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Edible Insects

I've like eating living bugs and I recently found some "edible bugs snacks" in which I'm getting ready to taste test!

Crush on Teacher

Chessie has her lucky, or not so lucky, teacher at the mercy of her arousal. She makes him tease her nipple, get his cock out for her to suck, and then she crushes him. There goes her favorite teacher! -Courtesy of Giantess Productions!

Undercover Giantess...

Panty Rascal 3

Katelyn's shrunken man has the guts to disobey her. Will his guts end up all over her bare soles or will she have mercy on him?

Panty Rascal 2

Feel the terror coarsing through your shrunken body and increasing with every one of Katelyn's words while she paces with you in hand and ponders how to end your now meaningless life.

Panty Rascal 1

One of Katelyn's shrunken men muck around in her drawer while she masturbates in another room. What a rascal!

Team Pretty Feet

You know what Katelyn would like to do to you? She'd like to feel your face under her bare soles and then shrink you down and crush you!

Eaten by Nova and K...

Behind the scenes fun from filming Eaten by Nova and Katelyn!

Voring Ex Boyfriend...

Behind the scenes fun from filming Voring Ex Boyfriends!

 The Stolen S...

Free FX Video! Here's how *I would have punished you or any of my fellow classmates had they accidentally shrunk themselves down! Download 720p | Download 1080p

Crushed Dry

Katelyn makes an example out of you, her newest slave, and crushes you dry for being disobedient.

Rachel's Revenge Sp...

Giantess Rachel uses a magic spell to transform those who've pissed her off into cherry tomatoes and crushes them bare foot!

Checking in to Hotel GTS
Katie: Episode Four
Clean Booty for Shit Slave on Christmas