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Brooke Thomsen
Swallowed by a Succubus

Ava, a local Succubus, and her lover are finishing up a fancy meal when she informs him of her low energy. It's been too...

Breastmilk Play with Shrunken Fans

A group of Ava's shrunken fans heard that she recently delivered, so with Katelyn's help they mailed themselves to her with...

Endoscope Cam with Ava

Dive into the warm sticky depths of Ava's wide open and wanting mouth in this hot endoscope cam video featuring big puffy...

What Witches Eat

Ever wonder what Witches eat? Juicy bugs, from deep in the woods! In this video you get to watch one enjoy about a dozen...

Ava's Shrunken Sex Slave

Ava comes home. "Argh, finally home." She takes off her shoes, jacket, drops her purse. "Hmmmm..." She touches herself. She...

Goldfish Vore Smoke Break

Ava's hanging out outside about to light up for a smoke break and have a little snack. She lights up a cigarette and licks...

Mealworm Pet Vore

Oh no! Ava almost completely forgot that she transformed some of her pets into meal worms. She was thinking that they were...

Mr. Freckles

Ava asks how her little fishy is doing. He looks so adorable swimming around, is so little, and she loves all of his little...

Buggy Tongues

Ava brought over a new type of bug to enjoy eating with Katelyn- woodlouse! As they're both very excited to play with the...

Cricket Feast

Katelyn and Ava are outside with a container full of CRICKETS! The girls want to taste them together and they can't believe...

Worm Swallow Dare

So this douche from school, Mark, bet Ava some cash that she couldn't eat a worm. To proove him wrong she brings some worms...

Goldfish Gulp

Ava's outdoors with a container full of six goldfish. She drops her hand into the water and grabs a fish, puts it on the...

The Mealworm Makeout

In this smoking hot video, Katelyn and Ava feed each other meal worms under the summer sun and kiss each other with them...

Katelyn and Ava Taste Test Bugs

In this video you get to enjoy watching both Katelyn and Ava as they taste test bugs together. First they lick a meal worm...

Playing with Bugs behind the Scenes

In this behind the scenes video you get a voyeur view of Giantess Katelyn and Giantess Ava as they chat and play with bugs!...