Demonic Exam: Maya’s Shrunken Mortal

Demonic Exam: Maya’s Shrunken Mortal

CG17’s newest comic “Demonic Exam: Maya’s Shrunken Mortal” is now available! Maya, the smartest and prettiest girl of Demon Experimental High School, is transported to the Human realm and must get a mortal to cum -without using her magical powers- in order to pass her final exam. To make matter even trickier, the subject of sexuality embarrasses her to no end and she’s forced to use “shrink” (her only emergency power) on her mortal after he tries to take advantage of her… and she leaves him like that for the test!


Features an amazing new art style, big round boobs, pinned under bare soles, a steamy shower scene, and interaction! Maya’s shrunken mortal makes the test fun in his own way too, and constantly tests his limits with her because he realizes if he dies she’ll fail her test. So, as much as she’d like to crush him for his teasing remarks… she mustn’t if she wants a passing grade!

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The Shrunken Perspective

4 Responses and Counting...

  1. Sixinchestall

    Hi Katelyn, thanks for your efforts recently. I am so pleased you are carrying on and impressed with how you are handling everything. I saw your post yesterday about skyscrapers and I think I found just the thing. http : / / farm4 . staticflickr . com / 3015/ 2876374459 _944d82bb1f _b . jpg (remove the gaps in address as cant post urls) . It is called The Gherkin, its in London. I think it may suit your needs :-) All glass too so everyone inside gets an amazing view. Comic looks amazing but I am so poor at the moment I am saving for vids. Thanks for everything.

  2. Sixinchestall

    Alternatively just google The Gherkin London and look at images.

  3. Corsair

    Sixinchtall: Lol! Perfect dildo shape!

  4. Giantess Ka...

    Mmmmh, I really do love glass dildos. ;) I did a Google image search for The Gherkin and I’ve been fantasizing about fucking it. I especially like pictures of The Gherkin from the top. Gives me a good view of what I’d see as a Giantess before inserting it into my silky smooth pussy. Now I just can’t seem to decide if I’d want to lower myself down onto it or rip it up from the earth’s foundation and go from there. Either way, it’d sure be fun to tease like a cock while it’s still grounded! My panties are officially soaked, thanks Sixinchestall!

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