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Virtual Predators - RatedRaw's First 360 VR video

Virtual Predators - RatedRaw's First 360 VR video

Remember Shelly Sweetie's last warning? I'm recording this for you all little ones...this is what happens if you try to escape from me.

Well, now there's a couple fighting for their live inside Shelly's stomach while she's teasing her next victim, John. He is watching from his bird-cage-prison that warning, and as soon as Shelly reveals herself behind his new home he knows what's in for him. His fate belongs to her, though maybe he can be spared if he performs like a good little pet. Would you like to know how it is to be Shelly's foot/mouth slave? Discover it in our first ever VR vid*. A must see for feet lovers.

Remember Erica Fontes last victim? Well, there's no more chat inside her stomach since she digested Dan and Ben. She's missed having a little slave for herself since then and wants you to witness the most evil and naughty side of her playing with her food. She will stick her entire tongue out just to demonstrate how much power she has over her new slave...and you. Because after she's done licking, spitting on, smothering between her tits and of course eating him, you'll suffer the same fate. Highway to hell, again inside her tummy. A must see for vore lovers.


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Product Details:
Producer: Rated Raw
15:29 minutes
1920x960 .MP4
360 VR, licking, nipples, boobs, vore, handheld

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