Frequently Asked Questions + Contact

Section 1: My Sexuality

How did you discover your sexuality and the giantess community?

Well, It seems I’ve had the fetish ever since I was little- starting at around 3 or 4 years old. I used to play “cat and mouse” with toys and with friends, pretending to swallow them alive when I caught them. (I really loved Tom and Jerry too for this reason) As I grew older, I started to mature out of the cat and mouse phase (although I still love furry!) and my focus homed in on the opposite sex… and the same sex too. :3 By high school I wanted nothing more than to actually “crush” my high school crushes and swallow my high school sweethearts alive- not to mention put my entire foot through the school. Most of the time I felt out of place and very alone sexually. (And that sums up why I was a Goth in high school :< Dark! Mysterious! Evil!) To my amazement in college however- the feeling of being alone disappeared overnight when I finally discovered that there was an entire community out there who shared my fetish!!

It was through an unforgettable Google image search that I found the giantess fetish and the community here. Once I found out about the Giantess fetish… my mind (and the rest of me hehe) had a series of mind blowing orgasms. I couldn’t believe that there were others like me!! And here were thousands of tiny people just waiting to worship my feet!! I love my fetish SO MUCH now! *_* I only wish I had discovered it online sooner.

Why have you made your fetish so public? Aren’t you embarrassed by it?

Answered in detail and length, here is your answer as a full blog post: Giantess Q&A #3: My Giantess-Sized Sexuality

Do you like having men-only tiny pets? Or tiny females too?

One of the great things about my fetish is that it doesn’t really discriminate against gender. It doesn’t matter if they are tiny guys or tiny girls… they are all my toys.

When I’m in a city looking for tiny people, I go after everyone. I think this has very much to do with the fact that I’m bisexual. (So yes, I’ve had girl and guy pets ~_^)I do prefer to keep females as slaves more often… and males tend to meet their horny fate a little quicker unless they are special to me. There’s nothing like getting a tiny guy really horny and under my spell… only to have him unable to resist as my foot or mouth comes down on him! ^_^ I’m also VERY open to destroying a city with other Goddess’s/Giantesses… I’d love to make out with a fellow giantess while the city falls at our feet.

What are all the fetishes besides Giantess that you have?

My fetishes revolve mostly around Giantess and related fetish. I’m also into Furry, I have an extreme mouth fetish, and I like Furry and Hentai.

How small do you prefer your victims?

Check out my blog post Giantess Q&A #1: The Perfect Shrunken Size! I think it will answer your question. :)

How tall do you prefer to be when you are a Giantess?

Eventually this will be covered in a Q&A blog post too. For now, I’ll just summarize and say it changes based on my mood and what I’m horny for… some days I’m in the mood to play with the entire earth/galaxy, and other times I’m in the mood to attack a lone city as a 100ft woman. (I rarely go below 100 feet) Most commonly however, I’m fantasizing about being mega- 3000+ feet tall! XD

Do you feel that sexuality is genetic? Or developed at an early age in childhood?

As it is with most things, it’s probably a mix. There may be a genetic element to the equation, but I think most of one’s sexuality is developed at a very young age. What factors or why people have the giantess fetish I have no clue. Some say it’s due to parenting, others say TV / Movies. Or rather it could be anything you interact with when you are young and your sexuality is just developing.

How does the fetish effect you off camera? Do you daydream about the giantess fetish often?

Yes! Often times I find myself daydreaming or fantasizing when I really shouldn’t be. For example, when out traveling I tend to fantasize about crushing whatever highway I’m driving down. When I’m in a city I tend to fantasize about fucking the skyscrapers, crushing the traffic, and shrinking people. When I’m in the spa or on the beach I think of tiny shrunken men and women unawarely getting crushed by all of the sexy bare foot girls! I fantasize during mundane tasks too. For example, when cleaning I sometimes fantasize about ant colonies invading my home for me to crush or fruit flies sneaking into my food unawarely. And whenever I sweep I like to fantasize the dirt came from me unawarely crushing hundreds of cities beneath my sexy bare soles! I also tend to stare off into crowds and think about how I’d love tower over them and have the tiny people running in terror or throwing themselves on the ground worshiping me… mmm, yeah… *starts daydreaming* I think you get the picture ^^

Do you ever meet with guys in person, can I see you in person, do you do sessions?

No, no, and no. I don’t do IRL sessions or meet with random people online. Don’t even bother asking me little one. This is for obvious safety reasons and the fact that it would be unfair to everyone else who wants to meet with me. I may eventually go to fetish cons, but that’s a while off yet.

I’m married and I love much my wife, but she isn’t into my fetishes at all. Do you have any suggestions for me to make her appreciate our fantasies?

First: Start off small and slowly bring her into your sexual desires. Telling her all at once might scare her a little. Start with a related body-part fetish, like feet or mouth. Then I would try pampering her to help her relate good things with your fetish. Express how attractive you find things by loading her with compliments and showering her with love and treasures. If you have a foot fetish, treat her to a pedicure, a foot massage, a cute toe ring or anklet, etc. If you love mouths, talk about how sexy her lips are and maybe get her some sexy lip color, bring fruit into the bedroom and tease her taste buds, or even get her some white strips so her teeth look whiter than everyone else’s… you know it’s kind of a “give her a reason to appreciate it”.

After a while, you can slowly introduce new aspects of the fetish and she herself might love it so much that she gets interest in exploring the fetish sexually to see what’s beyond getting pampered. Whatever your interest, try to mix your sexual fantasy with something she would love in return… and girls love gifts… so you can’t go wrong with a gift and worshipping her as she indulges in it!

These are only a few suggestions on taking the first step towards helping your wife appreciate your fetish. Start simple though, fetishes can be very very very overwhelming to people who are not truly familiar with them. Take baby steps towards getting your lover to appreciate, learn, and love your fetish. The giantess fetish alone is extreeaaaammlly deep and complicated… From experience, it might take at least 2 years before she actually deeply understands the fetish to the point of role playing on an emotional feelings level- it’s important not to argue or get bummed during her learning process. Just give it time as it can not happen over night.

It is important however that she “accepts” your fetish and at least lets you enjoy it and never degrades you for it. I’d highly recommend ending the relationship (or go to counseling) if she ever repeatedly degrades you for your fetish, that’s very close minded and ignorant. Your lover should love you for who you are, fetish and all. To be degraded in any kind of way in any relationship is very very unhealthy.

A fetish is a wonderful thing to have. It gives your sexuality spice, excitement, and there’s always new things to look forward too! People who don’t have a fetish don’t know what their missing. =) Start slow, show her it’s a good thing and eventually she’ll be towering over you in bed ^^

Section 2: My Website

Is this website a hobby of yours?

Originally this site was just my personal hobby to play with- and it still sort of is! For the first two years I had a real job and was in school and as a result my site took the backburner to my RL projects more often than not. However, my site grew and grew both in popularity and size until running it had become a second job. Eventually I became so busy with both my normal work and this site that I had to make the very hard decision between one or the other. Bye, bye work benefits! My heart won out and I chose my site and moved back to PA to try and make this site my business and career. It was a very difficult decision, but I realized that my site made me happier than anything else I could ever have imagined myself doing and that there was just no way I could shut it down. Now I’m working behind the scenes 24/7 to make both mine and your fantasies come to life. And I don’t think the Giantess community minds one bit having me around all the time :P

What do you do with the money you make on this site?

Nearly all of it goes back into my site and into delivering content for the community. I use it to buy new equipment, outfits, props, makeup, software, hosting, bandwidth, servers, my PO Box, models for shoots, green screen actors, etc etc. I’m not in this to make money or strike it rich- otherwise I would have stuck with my other job. X_x I’m in this to have fun, I love expressing and exploring my sexuality- and if I can live off of it, well that’s the icing on the cake. The giantess fetish has always been impossible to fully attain and I share the pain of wanting this fantasy to be as close to reality as safely possible. So my goal is to produce the most realistic, beautiful and mind blowing stuff out there. This all costs a ton of money however and professional equipment is as expensive as it sounds. When you buy something from my store, you’re helping support both me and my site, allowing for me to continue this passion of mine. And I can not thank you enough for it! I could not be doing what I’m doing without you. =)

Have you ever modeled or worked with other producers in the community?

Yes I have! While I don’t work with others often (as I’m very content doing my own thing) I have worked with Gary Pranzo before. We did some really, really fun shoots involving a model city and Heather Eve back in 2007! If you’re interested in seeing his work or watching those videos, head on over to!

Who films your clips?

Usually it’s just me. This typically takes some really tricky camera balancing and running back and forth to the tripod to make it work. However, when it’s a tricky shot (such as the camera shrinking or exploring my body) I get a friend to help film. As I go for more and more complex shots and scenarios, the more I am realizing I will need help to pull off the movies and photos I want. Eventually I’d love to have a crew and studio! But that is a good ways off still. :)

Section 3: My Store

Do you accept cash, check, or money orders?

Yes. Contact me at [email protected] if you’d like to make a store purchase with cash, check, or money order. I’ll also accept a gift card.

Will you ever do hard crush or crush other large living things?

Absolutely NOT. Crushing animals is illegal in the US and in many other countries. I have never and will NEVER do illegal stuff on this site. I enjoy what I do here and don’t want to be shut down! Please don’t try to argue about this- it just won’t happen.

What happened to all of your bug crush videos?

I no longer produce or sell bug crush content. I took down all my bug crush content over a year ago and it will never, ever, ever be coming back. My old content is NOT available for purchase anywhere else on the net or privately. I am forever done with bug crush and I am no longer interested in being related to or selling bug crush content. This decision was made in order to please some disturbingly vocal people of the Giantess community who were extremely upset that I was “killing animals”. For the record, I never crushed anything more than a cricket, crayfish, snail, worm, ant… the typical stuff you’d see in a bug crush video. I am strongly against animal abuse and never meant to stir up negative feelings with my previous “bug crushing”.

Do you have a glass table?

Yep. I use it in all kinds of sexy films!

Do you have a wish list?

Yes! Click here to see my Amazon wish list. They have my address on file. Amazon will mail it right to me!

I’m having trouble downloading your videos! Halp!

For customer support, please log into my store and use the “My Support” section to submit a ticket. This allows me to see what might be causing problems in your account and it will help me to resolve your issues the fastest. Thanks!

Would it be possible for me to sell my own artwork and giantess content in your store?

My site is all about quality over quantity. If you understand this and feel your artwork is of high enough quality and that you would be able to dedicate time to producing comics / movies, feel free to email me with examples of your works. Keep in mind, I am picky with who I choose to be on my site.

Section 4: Collages and Art

Can I write a story about you? Will you put it up on your site?

Sure! I LOVE all kinds of fan art, especially stories! But please keep in mind that just as with collages, I like to only put up work that shows a good deal of time and effort went into it. I also want to put up stories that everyone will enjoy, please keep that in mind! =)

I haven’t seen any new collages for a while. When can we expect to see moar?

I don’t have any schedule for updating or creating collages. Whenever I’m in the mood and have the time- I try to do them as often as I can. You’ll usually see a new one every so many months or so if I’m lucky. I love collages, but I love making special effects movies and videos even more so that’s where I like to invest my time!

Are there any qualifications I must meet in order to have my fanart put up on your site?

Yes and no. While I absolutely love all types of fan-art, I’d prefer to keep the best of the best up on my site as I do get a lot of fan art. So basically all that means is… well… copy and pasting yourself into a picture of mine via Microsoft Paint is cute and all – and I really do love it, but… it’s not going to be enough. Realism is a total turn on for me and I feel that most of the giantess community would agree. If you’re still not sure about the quality of your work, check out my current Fan-Art section- there you will find great examples of what I like to put up on my site.

Can I have custom pictures of you so that I can collage or draw you to put on your site?

I currently have a ton of collage material up on my site under the photos section in my temple. But please note that I only take requested picture for collagers or artists who are outstanding members of the giantess community or those who can show me that they’re not just trying to get custom pictures from me for their own personal use. Eventually there will be rewards and goodies for those who add outstanding work to my shrine…

Can I post or link your pictures/collages/free videos/previews elsewhere?

Pictures- yes, Collages- yes, Free Videos- Yes, Video Previews – yes. However in all of these instances please make sure to credit me and link to my site. As for Fanart I’d prefer if you asked the artists themselves if you could repost their work. Please do not post or distribute any of my pay clips! Selling videos is how I keep my website running. :( Without money to pay my bills, I would not be able to do what I do for the community. So please support my work!

What do you find the sexiest in a collage? What makes a collage sexy to you?

Interaction. What really does it for me is the subtle and natural looking interaction between myself (or any other Giantess) and the environment. Detailed footprints in a city, povs but with building’s crumbling as the foot comes down… little people trying to save their friends as my toes slowly come down on them. Things that make a collage look and feel real are what turn me on the most. Close and detailed interaction between the tiny people and their Giantess or Goddess is a must.


Section 5: How to Contact me

What is the best way to contact you?

If you are having technical support issues or problems with my store, contact me through your store account support page here. This will help me respond to you quickly. If you are having issues logging into your account, you can also contact me for technical support through here. If you wish to leave me a personal message, the very best way to do that would be either on my Blog as a comment or on my Facebook wall. Please understand that I get more messages than I could possibly ever humanly respond to. I wish I could talk on a one to one basis with everyone, but the physical laws of space-time prevent me from doing that.

r u avbl 2 rp??

Many, MANY people have asked me if they could roleplay with me- I get this question a lot, to the point where it would be absolutely impossible to remember and role-play with every single person who had asked me. So if you are looking to role-play with me, the answer is “no, sorry”, as it really is impossibe. I no longer role play on Giantess forums as well because any time I respond to a role play I get about 100+ comments which is impossible to keep up with >_> So please understand that a lone giantess wrecking havoc in a city can’t talk with every single spec down by her feet! ;)

Can you chat with me on AIM, Yahoo, MSN, or any type of messenger?

I log into Yahoo messenger monthly to play on my webcam and reply to messages! My Yahoo screen name is GiantessKatelyn. Please understand when I log in my computer literally explodes with messages. It’s like there are hundreds of tiny people at my feet! So while I’d very much like to squish or eat all of you, I’m very limited in the number of people I can reply to! So you may get lucky and I’ll respond, but please don’t be heart broken if I can’t respond again or I’m unable to stay on for too long. I just like hearing what you all have to say every once in a while! ^_^

I would like to email you a scenario request for your store?

Sure! Please note I will not be able to respond. The amount of requests I receive, and have received over the years is insane. I will read it, consider it, and save it to my requests folder incase I get a chance to make it or combine it with a similar request. Don’t be offended if it doesn’t make it onto my site- I’m always busy filming customs and my own fantasies and I fit in requests if I can. If it’s something that you really really want to see then you can order it as a custom! Send me your request out of love. You can send me your request or an idea to [email protected]

I would like to send you something?

Okay! <3 I love surprises! My mailing address is below. ;)

Katelyn Brooks
8512 122nd Ave NE #150
Kirkland, WA 98033

Section 6: Customs and Role Play Sessions

Are you available for a custom made video?

Currently I am not available for custom made videos. You can enjoy my newest videos here and my newest photos here. Thanks for your interest!