The Big Bad Wolf by CG17

The Big Bad Wolf by CG17

CG17 has once again created an awesomely playful and sexy comic! It features Chin from “The Magic Sisters”, 31 pages, Vore, Digestion, Pee, and TWO scat scenes (with digested remains)! Immerse yourself in one of Chin’s very own sexual fantasies as she ravenously hunts you down in the forest!

“The Magic Sisters Chin and Yoyo are back and this time writing a story of their own! Putting a steamy twist on the classic “Three Little Pigs” Chin immerses herself in her personal sexual fantasies while her sister Yoyo is at school. Devouring shrunken men, savoring a house made of cake, Chin can barely contain herself in her own writing! But when Yoyo discovers Chin’s erotic rewrite, can she resist the sexual temptation to make the story her own? “

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