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Baby Sitter from Hell

Baby Sitter from Hell

Giantess Miss Lizz agrees to watch her best friends son because his regular baby sitter got sick. However Lizz explains that she really does not like kids so she will do it this one time only, but he better behave or else! Finally he arrives and Lizz lays down the rules. Sit in front of the TV, don't talk, and most importantly don't touch anything!!! Unfortunately the little brat does not listen and brings Lizz to her breaking point. After all her warnings Lizz finally snaps and shrinks him down to 1/2 inch! Lizz say's to herself, "If he is going to act like a little shit head then he is going to end up in a shitty place." hahaha So she picks him up off the ground and sticks his helpless little body inside her ass hole. Maybe now he will be quiet and not get on her nerves. He continues to resist and squirm but that just turns Lizz on more as he stimulates Lizz's anus. His young virgin cock feels so good inside her so she begins to masturbate and cum. Lizz is now completely satisfied and realizes that was the easiest money she's ever made. So she keeps the little boy inside her ass and puts on her tightest jeans to assure he cannot escape. She calls his parents and suggests they stay out all night because she thinks he is such a wonderful kid and would like to spend more time with him. The parents are thrilled and agree to leave him there over night.

This video features a babysitter theme, a slow striptease dance with rock music, anal insertion, horror sound effects, anal pulsating and fingering, pussy masturbation and orgasm, trapped up ass, farting in jeans (at least five or more times! Loud too!), and much more!


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Product Details:
Producer: Miss Lizz
13:20 minutes
720x480 .WMV
anal insertion, masturbation, babysitter


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  1. mtsjin08's Avatar
    wow i love this video i had terrible babysitters growing up

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