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Jade Vixen
Nickie Masters
Daisy May
Kerri Taylor
Anna Belle
Emma Taylor
Daphne Rosen
Ava Brynt
Isabelle Shy
Giantess Productions
Sarah Diavola
Olivia Fyre
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Brooke Thomsen
Step Daughter's Demise

Ava finds her bratty step daughter in a shrunken state by her handbag. The little shit took one of her pills without realizing...

Tiny Pet's Demise

Teen giant Katie discovers a peeping tiny boy on her floor. Towering over him, she knows why he's sneaking about! She slips...

Ava's House Party Rampage

Ava has come home to find her son's had a house party and all the party goers must have thought her shrinking potions were...

Timid Dani's School Lunch

Dani has finally worked up the courage to shrink her school friends and smuggle them home in her cleavage, but she's a very...

Spying on the Sisters Next Door

A boy from next door has snuck into Kim's room to spy on her sleeping in the nude. As she gets up and dressed, she spots...

Charley's Housework

Charley is cleaning her house only to discover that some more tinies have found their way into her house again. Unimpressed,...

Charley's Villager Sacrifices

Charley comes into her living-room, which hosts the outskirts of a tiny town for a community of tinies who live amoungst...

Humiliation by Post

Chantelle is browsing a website on her phone where you can rent people who shrink themselves and get sent to your door by...

Shrunken Bro's Pussy Misery

Experience Beth in POV as she opens the box she's storing you in, having captured and stored her now shrunken little brother...

Gentle Dani's Shrunken Boyfriend and Car Fetish

Playful Dani shrinks her boyfriend when he returns home by using a spiked glass of wine. She teases him as he gets shorter...

Dinner for Lil Miss Brat

Hanna fishes some tiny people out of her sports top. No-ones home, she's bored and a little bit hungry. Wriggling, squirming,...

Pregnancy Cravings for Hide and Seek Tinies

Dani wanders into her living room with a magnifying glass to go on the hunt for the tinies that live in her house. Her pregnant...

Dirty Brother gets Foot Job and Swallowed

Hanna is on her phone as her bare feet dangle over the edge of the sofa. Unaware that her little brother has shrunk himself...

Voracious Kitty

Beth is a voracious kitty who prowls her house, stalking some more tiny people to feed to her belly. Each person is hunted...

Daddy for Breakfast

Kim has had enough of her current husband, it's time to get rid of him. Shrinking him down to bug size, she verbally cuts...