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Brooke Thomsen
Kawaii's Vore Test Subject

Your hot friend Kawaii has asked you to come over and help her with a small problem she's having. Last night Kawaii's boyfriend...

Checking in to Hotel GTS

You have just checked into the trendy new Hotel GTS that caters single to guests traveling alone. They promise a unique and...

Reduced to Her Snack

You've just finished checking in to the Giantess Hotel and arrived at your room. Of course, you've read the stories about...

360 VR Your Big Day

Well mister, its your big day! Or should I say small day?" RavenRae teases as she places you on a table in her hotel. When...

360 VR Forever Devoured by Succubi

Mistress An Li and Mistress Kawaii are succubi; beautiful demons who entice men into eternal slavery by seduction. These...

360 VR You'll Do

"A day in the life of a Goddess," Brooke says as she strolls into her bedroom. Goddess is the only word to describe the woman...

Ass Slave for Kawaii 4K VR

RavenRae has a special gift for her good friend, Mistress Kawaii. "I found an ass slave!" Raven says while holding your...

360 VR The Depths of Raquel's Belly

You've only been dating Raquel Roper for a few weeks now, but you've become completely obsessed with her. You follow all...

Slaves get Shrunk Crushed and Eaten

Men can't help but give themselves to Goddess Holly and Bratty Britney. They have so many volunteers to be their slaves that...

VR 360 Should I Eat You

*VR 360 video* You've had such a long journey, traveling thousands of miles inside of a small envelope, but when you realize...

Devoured By Lynn Pops

"I know where you want to end up," Lynn says while holding you in her giant hand. You stare as she rubs her belly with...

360 VR My Last Human Snack

The life of a shrunken human snack is actually a pretty boring life for the most part. Several days ago AstroDomina bought...