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Brooke Thomsen
Divorce for Dinner

Jenni is in her hotel room enjoying her evening when she come across a little couple needed for help. She is skeptical about...

No More Interviews

A journalist last day of his long career come to an end the best way he could ever imagine. He has this interview with a...


Is dark around Dan but there's something moving. Suddenly a titanic hand appears an the little guy gets a brief relieve,...

Virtual Predators - RatedRaw's First 360 VR video

Remember Shelly Sweetie's last warning? I'm recording this for you all little ones...this is what happens if you try to escape...

Dream or Nightmare

Erica wakes up from a sweet dream where she was enjoying the sight at her mirror. Her boobs were really big, and she would...

In Time

7am (7:00) - Shelly wakes up in her bed after a long night. Along with her is Dan, hanging from a string glued to the ceiling,...

Chew or Swallow

So typical in a shrunken captive. So many errors, so many times they try to escape... with the same result. Why are they...

The Little Ball Game

Ben has been recently kidnapped by a sadistic, evil and playful girl named Claire. Ben's only hope to escape is reaching...

Hang on for Dear Life

Imagine being the size of a tiny bug living in a little cage. Enslaved for just a playful purpose of a dominant (and beautiful)...

Safe Sex

Amarna comes home from her date with a nice guy she met in the library. They come together though the night ahead isn't quite...

Total Loss

Montse comes home and sits to enjoy her new capture: a married couple. She has shrunk them just when they were about to run...

Final Test

David has failed all of his tests from last semester and now he has to deal with the worst detention he could ever imagine:...

A New Slave for Erica

Erica is preparing some cereal totally unaware of the little guy spying on her behind the spoon. Once she takes it she sees...

A Little Chat in her Tummy

Erica is full of eating little people and she has saved the best for last. She has her last slave inside a little cage, but...

Giagantic Affaire

Erica has shrunken a married couple but after a few days she can't find the shrunken woman. She tries to explain to the husband...