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Eaten Alive and Flushed to Die

After GiantessMissLizz completely devoured the neighborhood brat she was babysitting, naturally his mother "Gina" came looking...

Apple jacks with Ashley & Lizz

Ashley and Lizz are enjoying a nice breakfast when all of a sudden they begin to eat tiny people without their knowledge....

Cock Craving Sisters

Ashley and Lizz are two cock craving sisters who haven't had dick in over 20 years. Because they live in such a small remote...

Hungry for her Little man

It's Saturday morning and GiantessMissLizz has absolutely nothing to do, nowhere to go and noone to see. Just a beautiful...

The Perfect Plan

About a month ago Giantess Miss Lizz ate all the children at her day care and now the parents are starting to ask questions....

Tasty Troops

Giantess Miss Lizz has really gone MAD in this video. Could it be her twisted sense of humor that finally got the best of...

Family Reunion

A sequel to "New Home in Mommy's Tummy" -- GiantessMissLizz has really grown to like having her son living in her belly and...

Hot Breath for her Little Man

It's morning time and Giantess Miss Lizz has the worst morning breath of her life. Her poor little man who sleeps beside...

Prisoners Release

Ashley & Lizz are a couple of sex-crazed women that have just been released from an all-female prison Chowchilla So our...

Sweet Revenge

GiantessMissLizz just found out that people on the forum were talking shit about her & AshleyDobbs. How dare they criticize...

New Home in Mommy's Tummy

Lizz's son got expelled from school and now Lizz is very angry. His continued misbehaving and bad attitude has finally pushed...

Punished in Teachers Gassy Ass

One of Lizz's students is giving her a hard time in class so she calls his mother to arrange for a special Saturday School....

Til Death do us Part

MissLizz is a selfish and demanding woman who feels that every husband should treat his wife like a queen. If he cannot cook,...

Step Mom Teacher Tease Torment

Ashley Dobbs is meeting with her step son's teacher MissLizz for a parent/teacher conference. Lizz expresses her concerns...

Tiny Breakfast

Lizz is just a single mom raising her kids alone. She works 2 jobs, trying to make ends meet, but still that's not enough....