Katie: Episode Four

Another day of horrid death and violence surrounds Eric, but once again he's left to a night of fitful sleep and given the chance to face a new morning as Katie's special toy. He's starting to lose count of the people who've been smashed and torn apart in the sadistic giantess's hands or crushed to ugly smears beneath her feet. He's beaten, dehydrated, exhausted, constantly balancing on a tightrope of service and appeasement, desperate to survive at any cost, but how long can he keep it up? The wicked girl dumps him from his box and idly toys with his little body, but even at her gentlest, Katie pushes Eric ever closer to his imminent breaking point.

The Siren Vs. The Savage Wolfmen

The Lupus Sect is comprised of mutant wolves created via cruel and illegal experiments. All of them have horrifying strength and are extremely brutal. They used their transnormal abilities only for selfish and evil deeds. Police forces couldn't do anything to help, and not even the military could handle this threat. When mankind almost fell into the deepest desperation, this mysterious girl came. She, Sarah-, claimed that she could be mankind's savior...

Katie: Episode Three

In a matter of days Eric's seen more torment, death and destruction than he could ever imagine. Torturing people like him comes naturally for his teen giantess captor, and beyond that, it seems to be her favorite hobby. He's seen Katie sadistically crush people under her boots in anger and watched her brutalize and smash others for simple entertainment. People die for Katie. Every Little she brings home suffers and squishes for her. Except for Eric. For a second time, he's the only one left untouched, but why? What twist will her wicked plans bring next?

Her Wicked Pleasure 2

Get submissively tortured to near death by your horny and horrifically sadistic girlfriend, whose pleasure is fueled by a wicked and merciless game that you may or may not survive. Your bloodshed in this chapter makes a HUGE mess all over the pages! It squirts and drips everywhere all over you AND her AND your environment. Immerse yourself in a state of being extremely submissive, no matter the pain for her pleasure, and get repeatedly fucked and crushed with sex and body juices that splatter everywhere!

End of the Road

All men in the world have shrunk due to a mysterious disease. Years later, they have become little more than pests in the eyes of the women who have inherited the earth. For women, the transition was simple, and natural. For men, it was swift and brutal. Either adapt to their new place in the world, or meet a gruesome end. For a group of eleven men, the struggle for survival has lead them south in search of fairer weather and easier living. Road weary and desperate, they take a chance on invading an isolated rural home in search of food. But once they're discovered by the two young women who live there, they come to realize that there are worse things than being regarded as a pests. They could be toys instead.


Everyone has their dreams, their secret hopes and desires that exist beneath the surface. Sometimes, though, those dreams are almost undesirable. Sometimes they're dark and wicked, and they're repressed, denied, and buried, forced into the background and hidden for fear of what they might entail. Only when they're forced to the surface, when something triggers those secret shameful dreams, are they confronted. For the two Tinies clinging to one another in the dark, trapped in a box and trembling on the floor of Madison's apartment, how she deals with her own desires is far more than a philosophical or psychological conversations. It's a matter of survival.

Her Wicked Pleasure

The flight attendance is in a rage when coming back home. She’s totally very bad-tempered, and she was wronged and reproached several times at work in the last flight. Some passengers caused her trouble for pleasure, and her manager was cold towards her, didn’t understand her and blamed her hard. She tolerated all the unfairness in peace, which has exhausted all her tolerance... She must find an outlet to vent her ultimate anger! As always... her boyfriend has to play the part of it...

Katie: Episode Two

Everything about Katie is permanently burned into Eric's brain. For days, he's locked in a box with nothing but his memories of the giant girl, seeing that contemptuous sneer spread across her face when she flung him and the others to the ground, or the satisfied smirk the first time he watched her splatter someone with a stomp of her massive boot. She'd been so cruel, so hateful that day, then when she dumps Eric and another group out before her and stands over them, smiling sweetly, others might have had a moment of hope. Eric knows better, though. He knows that they're going to suffer and squirm for her. They're going to shudder and scream and squish while she chuckles and grins, because they're nothing but her Little toys, and that's the kind of fun Katie likes to have.

Katie: Episode One

Littles are different things to different people. These inches-tall facsimiles of human life might be pests, curiosities, wild animals, or even pets. That's how they'd started for Katie, but from the first time years ago when she stomped on one, feeling one of her Littles squish and crunch beneath her shoe, she realized that there were far more interesting and exciting things she could do with them besides giving them names and keeping them in a box. She'd never felt anything like it, and the way her other pets stared at her, their fear and awe... all of it was just really, really cool. It felt good. It felt right, and that's why she goes through the tiny things like tissues now. She's always looking, always adding to her collection because they just break so easily, and to Katie, the breaking is the best part.

Demonic Exam 6: Trial of your Shrunken Fate

Lela has pulled away from Zhi, Miss Alice, and Maya to tend to her own duties as a death bringer. She deeply enjoys her task of dealing afterlife judgement to those on her hit list, even though it is all very serious business. You could say she even gets off to it! However, this time things are a little different... Amid one of her jobs, a law enforcing officer is caught up in Lela's assault on a group of convicts. Unfortunately since she has already killed them all by pulling them into the supernatural realm with her, she cannot undo anything to correct her mistake. But she can compensate her unforeseen, beautiful victim. In this instance, Lela hands over the reigns of Judge, Jury, and Executioner to the busty mortal. Kicking back, and only encouraging the woman as she dispatches the shrunken criminals one by one in the hottest fashions. Vore, crush, and sinister games abound in this chapter of Demonic Exam 6: Meet your Giantess Judges!