Hello little bugs! This is suppose to be my free webcam page. However, I’ve spent the past few weeks looking for a simple, easy to use webcam solution for my site and have found nothing. This has been more than frustrating. I can’t use popular solutions like Ustream, justin.tv simply because they don’t allow adult content and real adult webcam websites all seem stuck in the late ’90s- I have yet to find one that is simple, non-spammy, or doesn’t want to eat viewers’ money. So my only solution is to run the webcam directly off of my server. However, I’m not familiar with the software to pull this off. So if there are ANY developers out there who would love to help a Giantess out with a few tips and see her live, please send me an email.

Until then, I’m currently using Yahoo Messenger, so add me and you might just get a free webcam show sometime. :3
Screen name: GiantessKatelyn
However, Yahoo messenger has limits on how many can view and makes chatting with everyone almost impossible X_X
Keep an eye on my twitter if you want to catch me on my webcam!