The Magic Sisters

This is a beautiful 30 page Vore and Digestion comic involving two sisters with magic powers and deadly appetites! Life is normal for two high school boys until a beautiful new girl named Chin transfers to their class. When classmates suddenly go missing and Chin is the only link between disapearences, the pair of friends decide to investigate! Things quickly spiral out of control however and the two boys soon find themselves shrunken and in the wet, hungry mouths of the naked, seductive Chin and playful Yao...

Seduction of the Tiny

Cassandra and Evan are two lovers out on the town partaking in a romantic stroll when suddenly they find themselves held up at gun point! Backed against a wall, the couple pleads with the well dressed woman behind the gun. To the horror of the couple's surprise it's not money the woman wants... it's them! In an instant the gun triggers and a vortex of blue light washes over the young couple. The world around them grows larger and larger until the gun toting woman towers over them.