make this possible I’m working here and there when baby naps, an hour or two after hubby gets home from work, and on weekends as well.

I plan to stick to this schedule for at least the amount of time I want to directly breastfeed around the clock. This also just so happens to keep our outside world exposure reduced as the pandemic continues, so it’s a win win for sure. Everything works out well for me since I like to keep busy and am full of energy, but I am human and I do get tired every now and then too lol!

By the way I was super careful throughout my pregnancy last year (and continuing) by keeping distance from people, wearing a mask, using antibacterial products to sanitize my hands, antibacterial wipes to sanitize this & that, not touching my face when out, massively reducing outings (I used to go out every weekend and only went out a few times last year and to selective places or at selective times), reducing online orders, using instacart for groceries and sanitizing the packages, etc. Haven’t gotten Covid yet, so it’s been working. Have you gotten it? Some of my relatives got it and barely had any symptoms, but one nearly died in the hospital from it. Fucking crazy. I’m going to continue being careful… 

My fingers are crossed that I can get a vaccine this year and that it’s safe for breastfeeding mothers or else I’ll have to wait. And, despite all of the other crazy shit that’s happening in the world right now on top of the pandemic, I’m really enjoying every second of being a new mom. Having a little one gives me something wonderful to focus on. I love taking care of her and my love for her is unpassable. It’s a kind of love I never felt before or certainly not as deeply. 

I still do look forward to getting back to business full time 40 hours a week when I’m ready to. Until I do, though, I’m already expecting somewhat bumpy Friday updates and to not have time for much else than that. My updates will most likely, probably, definitely, be inconsistent. I would like to hit most Friday updates though and I will be back full time when I’m ready! :)

I Still Want YOU!

Do you know what I still desire oh so much? Having YOU as my beloved shrunken one. Online or in person if it’s possible to shrink you down some day. (We wish… right!?!) This is a deepest desire at my core, is part of who I am, and don’t you ever forget that! <3

I look forward to bringing you a sexy new video most Fridays and making the most I can out of this new year and every one after that. Thank you for stopping by, reading, supporting my work, and enjoying this fetish with me. 

With Love,


The Shrunken Perspective

7 Responses and Counting...

  1. Snacksizeollie

    Such a nice read! Thanks for taking the time.

    Happy you’re healthy and well and look forward to seeing what size content you produce in 2021.

  2. Diaz

    Hope you have a good 2021!

    Although I do have a question, will we ever see any more new SFX videos? Are you done with that forever? I hope not, your SFX videos are amazing.

    Take care of yourself and stay safe!

  3. Josh

    That is so awesome! Congratulations to you both for your daughter! I’m sure she’s absolutely perfect. It’s such a wonderful and exciting time when they are so young.

    Thank you for the update! Stay safe and we all look forward to more amazing content from you!

    Forever at your feet, Josh

  4. Xd1223

    Hello Katelyn,

    First of all I wanted to congrats you for all the good content you give us for years now ! Thank you also for keeping us updated with amazing photos and video, even during your pregnancy. You are, and you’ll be, always the best giantess ever !!

    I would like to ask you some questions I want to ask you for years but never did it, so I’ll do now and I hope you’ll get some time to answer me. It would be awesome to know answers ^^ So pleeease answer me :-P

    I’m particularly addict to your giantess vore videos,and my first question id to know if you’ve ever actually swallowed some of the plastic toys guys involved in your clips, on purpose or by accident ?
    My second question is related only if the answer for the first in “yes”, can you tell me how it happened (missing a tiny in a sandwich for exemple, or anything that could happen during a shoot), and if you found them back after ?
    My third question is to know if some of the models you are used to work with also actually swallowed the guys, and who did it ?

    And my fourth question would be to know, if you remember, what are the clips name in which the potential actual swallows happened ?

    I hope my questions are not too weird for you ans that you’ll take time to answer me. Waiting for it, I wish you great continuation and a very good day :-)

  5. Koto

    My word! Congratulations on the marriage AND the kiddo!

  6. Steve

    Hello Giantess Katelyn,

    I have followed your work since almost at the beginning. I think I was in high school. Since I discovered my interest in this fetish I have found I have a tendency to hide my interest from others. Part of the reason is I have found that those who do not share the same interest, do not understand why I am interested in this fetish.

    Giantess you have made a business out of this art. Do you have any advice on how I can be more comfortable in expressing my interest to others?

  7. Bert

    Do you ever make videos with an endoscope? I love the emersive effect of being either swallowed or inserted dee into a giant womans ass or pussy. I like to pretend im getting pushed out of her ass into her pantyhose, afterwhich im stuck there trapped in the gap between her legs while she is walking.

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