Back to School Sale + Garden Giantess Preview!

Back to School Sale + Garden Giantess Preview!

No blogs? That can only mean one thing: I’m toe deep in a shrunken city. For the past two weeks I’ve been working 18 hour days and sleeping on the couch next to my computer, my feet coated in the ruins of shrunken civilizations. But today I’ve managed to pull myself away from my movie to bring you a 20% off Back to School Sale, some fan appreciation news, and a screen shot of the FX scene I’ve been working so hard to complete!

Garden of a Giantess

As you know, this is my first mini-fx movie, and my first shrunken city movie at that! The whole goal of this movie and those to follow were to create shorter, quicker, more diverse fantasies while I worked on larger projects. However… while this movie was supposed to be simple… I REALLY wanted to see myself eat a city, on a strawberry, in slow motion. None of those things are simple, hence the time and hours it has taken me to create it. >.<

And here’s the result so far!

… and that’s what happens to the city.

The movie is going to be around 5 minutes long, with the strawberry scene the main focus of the film. (Although I crush a city too!) The release date for the film is September 15, or in one week! I normally don’t do release dates, as they are frustratingly hard to meet, and if even ONE day goes wrong the whole date is thrown off, but I’m pretty confident about this one…. hopefully I will not eat these words later.

Back to School Sale! 20% off Everything!*

*Actually Everything! Ends Sunday Night

I understand how those summer earnings can go by really fast when you have school clothes, school supplies, books, rent, gas, food, etc to buy when going back to school. It feels like only yesterday I was gearing up for college. You end up with such little funds left for the pleasures of life that help keep stress off your back! Well, in order to help de-stress my shrunken back to school pets (parents and students alike), I’m doing a “Back to School Sale”! Yep, that’s right! 20% off, ends on the 10th. And even those of you who aren’t going back to school can take advantage of the sale too ;)

A Question for You

Ok. This may sound strange, but I could use some thoughts on this. A close friend of mine has offered his hard cock to me, to use in a film. Would you like to see me suck a cock? Would you want a Couples type movie where a shrunken person gets caught in a blow job? (You’d only see his cock) FX or no? Or should I just do a vanilla porn for the hell of it? This should really be its own blog I suppose, but I’d like to test the waters first and gather thoughts from those who actually read my blogs this far! :o

Fan Appreciation Returns

(A message to all those who participated in Fan Appreciation Week back in April)

Just about every day I receive an email from someone who participated in my fan appreciation video event, back in April, requesting an update. I have about 80 left to film. It’s been really slow going as I was only able to film about 7 before my move back in June and then it wasn’t until mid July that I was able to start filming again. I’m basically filming them in between getting settled in, writing replies to an overflowing inbox (from my move), having family over (twice since the move), working on a new FX movie, filming and returning paid custom work (which must come fist), updating the site, and cleaning/errands/real life stuff. As you can tell I’m a very busy Giantess! So I just wanted to say thanks to all who’ve been patient during this extended wait. It really means a lot to me! :) I just want to make sure I can devote as much time as I need to each request. <3

I also wanted to mention one more thing to all of you who participated. Your video will be returned via your account on my site, so that you can use my download system and so that it will always be there in case you ever want to redownload it (new computer, on vacation, lost it, etc). In order to make sure your return flows smoothly please make sure you have an account. You can Create a Giantess Store Account Here.

That’s all the news for now! I will see all of you on the 15th inside a shrunken city! >=D


The Shrunken Perspective

58 Responses and Counting...

  1. Sheela

    I’ve always liked giant couples, blowjobs especially, but I’ve never been much for live action things. However, I’d still put a vote up for yes. There is a serious lack of giant males/giant couples in the community, and even less places for it to be posted so I’d love to see something new in the community.

    I say give it a go. Especially if it’s a tiny girl. That’s a personal favorite of mine. Some jealous girlfriend or something along those lines. Perfection.

    I hope that too many people don’t express negative opinions about it because personally I’d love to see it.

  2. shrunkenone

    I say go for it!
    Oral sex mixed with vore is one of my biggest fantasies!
    I’d personally prefer a mix of FX & POV images, similar to what you did in the Unaware Wife vore movie. Some 3rd person shots of you going down on him, with a tiny person caught up in the mix; with you either aware or unaware (that part doesn’t matter to me). Mix in a few mouthcam shots, sliding in and out of your mouth/throat full on POV style.
    When he climaxes, show a few more mouthcam views with the little victim caught up in the mix of saliva & spunk, before you swallow it all down.
    Hell, if you want, you can even include an internal stomach view like in A Business Meeting Unaware. I’d love to see more of those in future vore FX vids anyway. ;)

  3. Anonymoose

    I think a giant couples movie would be…awesome! Especially a blow job scene. I don’t know if it’s physically possible to shoot a scene from inside your mouth, but if it is that would be amazing!

    I always prefer my giantess material to have an unaware aspect to it, but I can understand if most people aren’t down with that. Maybe you can do a compromise where you become aware in the middle of having sex. Something like, you’re having sex with a guy unaware that his girlfriend has been shrunk on him, and then you notice her halfway through but don’t tell him ^_^

  4. Anonymoose

    I agree with shrunkenone’s comments by the way, good ideas.

  5. Michael

    Truthfully, giant couples can be really hot if done well. There was a story written a while back on Giantess City, I believe. It told about a woman who shrunk her family members (not keen on incest though). Her boyfriend can over and she had one parent in her mouth and placed the other parent on the tip of his penis. The giant male was not aware of what was going on. The tiny parent became glued to the tip by the giantess’ spit. The giantess then straddled the cock and slowly lowered onto her lover. The tiny, helpless victim screamed and tried to escape, but only say the enourmous lips opening up to take him in. As the tiny started to get up and jump off, the giantess swallowed the cock and the tiny in an instant. The tiny was pressed against the cervix and surivived for a few moments as the giantess slid up and down. Quickly, the giantess climaxed and crushed the tiny deep inside her.
    Jumping off the cock, she quickly began sucking her lover. The tiny in her mouth began to panick even further. The male climaxes and the tiny is swallowed along with the juice.

    Some people may not like this. But, to imagine being stuck between two lovers and being dominated by a giantess who knows exactly what is going on, is incredibly hot. I won’t lie, this is a fantasy that makes normal porn for me interesting! ;)

    Another wonderful fantasy I’ve always had is to be a tiny and become tangled up with a giantess who is masturbating. The giantess has no idea that the tiny is struggling for his life. She pulls out a dildo and as the tiny squirms and tries to run for his life, the dildo runs along him and (coated with saliva) he sticks to it. Unfortunately…or fortunately…for him, he goes where no tiny has gone before. The giantess pressed the toy into her, just a little at first. She pulls it out, he is stuck to the end, screaming. Once more, she pressed him into her sex. The dildo comes out clean. We see that the tiny has become glued to the middle of her lips. She coats the toy in more saliva and begins rubbing her clit. The tiny is trapped. Can’t escape. His screams are mere squeeks, unheard by the aroused giantess. The dildo slids down once more. A scream. It’s cut short by being pressed into her sex.
    Needless to say…he doesn’t come back out.

    Those two are some of the hottest fantasies I have ever had. Nothing comes close to how aroused those thoughts make me. To be at the complete mercy, or lack there of, of a giantess as she literally fucks me to death. What a way to go.
    You, Katelyn, are the only person capable of pulling something like either one of those off without it being cheap or corny.

    When I purchased ‘Serving a High School Hottie’…there was a notepad in the drawer that had a name crossed out and a note next to it that said ‘Lost in pussy, whoops! <3'.
    Please show me what happened to that one! I would do anything to become a part of you. Even better if you had no idea the life you were estinguishing inside of your sex.

    Either way, love what you do. Keep on doing it.

  6. Ballyhoo

    I’m a fan of giant couples as well, the humiliation aspect is especially fun and erotic (to me). I personally would also love to see something like that. Once you get more comfortable and practiced with the large-scale FX thing, it would also be great to see an FX giant couple clip with you and your giant lover loose in a city.

  7. Alex

    I say huzzah for a giant couples vid! There really is a serious lack of that kind of content, especially in the live-action department. I personally prefer POVs because they really make you feel like you’re there, maybe with FX every now and then to show what’s going on from a different perspective. And as for the gender of our shrunken hero, I prefer a male but that’s only because I’m a tiny man. Lol.

  8. Alex

    Sorry to re-post, but I also agree with shrunkenone in the sense that it would be awesome to see the giant cum in our face. Love that part. ^^

  9. Bill Thumb

    To Ms. Katelyn Brooks,
    I’m really looking forward to all your F/X Giantess & Shrunken man films :-)
    I have some suggestions. Yes, I would really enjoy seeing you suck your close friend / boyfriend’s cock! And it would be very cool if we see you make-out & have foreplay with him first ;-)
    And yes, I would also really enjoy seeing you have “vanilla porn”, sex your close friend / boyfriend too!! You’d make-out with him first, then you’d give him a blow-job, next he’d get on top of you, & then you’d get on top of him.
    Of course, you can do other positions too, doggy-style, etc. In addition, you can do just vanilla porn videos by themselves, or it can have shrunken man F/X in it too. Maybe as a reward for being such an obedient shrunken man, the tiny boyfriend is restored to normal-size just so he can have sex with you.
    Honestly, I’m not a big fan of Giant Couples or SW. However, it could be fun to see a suitor of yours shrunk down tiny, & then you could force him to watch you have sex with your normal-sized “boyfriend”, completely humiliating the shrunken man & making him jealous!
    I’m totally down with your ideas, sucking of your close friend’s cock, having vanilla sex / porn with him, etc., but I also really hope you’ll consider my ideas too :-D
    Sincerely, Bill Thumb

  10. LittleBri

    Major, major vote for yes – the hottest situations in collages and stories, to me, are things like a tiny being shot from a cock into a nice, wet mouth during a blowjob… aware or unaware, it’s just such a sexy, helpless situation…

  11. MarkM

    No I do not like that kind. Male body parts are gross to me and besides I like to pretend that you do not have any boy friends that way your only for me!

    Well I’m partly kidding but there is some truth on it.

    I like much better to see you with a lesbian!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That’s so hot for me! And lesbians do not make me jealous.

    But I do not mind Katelyn because you always have tons of variety for all of us! And like I said before, if we all only liked the same things it would be pretty boring.

    So I have no problem!

    I Love You! <3 <3 <3

  12. Joshua

    I vote yes on the couples giant!! that would be sooo sexy!!!! love that idea!!!

  13. tony

    the couple idea’s great.but feel so sad to see XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX… u know,so ……u decide!

  14. Evan

    Sorry but when I come here, I only want to see you! I really would hate seeing cock in a video, or guys for that matter. Please don’t ruin the video!

  15. D-mac

    The FX looks great but I’m not interested in seeing a dick in your videos. To me a giantess is about dominating and watching you go down on a guy to me would be a turnoff, because it’s like you’re giving yourself to a man if that makes sense, or that you’re being dominated. Not my cup of tea but I guess if you do decide to make it, nobody’s going to hold a gun to my head an make me order it, so no biggie. Well keep up the good work, seems like there is a lot to look forward to.

  16. D-mac

    and I agree with Mark, a lesbian scene would be 100X better! :)

  17. LiquidZ2k

    Giant couples is great to see, the only downside is that it would’nt be my cock that you get to use >=3.

    I hope you do this as well not just with shrunken people but at mega and giga sizes as well over a very doomed city.

    Also that tiny city looks delicious.

  18. Jaedon

    I always try an picture myself as the victims/prey in your vids, as most do I’m sure, so I really don’t like the idea of a shrunken person getting caught up in the blowjob. It’s a definite like or hate it idea, a slight change that would make it appeal to more would be if you just shrunk the guy you gave the blowjob to after, you could tease him whilst sucking him off that if he isn’t able to resist cumming that he’ll shrink and you’ll eat him.

    I think that idea is a better spin on it, I mean, who wouldn’t enjoy to hear your vorish teasing whilst getting a blowjob, knowing that if they cum you’d shrink and eat them but being unable to resist? A lot more I assume than those who like the idea of being placed on the penis whilst you suck someone off anyway.

  19. Stephen T

    I believe a giantess couples would be absolutely amazing and i have full confidence that goddess Katelyn can o it in a tasteful that appeals to as many audiences as possible, i agree bill thumb “vanilla porn” i think would be a nice easy way to start this fx/unaware type movie where u shrink an ex-girlfriend or ex-boyfriend and then totally dominate him/her with you current close-friend/boyfriend. finally 100% agree with Mark M a giantess couples

  20. Greg Viera

    this blog is so amazing <3 <3 <3 <3

  21. Greg Viera

    hey the new wifi system in my dorm wont let me log in fml lol
    but i think i can head to a different area to to log in :)

  22. Greg Viera

    about that question its all up to u
    i will support your videos in anyway i can <3
    i would love to see you try new ideas i believe in u

  23. Bill Thumb

    To Ms. Katelyn Brooks,
    I just want to clear up my Giantess Couples comment. What I meant was I don’t really want to see Giant guys in videos. We’ve had enough of this in The Land Of The Giants show & Village Of The Giants :-p However, I wouldn’t mind seeing several Giantesses who are a couple ;-)
    So I just prefer that you keep the guys either shrunken down, or normal-sized when you have vanilla sex / porn with them!
    However, if you really want to do videos with a giant guy while you’re a Giantess, or have a shrunken guy on another guys’ cock that you’re blowing, I’ll support you completely :-)
    Sincerely, Bill Thumb

  24. johnn

    a city on a strawberry.. unusual!!
    I don’t like the city eat and I don’t like the couple.. sorry!

    I’m waiting the city destruction fx video! O_O

  25. Alman001

    Probably going against the majority here but whatever, I gotta vouch my 2cents

    Yes I am not a fan of giant couples much at all, specificaly the couples which involve male activity.
    I know its incredibly sexist but even so, the concept of little people dealing with a guy’s 50ft dong just doesnt stir well at all with me and makes me wish to avert my eyes….

    But then I am just one person, I can simply ignore the couple matterial and move on to the matterial I enjoy which ussualy invovles a solo giantess dominating the tinies, which is my preffered senario…

    So bottom line, I can tollerate G.Couples as long as they are minor and do not become the majority of Macro-related content on this site.
    That is my prefference…

  26. (blank)

    I only come here for the giantess FX. Not interested in seeing men in your videos, and there’s plenty of regular porn elsewhere. I have no problem with you doing the videos that cater to different interests (as a few people on here seem to be interested in it), but there’s only so may hours in the day and if I were to choose I’d much prefer you to devote your time to FX as it is far and away your best and most unique contribution to the giantess community. I’d even venture to guess that those interested in what you mentioned would agree with me on the last point.

  27. gtsquisit

    NO! please NO giant couples. This is a giantess fetish. no need to see giant cocks dangling in my face.

  28. LilNym

    First of all, That vid with the city-strawbery looks amazing, both from the idea and the visuals. Love it. Can’t wait to see the final product. The FX do look pretty nice, well done, the shading and light is perfect. You really seem to have done great on this one ;)

    Seccond, Concerning the potential video(s) featuring your friend’s cock. Reading the other comments, I really think you would have been better off asking who was interested by this idea. This may not have given you a precise idea of the proportion for-against, but it sure would have cut off the ”Oh noes, no cock in my fetish, Katelyn, I only want you to do vids about what I like, and what i like only bla bla bla…”. It enraged me to see all that selfishness and I had to go beat up my punching bag, must have been meeh for you too. (again, only applying to thoses comments without any constructive criticism.) I Honnestly would like to see that, it would be new and bring out a side of the fetish that is too much left in the shadows, but again, beside for financial success, i don’t think that you should be all of them too seriously. After all, it is your fetish too, If you feel like doing it,and that most people say they’re interested, give it your best shot ! ;) You are doing a great job, we love you ! xoxo

  29. bigmac2113

    Very simply yes i would like to see more giant couple stuff, there is no videos out there and for people that dont want then dont watch it but i do believe there is defiantly a market out there for it. Thanks you for al you do for this community! Your great! Thanks

  30. bill

    Absolutely. No one fucking does giantess couples! I mean NO one! There are plenty of sites out there that explore giantess and giantess lesbians. And to me being trapped in the middle of an unaware blowjob would be amazingly hot. Please make it an unaware video!

    And to those saying they’d be grossed out by it the solution is simple. Don’t watch it. I’m sorry it ruins your fantasy of believing that no one else fucks Katelyn but get over it. I’m sure Katelyn gets fucked as much as she wants. And I’m sure she enjoys the hell out of it.

  31. Jonathon Scott

    I’d love the scenario (in Fx) where you get him to cum on a couple of littles or make them enter his slit and you make them CUM out with the blowjob! :O
    But I would really interested to see how you do this with fx. Im SOOO excited!

  32. BOB

    I agree with Jaedon, one of my biggest fantasies is to be shrinking as im getting a blowjob, and a lot of vore talk during that blowjob is very erotic. Building up that sense of fear and suspence, knowing that im going to be swallowed alive after I cum, but unable to resist or escape the intense sexual moment is one of my favorite senarios of this fetish… Sooo, that I could watch. And anyways I have always prferred a one on one situation and a lot of POV with the giantess, like in “Adams last exploration” rather than watching her scarf down crowds of emotionless little pawns, or a shrunken person on a sandwich that she’s unaware of. (Lol, no offence but I want to BE your food, not SEE your food!) But back to the point, as far as the little person on the pecker goes… I have noticed that a lot of the people who share the giantess fantasy, both men and women, are very openly bisexual. I however, am not, so the idea of being trapped on a giant dick or being stuck in a mess of seamen is not only gross to me, but also a huge turn off. However, that is just MY personal opinion. I do think it is a very clever idea, and has the potential to be a superb work of art, as well as make a lot of people’s wildest fantasies, (including your own) come true and that alone makes it worth a shot! ;)

  33. GGD

    Hi Katelyn!! I have a suggestion for your next fx clips about destroying cities: why don’t you use real world cities like seattle, new york, rome, tokyo, etc? That would be cool for every fan around the world i think.
    Cheers!! :)

  34. johnn

    I agree with gtsquisit: NO! please NO giant couples. This is a giantess fetish. no need to see giant cocks dangling in my face!!!

    Two giantess in a lesbian action can be ok, but with a man NO!!

  35. Eric

    For a giantess fetish site? I prefer to see no giant cocks….

  36. TZFP

    I say YES! 1000x YES! You don’t see enough of this side of the giantess fetish out there (especially not anything with your quality/standards). Sure, there are some people on here crying foul but at the end of the day – it’s just one video (maybe more with good reception). If they don’t like it, they don’t have to watch. There’s no reason the rest of the on-board community should have to suffer for the few that disagree.

    So I say – GO FOR IT! PLEASE! (And as a personal preference, unaware would be great) If its gangbusters maybe they’ll be another in the future, if not, it was an interesting experiment that will still appeal to a large portion of the giantess community. <3 ya!

  37. D-mac

    @LilNym Selfishness? She asked for our opinions, which we gave her. Not everyone is going to agree with you. A very silly reason to become “enraged”.

  38. Alex

    @All the people hating on Giant Couples: Just putting it out there… If she makes a giant couples vid or two doesn’t mean you have to purchase it and watch it… Lol. I personally hate vore videos, but I don’t flame her every time she makes one. Different stroke for different folks. x3

  39. Greg Viera

    hey i just thought of the strawberry today with the city on it lol
    why do i always day dream of being trapped in a chocolate covered strawberry and u eating it lol :) <3

  40. bill

    Katelyn. Why are you even asking us for our opinion? It’s your website. Your fetish. Your camera. If you want to suck someone’s dick, film it and put a little man in there then fucking do it. You’re seriously the queen of the giantess fetish. No one even comes close to matching your quality or dedication. You have 0 competition. Seriously have you seen the low grade giantess shit out there?

    Anyone who appreciates giantess videos at all will come back here. Always. There is literally no where else to go. Take me for example. I’m not into the whole worship crap. And I certainly have no idea what’s up with the rest of the men in this fetish and their obsession with dying at the hands of the giantess. I personally have no interest in being crushed, chewed, eaten or anything. I just want to explore the female body up close. In fact I don’t even want you to know I’m there.

    But no one really represents that fantasy well so I come back to you almost every night. I stomach the violence for the super high quality shots you take.

    My point is if I can stomach all the threats of violence against me on this site even though that’s a turn off for me the rest of your fans can stomach a giant cock. They have the entire giantess community to give them the violent crushing and vore shots. Hell that’s 90% of this site. Throw those of us who don’t care for the violence a bone too.

  41. bug

    That would be great, i would love to see a giant and giantess in a city have all kinds of fun with people and fucking in the city. Great stuff!

  42. mirmo

    Very good idea, it’s a great fantasm to see you sucking a dick with little people on it. It would be great with FX effect.
    You are the best giantess of internet… Continue your great work !

  43. matt

    A giant cocks in your fx movie?? Absolutely NO!!!!
    You can do a standard clip with a men, but not the first city FX clip!!!!!
    This is a giantess site, and we want to see a giantess into a city, not a giant!!
    with a giant cocks I will never buy the clip..

  44. SurfNjeep

    100% yes! Blowjob+bugs/tinies=hot!
    *buy why not have a whole “Giant Couples” section? That way, anyone that wants to avoid seeing that kind of thing can just avoid clicking that link. And we get to see your awesome mouth with a cock AND little bugs in it! Everybody’s happy! Especially me :)

  45. mise032

    dear katelyn,That’s a line you don’t need to cross.Anyone who says yes, just wants you to degrade yourself.The point of the giantess fantasy is to empower the women.So please reconsider.

  46. Sheela

    @matt She’s not going to make the Garden of the Giantess clip giant couples, she’s talking about future clips.

    @mise032 As a female in the community, I don’t see how or feel that she is degrading herself. She had the idea and brought it to us, she wants to do it. So what’s the issue if she wants to make a clip that caters to a large part of the community on her site? No one will make you buy said clip. The point of the fantasy is different for a lot of people. I don’t see the issue in the scenario of two people overpowering someone or several someones that are small. It isn’t degrading. And again, no one will make you look at it. So your preference in the fantasy will still be intact.

    I usually don’t reply to comments on blogs but in this case I felt the need to. The comment about it being degrading just struck me. It would be terrible for anyone to not experience and enjoy their fantasies, especially Katelyn, since that’s a big point of her site.

  47. Coolhandluke

    It would be interesting instead to see the guy to be shrinking while giving him a blowjob, teasing him at different heights while you slowly drain him of his height and once he’s 1cm or something along those lines, then you can proceed with doing whatever it is you want with him. hehe Just my two cents.

  48. Joe Bombable

    As much as I like the sexuality, I enjoy my fetish just as it’s fantasy. It’s attractive clean, I can watch it while I study without someone yelling tits & dick over my shoulder. I don’t consider this work like pornography, I consider it art & fantasy. So I say no, “I like giantess in my giantess, I don’t like dick in my giantess.”

  49. Ralph

    I’m not a fan of most Giant Couple scenarios (I despise anything with a giant guy), however I’ve recently gotten into SW and have found that there’s a real lack of tiny women on cock content. I would love to see an FX video with you using tiny women on a guys cock! Conversely, I’d be revolted by an SM in the same situation, so if you made clips with just SW I’d be thrilled. And since many guys don’t like cock, I think these videos should be in a separate section of your site and you shouldn’t put links with gif files on the other pages.

  50. Dan foote

    I’m telling you, a video when your aware but unaware, you know your boyfriend is shrunk but you think he did it on purpose to serve you. But in reality he’s asking for help. You make him sleep in your sock or tape him to your soles and keep him there. That would be amazing! Loves ya

  51. Kiaas

    Oh, yes! I’d absolutely love to see some content with you and whoever this friend is!

  52. shrunk0nfoot

    I say give it a chance Goddess!! I’ve had fantasies of being in between your toes while you give a FJ. It’d be fun to see.

  53. Bill Thumb

    Hello fellow Goddess Brooks fans. I wanted to add something else in support of Ms. Katelyn Brooks ideas for her videos. For starters, I’ll admit that there are some aspects of the Giantess “fetish” that I don’t really care for, i.e. live-bug crushing or eating, fruit or food crushing, non-stop vore vids, non-stop foot vids, & a few others.
    That being said, I try not to say anything negative to Katelyn, or otherwise discourage her from doing any videos, especially if she really wanted to film them.
    When I ask her to do a custom video, I just ask her to do scenes that I personally really enjoy. But if she, lets say, does a video with scenes that I’m not really into, but this same vid has scenes that I’m totally into, I’ll get the video & not complain!
    So I really hope she does videos with real sex “vanilla porn” with her close friend / boyfriend, sucking on his cock scenes, make-out with her boyfriend scenes, etc. If someone else doesn’t like these scenes, they don’t have to watch.
    But if she adds scenes of a shrunken guy climbing on the guys’ cock, even though that’s not my bag, I’d still be interested in seeing this video.
    And I’ve already posted about some other great scenes I’d really like to see in her videos on this blog :-)
    So more power to Katelyn if she wants to film all of these scenes, & I can’t wait to see the results!!
    Bill Thumb

  54. Drk Angel

    One of the big reasons I came to this site since when it started was there was it was different from the rest. It was something more about the fetish and finally a good site where you didn’t have to browse through things you didn’t *Want* to see/think about. Making a clip with a male in it would just make it look like any other gts seller and change view on this site imo.

    Wouldn’t want it to become something like Aryion or Giantesscity where everything you click on can potentially stop you from visiting the site… as often/again.

    I guess a good example would be, knowing you did a blowjob in a vid then viewing any future content and probably be reminded of it if watching a vore vid of you.

    So many comments, so many fights… probably better to have made a poll

    But that’s just my opinion and most likely not only my own view

  55. Maliardo

    I have to agree with Bill Thumb. If I remember correctly when the site first was around it talked about Katelyn wanting to share her fetish with people. So if she wants to try something out then I say go for it. You cannot say that 100% of the people are not for it when regardless there are some that would love to see this video. If you are telling her not to do something then you are just being kinda greedy to the others. Do what others do and just ask her for a custom video. I am all for you trying new things… as long as you keep SFX to them haha. Toys just sucks.

  56. Maliardo

    On a side note, any word on any new giantess comics?

  57. Anabolis

    OMG YES! A giant blowjob scene would be to die for… I’d pay anything for it!! ^__^

  58. Cherisher190

    I think an FX scene with you giving a blowjob would be just about the hottest thing I’ve ever seen done in this fetish. With a tiny man or woman on the guy’s cock with your huge lips slowly moving towards him/her? Oh yeah… that sounds absolutely incredible.

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